Elon Musk Unvelils Plan for Inerplanetery Spaceship Starship

Elon Musk Unvelils Plan for Inerplanetary Spaceship ‘Starship’

Elon Musk gave space fans around the world an outline of the upcoming mars mission. He revealed his plan for his interplanetary spaceship ‘Starship’, the next-gen interplanetary rocket that will be used by his company SpaceX to send humans to the Red Planet. The company aims to make “space travel like air travel,” Musk said on Saturday during giving a presentation at his company’s test site.



Musk wants to make space exploration cost-effective and efficient. That is what they have been trying to do at SpaceX.  Colonizing mars was just fiction but now it seems to be viable. With every passing day SpaceX is getting one step closer to colonizing Mars.

Currently, SpaceX is working with NASA, some commercial satellite operators, and the U.S. military. They are working on their Falcon 9 and other heavy rockets. NASA has already made a contract with Boeing and SpaceX to fly American astronauts to the international space station through Commercial Crew Program.

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