list of high da domain authority websites for do follow backlinks
list of high domain authority (DA) websites for do-follow backlinks
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+100 High DA Sites For Do Follow Backlinks 2023

When it comes to ranking on top of search engine results pages there is no other alternative to SEO. Link building has always been the surefire way to rank on SERP and is still the most important part of SEO. People spend months looking for high authority sites that offer do-follow backlinks.

Google Algorithm Updates

After Google rolled out their latest SERP algorithm updates in May, many SEOs are worried that it might affect their SEO strategy. If you have been blogging for a while you probably have heard about Google’s Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird update and how it brought a paradigm shift in the SEO community.
Many top tier websites suffered from the previous algorithm updates and some SEOs even called it the death of conventional SEO. But it was actually a blessing in disguise for most bloggers.
Previously bloggers and website owners used to rely on Blackhat SEO techniques to rank in SERP. Most people would fill their websites with spammy backlinks from article directories, wiki pages, web 2.0, blog comments, etc. And it actually used to work.
Many big brands would spend thousands of dollars to buy backlink packages that would help them rank on top of SERP. Even if you had trashy content but a lot of backlinks you would probably rank higher than people with good content but weak backlink profiles.
So SEO was mostly about spending money on buying backlinks and those who could spend the most amount of money would win the number one spot on google SERP.
Google has always preferred quality content over anything else. Watching search engine results being spammed by big brands using blackhat SEO tactics, Google rolled out new updates.
After the core algorithm updates from Google, SEO doesn’t work like that anymore.
The main purpose of those updates is to stop targeted webspam and manipulative link building tactics.
Engineers at Google are focused on making search engine results as relevant to users as possible. They are continuously trying to ensure that people don’t manipulate Google search engine algorithm to rank.
As a result, Google’s search engine results have gotten a lot better.
So it has become nearly impossible to use the old blackhat SEO tactics to rank on SERP. You can’t expect to rank by buying backlinks and having a spammy backlink profile.

Are Backlinks Still Worth It?

After reading all these you are probably thinking that there is no point trying to improve SEO and build backlinks. But actually, it is the best time for SEO. Especially white hat SEO.
Google loves high-quality websites that provide some value and avoid those that are looking for shortcuts. If you want to rank your website or blog you need good content. More so you need to have a good SEO strategy to help you rank.
A good SEO strategy can help you rank on top of SERP. Most of our traffic comes from organic searches. This means we did a great job perfecting our SEO strategy. Most importantly we have a good backlink profile with some backlinks from high domain authority sites.
Backlinks are still the most important ranking factor. But not all backlinks are beneficial. Some backlinks can do a lot of harm to your SEO and even get your site blacklisted on Google.
The days of buying spammy backlinks are long gone.
Nowadays, backlinks from high authority domains have much more significance than any other backlinks. Google prefers a clean backlink profile with backlinks from websites with high domain authority and backlinks that are relevant.
Previously you could rank a specific page by pointing backlinks to that page. But now Google gives a lot of importance to Domain Authority, the credibility of a website, and Overall backlink profile.
Having backlinks from high authority domains can help your pages rank faster. Because of our high DA, most of our post rank straight to page 1 or 2 after it gets indexed. Then it slowly ranks to the top 10 within 1-2 months depending on the keyword difficulty.
This is what high authority backlinks can do to your ranking. It not only boosts your ranking and drive organic traffic but also increases your domain authority.

Types of Backlinks

There are several types of backlinks and each acts differently than others. Some TLDs have high authority than most others. If you are an SEO you probably are familiar with this concept. Educational (.edu) sites, government sites (.gov), news sites, big corporations, and organization sites (.org) have high DA and a huge high-quality backlink profile. A single do-follow backlink from those sites can skyrocket your organic traffic. Also, it increases your page rank and domain authority.
But it is nearly impossible to get a do-follow backlink from this type of high domain authority sites. Some websites provide do-follow backlinks but only if you have valuable content to share or if you pay for a backlink. Those backlinks usually come with related content and you probably will have to pay a huge price for a single do-follow backlink.

