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Get Verified On Facebook | Blue Tick On FB Profile

How To Get Verified On Instagram | Instagram Verification Badge

The blue tick mark is what will differentiate you from the rest of the Facebook users. 

Getting verified on Facebook is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors related to it. People are going crazy over this little thing and getting verified has become the utmost priority for influencers and celebrities.

So Why Is It Important to Get Verified On Facebook?

Social media is filled with fake accounts. It became very easy to impersonate anyone on social media. You can see tons of accounts impersonating celebrities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

So it is a good thing that big social media companies have taken this matter seriously and found a way to keep things like this checked. To keep the real accounts distinctive from the rest of the fake accounts we need the verification badge (blue tick mark).

It makes sense that public figures and businesses are given the opportunity to get verified by Facebook. This blue badge makes them stand out from other fake accounts and gives them a certain authority. It shows that they are the “real deal”

Just like other social media companies, Facebook uses this blue tick mark or blue badge to show a company page or public profile has been verified by Facebook.

There’s also a grey check that’s used to signify pages that are authentic but doesn’t meet the “public interest” qualification or search intent. Facebook recently made the grey badge unavailable due to privacy concerns.

One Facebook spokesperson said “we are removing the grey badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity”

This verification process is free of cost and is actually very simple. But unfortunately getting verified is the harder part.

How to get verified on Facebook?

All social media users want to get verified and look fancy. Getting verified has its own perks. It gives you an edge among your circle. Also, it can be a great conversation starter.

If you want to get verified on Facebook whether it is a personal profile or a page, you need to follow some steps.

Most People often get confused that they need millions of followers to get verified on Facebook with that blue badge. Actually, you don’t need a lot of followers to get verified by Facebook. All you have to do is prove that you are authentic and worthy of a blue badge.

Request a blue verification badgeHow To Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page | Simple Hack on Facebook

Here I’ve listed the steps you need to follow to get that precious blue verification badge. As the grey badge has been made unavailable by Facebook, let us focus on the blue badge.

To get you started here is the Facebook verification request form 

how to get verified on FacebookIf this doesn’t work then probably your country is not eligible for verification.

How To Get Personal Profile Verified On Facebook

Getting a personal profile page verified is much more difficult than getting your business page verified. Not every profile can be verified. Facebook only tends to verify profiles that are well known in the public domain and people with some authority.

Most of the verification request gets rejected by Facebook. If you do get rejected for Facebook verification you can try to apply after 30 days.

Getting your Facebook personal profile page verified is quite similar to Instagram. There are 5 steps for the verification process. Facebook states that your account should meet the following criteria to get verified.

  1. Authentic Account
    Your account should represent a real person. Accounts impersonating other people will not get verified by Facebook.
  2. Account Has to Be Unique
    Your Facebook account has to be unique. If there is already a verified account with the same username, your account won’t be eligible for verification.
  3. Complete Information
    Your Facebook account must be active for over 3 months. There should be some activity on your account. All information should be provided correctly along with your profile photo and about section.
  4. Notable
    You must be a well-known public figure or an often searched person.  Facebook prefers people who are often featured in magazines or news sources.

Keep in mind that verified badges are for well-known, often searched Pages and Profiles. Not all public figures, celebrities, and global brands on Facebook have one.

After your request for a blue verification badge, Facebook will do a manual background check and decide if your account is eligible for the blue verification badge.

While it is very easy to fulfill the first 3 requirements, you might find it very difficult to achieve the 4th requisite.

How To Get Blue Verification Badge On Your Profile Easily

There are certain elements you need to practice before you request for a blue verification badge on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Post Content Regularly 
    Facebook prefers profiles that contain a lot of content and post frequently. Your content will keep you engaged with your followers.
    Post content that are of high quality and reach out to most people. Your content represents your brand or you as a brand. Make sure all your content is engaging in some form.
  • Provide Website Link
    If you have a website, make sure to link your website to your Facebook account. It helps a lot with the verification process and gives you authority.
  • Fill Out About Page
    There are many sections on the about page. Try to provide as much information as you can. Make sure your information is correct. Include your website, address, phone number, awards, bio, and more. The more information you provide, the greater the chances for you to get verified.
  • Allow Follow
    Make sure your profile is set public and allow people to follow your profile. Also, have more than 1000 followers before requesting a blue verification badge from Facebook
  • Get Media Coverage
    Media coverage is the most important factor in getting your profile verified. Facebook usually considers media coverage or news publications as a trust factor. Try getting as much media coverage as possible.
  • Link Profile
    Provide links for all your social media account. Make sure you have a good online presence.

