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Grameen Offices Occupied Forcefully; Prof Yunus Complained of Police Inaction

Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus expressed concern on Thursday about outsiders forcibly occupying Grameen offices, describing the situation as terrible. He stated that on February 12, individuals came to the Grameen Telecom Building and locked the office doors without warning. He said that despite repeated pleas, the local police station did not even accept their case. Now his legal team would be compelled to seek redress through the court.

During a press conference at the Grameen Telecom Building in Mirpur, Dhaka, Professor Yunus emphasized that they had faced numerous obstacles but never encountered such a situation before. He described feeling distressed about the situation, as the building symbolized their dreams and hard work, yet they were now treated as outsiders in their own space.

Professor Yunus highlighted the irony of outsiders demanding identity verification for access to their own offices, attributing the situation to their commitment to serving the country’s people. He expressed frustration at the police’s lack of response and emphasized the importance of justice and public support.

Despite having ongoing legal battles, Professor Yunus questioned why their offices were locked and urged for justice from the people of the country. He lamented the lack of government assistance in resolving the issue. Earlier that day, unidentified individuals had obstructed the entrance to the Grameen Telecom Building.

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