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193+ Top UK Classified Sites List 2023 | Free Classified Ads Sites

As a business owner, you already know the importance of advertising. It is the easiest way to reach out to potential customers.

There are various forms of advertisement. Traditional advertising is the most common advertising form. It mostly includes print advertising and broadcast advertising.

Most big companies and brands rely on traditional advertisements. It is very costly but very effective when it comes to reaching out to people.

With traditional advertising, you can grab the attention of thousands of customers instantly.

On the other hand, small businesses and startups primarily focus on digital marketing.

As most businesses are now getting online, digital marketing has gained a lot of prominence as the primary advertising form.

Also, digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional advertisements which makes it the most preferred advertising form.

Classified sites are one of the best digital marketing platforms for small businesses.

As there are a large number of small businesses in the UK, classified sites have become a widely popular advertising platform.

Instead of spending a lot of money on placing ads on TV, you can simply use classified sites to promote or sell your products or services.

Many people in the UK use classified sites to buy or sell products.

There are a lot of benefits of placing ads on classified sites. Classified sites usually have a broad audience which makes it easier for people to buy or sell products on classified sites.

Furthermore, classified sites are very useful for off-page SEO. Many digital marketers and SEOs use classified sites to improve their online visibility and increase search ranking.

UK Classified Sites For Ads Posting

free uk classified sites for ads posting

People all over the world have been using classified sites for years to promote products or services. There are thousands of classified sites in the UK.

Most UK classified sites are free and some sites are paid. Most small businesses in the UK have been using free Uk classified sites frequently to buy or sell products.

Classified sites make it easy for people to promote products or connect with buyers and sellers.

There are a lot of free classified sites in UK where you can post ads for free. Some classified sites do not even require registration.

You can buy or sell products or services on those sites without creating an account.

Classified sites have become an integral part of digital marketing.

The best part about digital marketing is you can reach out to certain demographics of people. Although with classified sites you can’t select certain demographics.

Still, you can narrow down your ads through classified sites to reach out to potential customers.

Not only businesses but any individuals can use classified sites to buy or sell products online.

Anyone can post ads on classified sites as it is very easy to use. All you need is an image and a description of your product or services.

Online Marketing and Advertising Sites in UK

online marketing advertising classified sites in uk

Online marketing can help businesses grow by reaching out and connecting with potential customers. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is data-driven.

With most online marketing platforms you can see all the analytics of your ads campaign and get real-time data.

As most businesses in the UK are now online, online marketing can be very impactful in building brands.

Because of all the data and analytics, online advertisements are much more successful than print or broadcast advertisements.

Also, online marketing cost a lot less compared to traditional marketing and can have more impact on sales.

This is the reason most businesses in the Uk are shifting towards online marketing as their primary form of advertising.

Classified sites are one of the most powerful online marketing platforms. Anyone can post ads on classified sites and buy or sell products online.

Classified sites are widely used for finding manufacturers, dealers, or service providers. Thousands of small businesses in the UK and Europe use classified sites to sell products.

Many local businesses in Uk are using classified sites to promote their products or services.

UK Classified Sites For SEO

Classified sites are quite similar to eCommerce sites where anyone can buy or sell products and post classified ads.

As more businesses are getting online, people are posting classified ads on free classified sites instead of placing ads on newspapers and magazines.

Classified sites are primarily used for promoting products and buying or selling products and services. But nowadays many digital marketers and SEOs use classified sites for improving their SEO.

Most free classified sites in the UK have a lot of online traffic.

Also, most of these classified sites allow backlinks with every classified ad. Backlinks from high DA and high PR classified sites can be very valuable.

This is why many SEOs use high PR classified sites to improve their website’s search ranking.

Classified sites are very impactful when it comes to off-page SEO.

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor. Without backlinks, it is nearly impossible to rank your content on any search engine.

But getting backlinks are not easy. It is the most difficult part of SEO.

As most classified sites allow users to share URLs with their ad, digital marketers use this opportunity to build backlinks.

There are some high PR classified sites in UK. Most of those sites allow do-follow backlinks and have a lot of website visitors.

So these sites are not only good for promoting your products and services, but you can so improve your search ranking.

How to use UK classified sites list

Classified sites are used to buy or sell products online. You can post ads on any classified sites for your products and services.

Also, you can buy products or communicate with sellers on classified sites.

Classified sites are also used for building backlinks. As most classified sites have high domain authority backlinks from these sites can be very useful in terms of SEO.