Steps For Facebook Verification

Once you are done arranging your profile or page you can Request a blue verification badge

  1. Go to the official link to fill out the contact form and request a blue verification.
  2. Select whether you are verifying your Personal Profile or a Page
  3. For a page, select the page from the dropdown. For a profile, provide your profile link (i.e.
  4. Attach an official government-issued ID (profile) or tax return, documents of incorporation, and utility bill (page).
  5. In the Additional Information textbox, introduce yourself and write a compelling reason as to why you should be verified.
    Here you should include your website and links to relevant press articles or a Wikipedia page. Try to keep it short and simple.
  6. Provide the URL for all your other social media accounts

Once you are done filling out all the necessary information hit Send.  You need to wait 2-30 days to hear back from Facebook support. You can always reapply after 30 days if your application gets rejected.

If your verification request gets approved you will get a similar message like this from Facebook.

facebook verification badge request

How To Get Business Page Verified On Facebook

Getting your business page verified on Facebook is comparatively easier than getting your Facebook profile page. Also, the chance to get verified for your business page is much higher.

If you are a global brand or a registered business, Facebook allows you to verify your page. The blue tick on your FB page allows users to find your page easily and avoid other fake brands.

how to get business page verified on facebook

Also, the blue tick on your business page gives you some credibility. Furthermore, a verified Facebook page appears at top of the search result.

Although the process for verification is the same for the business page and profile page. You can fill out the blue verification badge request form and wait for a reply from Facebook.

If you don’t get a reply within 30 days, you can try to contact your Ads Manager. Facebook assigns ads manager for Brands that spends over $20k per month. You can directly talk to them and ask for their help in this matter.

Try to contact them via your assigned Ad Account Representative and see if they can help with this matter. Also, the process will be much easier if they can do the whole thing on your behalf.

Who is Eligible For Facebook Verification Badge?

who is eligible for facebook blue verification badge

Facebook only allows the verification badge to a public figure, celebrity and registered business with enough public interest. If you or your business meets the above criteria, you can expect to get verified by Facebook and get that blue verification badge.

Where Can I Request a Blue Verification Badge?

You can fill out the verification request form from here. Make sure you wait 30 days before you reapply for a verification badge.

It shouldn’t take more than 1 week to get a reply from Facebook representatives. But sometimes it might even take longer to get a reply.

You can also try to talk to your Ads Manager and ask them to help you out with the whole process.

Benefit Of Having a Blue Verification Badge

  • Verified Facebook pages show up on top of the search result.
  • It gives credibility and increases the status of your business or your personal brand.
  • A verification badge helps users identify the real page from an impostor or fake account.
  • Verified pages will rank higher on Google search results

How long does it take for Facebook to approve/reject a verification request?

It can take up to 1 week to get a response from the Facebook support team. But sometimes it might take more than that. At least wait for 30 days before you try to contact them again for a verification badge.
Make sure you check your Inbox and email and see if you got a reply from the Facebook team.

Why Did Facebook Reject My Verification Request?

Most of the verification request gets rejected. If you got your verification request denied it is most likely due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t have enough credibility
  • You are not a highly searched personal
  • Brand does not have enough significance
  • Not enough press release
  • You don’t have a Wikipedia
  • Not enough online presence
  • You didn’t write a compelling enough reason
  • Your documents are not proper according to Facebook
  • You don’t have enough native content on Facebook
  • Facebook couldn’t find enough information about you

If your verification request gets rejected you might get a similar reply like this.

how to get facebook blue verification badge

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