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New Study Finds Men Exaggerates Penis Size By 21%

“The bigger the better” This one phrase has created a series of lies told by millions of men worldwide. It is not uncommon for men to lie about their penis size, especially when they are trying to woo someone or looking for social approval.

A recent study found that men lie about their height and the size of their penis for social acceptance. Researchers in Denmark found the average man exaggerates the length of their schlong and height to be more desirable.

The research was published in the Frontiers in Psychology journal which revealed an average man will exaggerate the size of his penis by 21 percent and will add approximately 2cm to their height.

While the average penis is longer now than in previous years, researchers found that many men are lying to hilariously epic proportions about the size of their “eggplant”.

In their survey of 224 men, 26 said their penis was more than one foot long. One brave man even said his penis was more than a half-mile.

Researchers conducted an online survey to gather data from 224 Danish men, which they then compared to national averages for height, weight, and penis size.

However, the results were not entirely reliable, as it appeared that many participants had inflated their measurements. In fact, more than 24 men claimed to have a penis longer than the recorded longest penis in history, which measures a whopping 34cm (13in).

One participant even bragged to have a penis that measured a mind-boggling 9,000cm – a size that would make even the bravest soul wince in pain!

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