If you are not willing to spending a lot of money on social media advertisement, you can use free UK classified sites to advertise and grow your business.

Many startups use classified sites to increase their sales and get more exposure online.

By placing ads on classified sites you can get attention from potential buyers. Classified sites are a great way to improve your exposure online.

With free Uk classified sites, you can reach out to thousands of people without spending any money.

There are also some high PR UK classified sites without any registration. You do not even need an account to post free ads on those sites.

Top UK Classified Sites

high pr uk classified sites list

Some Uk classified sites have high domain authority and high PR. Those sites can be very useful for SEO and building backlinks.

Also, as most of these sites have high website traffic, you can get some free referral traffic from those sites.

Here are the 5 top UK classified sites.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist classified is one of the biggest classified advertisement sites. It is very popular in the UK as millions of people use it every month. They have the largest database of classified ads. Anyone can post a free ad on craigslist. Craigslist classified categories include jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, and discussion forums.


Gumtree classified is the second most popular classified site in the UK with over 3 million monthly users. Gumtree is mostly used by retailers and individuals who want to sell their products online. You can also find used products on gumtree classifieds. Gumtree classified have high domain authority and high PR. This website also allows free do-follow backlinks.


Ablewise classified is another widely used free classified site in the UK. Anyone can post free classified ads on ablewise. You can place ads related to jobs, housing, product sale, and services. Ablewise also allows backlinks or URLs with classified ads.


Olx is not only popular in the UK but it is of the largest classified sites in the world. It is a dutch online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam. olx has gained a lot of popularity among small business owners and retailers. It is also one of the largest marketplaces for used goods. Anyone can place classified ads on olx classified.


Adoos is another online classified site that allows people to buy, sell and trade freely online. Anyone can post free ads on adoos. Adoos have a large user base in the Uk. It is among the top classified sites in the UK. Adoos is a high PR classified site and has domain authority.

UK Classified Sites List 2021

free uk classified sites list

There are over 1000 classified sites in the UK. But not all classified sites are useful in promoting your products. Here we have curated a list of top classified sites in UK with high PR and DR.

All of these sites allow free do-follow backlinks and can be used to build backlinks. These sites can be very useful if you are looking to improve your off-page SEO.

Sr.No UK Classified Sites List PR
1 20
2 18
3 25
4 24
5 17
6 12
7 21
8 12
9 17
10 19
11 15
12 16
13 23
14 14
15 15
16 17
17 23
18 13
19 23
20 25
21  ukclassifieds 20
22 23
23 18
24 18
25 13
26 14
27 19
28 23
29 22
30 12
31 26
32 12
33 26
34 13
35 17
36 23
37 13
38 15
39 17
40 23
41 11
42 23
43 20
44 20
45 25
46 16
47 24
48 23
49 18
50 11
51 24
52 14
53 17
54 20
55 12
56 23
57 20
58 14
59 25
60 18
61 13
62 15
63 17
64 24
65 14
66 13
67 16
68 12
69 20
70 23
71 14
72 18
73 11
74 11
75 22
76 26
77 21
78 22
79 11
80 19
81 20
82 15
83 20
84 22
85 24
86 19
87 23
88 15
89 13
90 19
91 21
92 15
93 18
94 16
95 18
96 12
97 21
98 25
99 25
100 20
101 23
102 16
103 19
104 13
105 13
106 18
107 14
108 24
109 26
110 14
111 25
112 16
113 17
114` 16
115 14
116 19
117 21
118 19
119 16
120 26
121 14
122 23
123 16
124 12
125 12
126 14
127 18
128 23
129 13
130 15
131 26
132 22
133 11
134 18
135 18
136 12
137 15
138 18
139 16
140 11
141 14
142 19
143 26
144 23
145 17
146 15
147 16
148 15
149 20
150 20
151 22
152 17
153 13
154 15
155 24
156 15
157 18
158 26
159 18
160 19
161 16
162 19
163 12
164 11
165 16
166 23
167 11
168 23
169 26
170 25
171 24
172 22
173 24
174 15
175 15
176 15
177 19
178 23
179 19
180 26

High PR Uk Classified Sites List

Here are some UK classified sites with high PR and DR.

Sr.No High PR UK Classified Sites List PR
1 33
2 29
3 35
4 30
5 28
6 29
7 28
8 34
9 35
10 27
11 31
12 33
13 35
14 27

UK Classified Sites Without Registration

Sr.No UK Classified Sites Without Registration

Other Free Classified Sites List:

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