How To Get High-Quality Backlinks From High Domain Authority Sites

Getting backlinks from high DA sites is not an easy task. For some people, it might take years before they even get 1000 backlinks. But if you know how to build backlinks the right way, it will take a lot less time and much less effort.
Here I’ll show you how to get do-follow backlinks from high domain authority sites. This will help you increase your organic traffic and improve your SERP position.
To increase your own Domain Authority (DA) you need to build powerful backlinks with white hat SEO tactics. Link building is the most powerful strategy in SEO. This is the fastest way to make sure you rank on top of Google SERP.
If you know how to build high authority backlinks effectively you will have a competitive edge over your competitors. It will only be a matter of time till you see a huge spike in your website traffic.
Here I’m going to teach you about outreach link building and guest blogging. I will share with you a creative link building strategy to get backlinks from a high domain authority website and will give you a list of high authority websites that accepts guest post and offers do-follow backlink.

Link Building Outreach

Do you ever wonder what top tier SEOs are doing differently to rank on top of Google SERPs? How are they getting so many backlinks from powerful sites? Why you can’t get backlinks from sites like Forbes or Business Insider.  What magic ling building strategies industry-leading SEOs are using that you don’t know about?
Let me tell you the SECRET: There is no magic link building strategy. NONE
Most top tier SEOs are successful because they are hustlers. They hustle all their life to get the best out of every situation. They don’t wait for an opportunity, they create one.
While you are getting tired of sending emails to one blogger, they’re sending over hundreds of emails each day. They reach out to people as much as possible. These people don’t give up after one email exchange. They don’t give up when they don’t get a reply from the other end.
It takes time and effort to acquire that one high quality backlink that can affect your search ranking.
Link building is mostly all about networking and reaching out to other bloggers. You need to build a good relationship with other webmasters to get high authority backlinks. This process of communication is called Outreach and there is a very specific way to do this.
I’ve build extremely powerful backlinks from high domain authority sites just by communicating with other bloggers like myself.
Only a few backlinks from high authority sites can increase your organic traffic drastically.
This is a very simple link building strategy. All you need to do is ask the webmaster for a backlink.
But there is a wrong way and a right way of doing it. Here is how you can build backlinks from websites with high domain authority –

1. Research Your Competitor

Before you reach out to build backlinks, you need to know who are the competitors in your niche. You need to find the websites that are ranking for the keywords you are targeting. To find other websites related to your niche, you can use SEO tools like SEMrush or Alexa.
After identifying your competitors, look into their backlink profiles. Analyze their traffic trends. Find out why they are ranking. You can do this through a simple google search. Just go to Google and type the keyword you want to target. Make a list of the top 10 sites ranking for that keyword.

2. Analyze Backlink Profile

Make sure to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles. It will give you an insight into why they are ranking on SERP. See their backlink distribution type. Find out if they are getting most of their backlinks from images or text.
With this, we can figure out what pages are linking to their top ranking pages. There are many SEO tools to find out. For me, I personally like to use Ahrefs or SEMrush to analyze competitors’ backlink profiles.

3. Steal Your Competitors Backlink

Now that you have done your research, it is time to get into action. Make a list of all the referring domains pointing to your competitors’ page.
Find contact email for all those websites and start reaching out to the webmasters. Most websites have a contact page. You can easily find emails from the contact page.
When reaching out to webmasters most people do it the wrong way. They are usually in a rush and don’t know how to approach someone. Most people just send an email asking for a backlink (which is insane).
Here is a lousy email template that most people use –

I’ve read your post about the ‘benefits of carrots’ and found it to be very insightful. I also run a health blog and have written some interesting articles. I’ve written an article about ‘how to lose weight fast with carrot diet’. I am hoping you will find it to be useful.
So I am emailing you to ask if you would link to my webpage:

