About Daccanomics

Daccanomics is an independent news media company. It is founded with one purpose only – to give the much-needed and sought-after knowledge to help our readers.
Through media critique, reportage, podcasts, documentaries, comics, and animation, our stories bring you the latest in current affairs in innovative and engaging formats.

Credibility Meets Creativity

The internet is a vast sea of information and knowledge. It is where we unite and share experiences and thoughts. The internet is a free platform where anyone can practice their freedom of speech.
Unfortunately, this freedom can sometimes lead to misinformation & clickbait. While the internet can sometimes be used to create chaos, it has democratized the flow of information.

Here at Daccanomics, we believe that the internet should reward quality thinking and avoid clickbait. We want to provide our readers with credible news and some of the most amazing stories that are yet to be heard. We encourage our writers with full-creative freedom to cut through the noise & find stories that actually matter most.