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The Alpha Personas – Creating value with personality in Business

Business is a brutal field where you are going to get smashed every day. By your employee, by your customer, investors and primarily your competitor. Every day is a challenge.  But it also creates new opportunities. It helps you compete within yourself and you always look for creating something better, something valuable. The business helps you grow. Not just as a human being but also as a leader. Every decision made in business has to be well decisive. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to leave everything and start a business from scratch. There are certain personalities who are meant to take that chance and make it big. The Alphas in business. They have the tendency of building big businesses, big empires, but also sometimes they can be too aggressive to break things. There are some common traits of Alpha personality. You just have to connect the dots and see if you belong to that group of people.

They love being alone : People with alpha personalities need their alone time to unwind and recharge from their busy day. They cherish the time they are alone because they use this time to focus on themselves and do the things they love.

No Alternative to winning : When it comes to Alpha personalities, they love to win no matter what. There is no alternative to winning for them. Even if they have to break the law so do something unorthodox they would prefer winning at all costs. They don’t care how it’s gonna happen or the consequences of it. Sometimes they are just too demanding. People around them might often get frustrated because of it. They are not easily satisfied.

Nothing is good enough : Sometime Alphas tends to be overbearing. Nothing is good enough for them and they are constantly looking for something better. They don’t stay steady rather they always keep developing. This can be a little discouraging for people who are working around them and trying to please them in every way possible but they are never satisfied with the end result. It becomes unpleasant for their coworkers if they don’t share the same goal and if they can’t think big enough. Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix is a good example. When the company crossed 1 million subscribers, everyone in the company was celebrating this milestone, the executives were so happy with it but Reed was yet not satisfied. He told his employes that they can celebrate but it was too early. He was looking for more. He sets the target to 5million when everyone in his company thinks this guy got bonkers. They couldn’t see the potential growth within the company as he did. He sets his target high and now they are at 139 million users worldwide.

They get bored very easily : Often Alpha personalities get excited about an idea and start giving their 100% to it. But when it rolls out they keep changing the plans and strategy. They don’t like to settle with an idea and work with it. This might work sometimes for some companies but often this turns into a mess. They don’t give enough time to an idea to develop which sometimes ends up badly for the company strategy.

They say what’s on their mind : Alpha people are blunt and honest. They always speak their mind and don’t hold back. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about other people’s feelings – they do. But they choose honesty over compassion always.

They throw temper tantrum : Most of the successful CEOs with Alpha personality are seen to throw temper tantrums. If they get distracted or if things don’t work out as expected they get furious about it. They get frustrated with people very easily if they don’t deliver on time. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were known for having the biggest temper tantrum in silicon valley.

They speak with actions, not words : When an alpha person says he/she will do something – they will. They always make their actions count. But, they also expect the same from others. They cannot understand how someone can say they will do something and then they won’t stay true to their word. This changes the dynamic of working with people. They don’t work with people who can deliver. They want to have the same enthusiasm around them. They are not dependant on others to do their jobs for them and they don’t like waiting for things to happen. Rather they take immediate actions to get things done.

Their passion is often seen as bossiness : Alpha’s passionate personality is often misinterpreted as bossy. Because, when alphas try to get everyone to be more effective and passionate about some task, others may not see it in the same way. So, they label them as demanding and bossy.

Escaping from reality : They are known for dreaming big. They believe in their ideas and they know how to value them. Often people might say it’s crazy and they don’t see any potential in that idea. It’s because they can’t envision they way type A personality people think. The Alphas are way ahead with their plan and they know where it’s gonna take them. They are good at taking actions and they know exactly how to execute.

They have a strong belief : They have integrated strong belief systems, be it political, social, philosophical, you name it. They stand by their beliefs and values firmly and defend them strongly and openly.

They are perfectionist : People with alpha personalities are perfectionists. When they undertake a task, they complete it perfectly and thoroughly. They don’t do this to undermine the effort of others, but because it is their nature to always do their best to whatever it is that they are doing.

They work their ass off : Alpha people are often seen as workaholics. They bury themselves deep into their work even if that means sacrificing themselves. They believe that hard work always pays off.

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