Everything is wrong with this email. 
You don’t just go asking for backlinks from people when they don’t even know anything about you. There is a 99% chance that this email will end up in the spam folder and you won’t even get a reply from the webmaster. Even you wouldn’t respond to an email like this let alone give a backlink to their website.
This is a very common mistake most people make when outreaching for backlinks. So when they don’t get any positive feedback, they just brush off outreach as a “difficult” strategy. They avoid outreach totally and look for some miracle technique to improve SEO and get high quality backlinks.
But if you know how to ask for a backlink from a high DA site like a pro, you will love outreach link building.
Here is how you can do it the right way.
When you reach out to a webmaster you need to make sure you are providing them with something valuable. In this case, it will have to be your content. Your email will have to be more personal and not at all fake.
Don’t just straight ask for a ‘backlink’. Instead, try to add value to their content by providing insights and useful information.
Most people link out to other websites because they find their content useful. So if someone chooses your competitors’ blog over yours, that means he is providing something of value. They loved their content so much that they decide to point a backlink to their website. So unless you can provide much better content there is no point in reaching out.
The best way to reach out to other bloggers is through a cold email. The first email should only be an introductory email. Don’t ask for a backlink, don’t ask for favors. Just provide an honest opinion.
Here’s the first email:
Hi [Bloggers Name],
I hope you are doing well.
I have been reading your articles for a while and it has inspired me a lot to write for myself.  In your last article, you wrote about the ‘health benefits of carrots’. I already knew how it can help lose weight but was unaware of the fact that how it can increase metabolism as well. There were some really good points in that article. I loved the carrot recipe that you shared. It was like a cherry on the top. I myself tried that recipe (although not sure I did it right). Your articles certainly helped me with a lot of things.
I have also written an article about ‘how to lose weight with carrot diet’. As you know a lot about fitness and diet, I would really appreciate it if you can take a look and give me some pointers to improve my article.
Here is a link to my article:
I would love to hear back from you
Editor, DailyFitness

The best part about this email is you are not asking for backlinks. Instead, you are appreciating their work and want them to guide you by taking a look at your blog. Now that you have praised them and established a connection, they certainly will read your blog. Not only they will read it they will also provide you with their expert advice.
After they get back to you with their opinion, it is time to send another email. This time you will ask for a backlink in return for a favor.
The second email will be like this –
Hey [Bloggers name]
So glad you have read my article. There are so many things that I have missed in this article. I am so grateful that you pointed it out. Most of these points are very insightful and am pretty sure my readers will appreciate every bit of it. I am so happy you liked my blog. It took me a lot of time to develop it. It is good to be appreciated by someone in the same industry. Let me know if I can help you in any way. If you ever feel like you need someone to write an article for you just let me know. I would love to collaborate with you.
Also, if you think your readers would be interested in reading about my article, it would be really helpful for me if you share my link on your post. It would make my day!
Editor, DailyFitness

Outreach link building is really very simple. All you need is a little bit of creativity and a well-crafted email. Some sites allow guest posting and some don’t. Outreach link building also works for sites that don’t allow guest posting.
Getting backlinks is very easy. But getting links from websites with high domain authority is very difficult. Once you follow this link building strategy you will be able to acquire strong backlinks from sites with high DA.

Which Link Is Considered a High Quality Backlink

Not every backlink has the same authority or credibility. Some backlinks are more powerful than others. There are several factors that define high quality or high authority backlinks.

1. Links From High Domain Authority (DA) Sites

Websites with high domain authority are considered a trusted source. It is because they have a clean backlink profile which consists of backlinks from other high authority sites.
Websites with high domain authority are considered the holy grail of SEO. Sometimes even one backlink from a website with high DR can change your blog traffic.
Sites with high Domain Authority (especially edu, org, and gov sites) never link out to any cheap content. More so they get tons of links from other high authority sites because of their credibility.
If you can get a backlink from a high DR site,  there is a very good chance Google will rank your post higher in search results.

2. Natural Backlink

Backlinks that comes from a relevant source with content that is within your niche are considered very powerful backlinks. Especially when those backlinks come from a high authority site.
Google loves natural backlinks as they provide value for the readers. This type of link offers additional information about a certain topic. Content within the page is relevant to that on the targeted page. Also, the anchor text is integrated with the page content in a meaningful way.
Google search algorithm finds it much easier to crawl natural backlinks.

3. Link From a Relevant Source

All search engines prefer relevancy and it is a significant factor when it comes to ranking. Just like most search engines Google prefers backlinks coming from a relevant source.
Even if you get a backlink from a site with low domain authority (DA) but a high page rating (PR) or URL rating (UR) with relevant content as the targeted page, it will work better than a backlink coming from an irrelevant website with high domain authority.

