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Sultan’s Dine Accused of Selling Fake “Mutton” to Customers

A customer of Sultan’s Dine, a popular restaurant chain, has accused the establishment of serving fake “mutton” during a recent meal. The customer reported that upon receiving the food, they noticed that the bones of the meat were thin, leading them to doubt if it was genuine mutton or if they were fed something else.

After contacting the Gulshan 2 branch of the restaurant to inquire about the issue, they were sent another order with two employees and the Assistant General Manager, Ashraf. Upon comparing the new meat with the previous order, the AGM refused to accept the accusation brought against the restaurant and denied any wrongdoing.

He also claimed that they do not knowingly serve such meat. According to Ashraf, the vendor who supplies their meat might have done something with it, leaving the restaurant unable to control its quality.

The customer expressed his concern over the lack of quality control, considering Sultan’s Dine is a well-known brand. However, Ashraf avoided answering the question and indirectly offered money to the customer, warning them not to cause any trouble.

The customer then dialed 999 to ask for help. They then requested the customer to take the matter to  BSTI and let the authorities know about the incident via email. They provided them with the contact number for Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), to report the incident.

The manager of Sultan’s Dine contacted the owner and left the premises, threatening the customer with “consequences” if they pursued the matter further.

Also, the customer was instructed to inform the Gulshan police about the incident.

The incident has raised concerns about food safety and the lack of quality control in the restaurant industry. It is imperative that restaurants maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that their food is safe for consumption.

Another customer came forward with a similar complaint against the restaurant and raised concerns over the quality of food being served at the establishment. The customer filed a written complaint, but it was disregarded due to the lack of a receipt accompanying his order.

The customer alleged that an employee at Sultan’s dine refused to provide him with a receipt containing VAT when he requested it and was subjected to harassment.

The customer expressed concern over the quality of the food he received, which he claimed was stale and tasted bad. He further alleged that the restaurant had been serving substandard food for a while, but no action was taken despite several complaints. However, the restaurant denied these allegations and stated that they have strict quality control measures in place.


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