India Raises No Objections to PM Sheikh Hasina’s China Visit, Affirms Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud has stated that India has no objection to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming visit to China. He mentioned that Prime Minister Hasina had announced her visit to China during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mahmud shared these remarks in response to journalists’ questions after the launch of the Foreign Service Academy journal and the opening ceremony of the library on Wednesday, July 3.
He emphasized that Bangladesh aims to maintain good relations with India while prioritizing the country’s development during the visit to China.
Regarding his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Mahmud highlighted efforts to encourage Saudi investors to invest in Bangladesh’s financial sector, including offshore banking. Additionally, he mentioned that both countries are working on forming a joint task force to address the issue of dishonest practices in the recruitment of workers to Saudi Arabia.

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