4. Links From .EDU .GOV and .ORG Sites

In a QnA session on YouTube, Google’s former Head Of Web Spam team was asked if they treat some TLDs differently. He clearly stated that Google treats all the TLDs the same way including GOV and EDU links.
He says they only evaluate links based on the linking site’s profile.
But some SEOs believe that certain TLDs are given more priority than the rest. And to prove it there is a very good explanation.
Even if Google doesn’t give preference to .edu or .gov links (actually they do), we know that these sites have insanely authoritative link profiles of their own.
Also, they don’t provide backlinks to websites with cheap content. Because of the clean backlink profile with backlinks pointing from very high DA sites, backlinks from these TLDs are much powerful.
Benefits of Link Building From High Domain Authority (DA) sites

  • Improves Webpage Ranking
  • Improves Overall Search Ranking
  • Increases Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic From High DA sites
  • Increases Website Domain Authority

Now that you have learned almost everything about high-quality backlinks or high authority backlinks, it is time to get some of these backlinks for your site.
Here I’ve curated some top-level sites with high domain authority to get do-follow backlinks for SEO. 

Blogging – High DA Sites For Do-Follow Backlinks

Here are some blogging websites with high domain authority (DA) that offers backlinks to other sites. Some of these backlinks are from blog commenting and others are from writing a guest post on those sites. These are very powerful backlinks that can help you rank your web page.

SR.No High Authority Websites Domain Authority (DA) Link Type
1. Content Marketing Institute 93 No-Follow
2. BlogAdda 91 Do-Follow
3. AppBrain 91 Do-Follow
4. CopyBlogger 89 No-Follow
5. HubSpot 93 Do-Follow
6. CopyBlogger 88 No-Follow
7. Awwwards 87 Do-Follow
8. Smashing Magazine 88 Do-Follow
9. Inc42 86 No-Follow
10. Your Story 81 Do-Follow
11. InBound 83 Do-Follow
12. Blog Listing 72 No-Follow
13. Daily Blogging Tips 71 No-Follow
14. The Huffington Post 73 Do-Follow
15. Startup Nation 71 Do-Follow
16. Business Habit 76 Do-Follow
17. Zotero 75 No-Follow
18. The Sits Girls 71 Do-Follow
19. Marketing Profs 73 Do-Follow
20. Small Biz Trends 77 Do-Follow
21. Mashable 88 Do-Follow
22. Get Response 82 No-Follow
23. Social Media Examiner 83 Do-Follow
24. Creative Bloq 74 Do-Follow
25. Social Media Today 76 No-Follow
26. Benchmark 73 No-Follow
27. CoSchedule 69 Do-Follow
28. B2B Marketing 70 No-Follow
29. The Blog Herald 72 Do-Follow
30. Shout Me Loud 68 Do-Follow

Sr.No High DA Sites Domain Authority (DA) Backlink Type
31. The Blogging Buddha 78 Do-Follow
32. Making Different 75 No-Follow
33. Post Planner 71 Do-Follow Backlink
34. Blogging From Paradise 68 Do-Follow Backlink
35. All Blogging Tips 68 Do-Follow Link
36. SEO Hacker 67 No-Follow Backlink
37. Blog Engage 69 Do-Follow Backlink
38. Sociable Blog 69 Do-Follow
39. Viral Blog 68 Do-Follow
40. Famous Bloggers 75 Do-Follow
41. Money Gossip 62 Do-Follow Link
42. Elna Cain 59 Do-Follow Backlink
43. Go Blogging Tips 73 Do-Follow
44. Be A Money Blogger 68 Do-Follow
45. Blogging Den 70 Guest Post
46. Basic Blog Tips 67 Write For Us
47. My Quick Idea 68 Contribute
48. Hinge Marketing 68 Do-Follow
49. Grow Map 73 Guest Post
50. Famous Bloggers 72 Do-Follow
51. Tech Patio 56 Guest Post
52. Blogging Tips 55 Do-Follow
53. Kikolani 51 Guest Post
54. North Cutt 56 Do-Follow
55. Famous Bloggers 53 Do-Follow
56. Spyder Outletnic 57 Contribute
57. Pro Writing Aid 61 Guest Blogging
58. Blogging Basics 101 56 Do-Follow
59. Opportunities Planet 51 Guest Posting
60. Astrogrowth 53 Guest Blogging

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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