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179+ Top Free UAE Business Listing Sites List 2023 [Updated]

Looking for ways to promote your business online? We have compiled a list of free UAE business listing sites that you can use for local citations and brand promotion for free. 

Business listing sites are sometimes overlooked when we talk about digital marketing. It is an unexplored segment of online marketing that can be very crucial for your business development.

When it comes to business we often spend a big chunk of our budget on advertising. This is where business listing comes to our aid. Business listing sites are a great promotional tool that you can use for free. Adding your company profile to any top business directory can increase your brand value and build trust in your industry. Especially if you are a thriving local business looking to expand beyond your localities.

There are multiple benefits of listing your profile on a business listing site. Apart from building brand value, a business listing site can help with your off-page SEO. There are many business listing sites that have high domain authority. Most of these sites allow businesses to add their company URL to their profile. So a quality backlink from any top business listing website can increase your SERP ranking.

Free UAE Business Listing Sites 2023

A business directory website can help you connect with customers and clients in your region. It improves your online visibility as well as your local SEO. Potential customers can easily find your business when they are making online searches relevant to your business niche. There are hundreds of free business listing sites in the UAE. You can create a company profile and get listed if you have a business in UAE.

Here we have listed all the top free UAE business listing sites that allow profile creation with backlink submission. Most of these sites have a high volume of traffic. So adding your URL to these sites can provide free referral traffic to your site.

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All the free UAE business listing sites mentioned above have a large database of businesses that are based in the UAE. Some of these directories also allow multinational companies that are registered outside of the UAE. These business directories accept listings from both online and offline companies.

How business listing sites can improve SEO?

Free business listing sites are an effective way to improve SEO. Nowadays people search online for product reviews or services before making a purchase. There are millions of local business searches made all over the world every day. This is why it is important to improve your business online exposure.

Business listing sites can not only help you with your SEO but get you free organic traffic to your website. Adding your websites to any top UAE business listing sites can help you rank high in local search results through SEO. Most of these business listing sites have high traffic volume, high website authority and allow users to add backlinks to the company profile.

Listing your website on any of the top UAE business directories will also improve your website authority which will eventually improve your SERP ranking.

How to create a profile on business listing sites?

Creating a business profile on any business listing site is easy. Make sure the business listing site you want to add your company profile to has a high domain authority and allows backlink submission before you start registering. Otherwise, you won’t see much improvement in your SEO.

Low-ranking websites typically receive little traffic and don’t offer much value in terms of SEO. Many of these websites even have negative backlink profiles, which might hurt your SEO.

Profile creation is almost the same for every business listing site. To create a profile visit the site of your choice. First, make a quick search and see if your business is already registered. If your business is already listed on any of these sites, you can file an ownership claim and a get hold of your profile.

If you don’t have a business profile created already, you need to enlist your business. You need to submit all the required information about your business. After you are done submitting all the public information you need to select a category for your business and the region where your business is located.

Once your account is verified you will be able to add the URL of your company. Make sure to use your business email when registering. Also, avoid any copyrighted material and follow their website policy.

Why should you use business listing sites in UAE?

Business listing sites are more than just an online business directories. It is a great way to connect with customers and clients in a region.

Business listing sites are also a part of off-page SEO. It is the easiest way to build quality backlinks without spending any time writing guest posts for other blogs.

UAE is a great place to start a business. It is very easy to start a business in the UAE. If you want to register your business in the UAE or Dubai, you must have a good marketing strategy.

Dubai and the UAE have one of the largest economies. Because of high household income, people spend a lot of money on shopping.

This is the reason why most local businesses in Dubai and UAE are so successful. But it’s not just local businesses. Many online businesses are also dominating in UAE. People are getting used to online shopping. Most businesses in the UAE are now getting online or have an online presence.

Not only international brands but local businesses are also selling their products and services online. So to compete with local businesses and international brands you need to have a good marketing strategy. This is why it is imperative to promote your business on any top business listing sites. This will help build brand value and establish trust among your clients.

How Business Listing sites can empower your business

As more and more businesses are getting online it is very important to focus on digital marketing. Small businesses are now primarily focusing on digital marketing and SEO as their main advertising form. SEO can help small businesses to show up on local search results. The easiest way to show up on top of local searches is to list your business on any local citation sites or online business directory.

If you want to increase the online visibility of your business and improve the SERP ranking of your website the best way to do it is by listing your business on any business listing site.

There are many online platforms where you can promote your business for free. These platforms include business listing sites, social media, directory submission sites, local citations, and more.

Business listing sites can increase the online presence of your business as well as increase brand exposure. It is a surefire way to reach out to potential customers through local SEO.

Top UAE Business Listing Sites

Local citations are very important for local businesses to grow.

As more businesses are now getting online, SEO has become the most important part of digital marketing.

SEO is the best way to increase your local search ranking and attract customers around you. Business listing sites not only improve your SEO but also provides organic traffic to your online business.

Business listing sites are the easiest way to reach out to local customers. You don’t have to spend any money on advertising if you list your business on any free business listing sites in UAE.

Most UAE business listing sites have a large database of businesses that rea registered in the UAE or Dubai.

You can find all the necessary information about a business including contact information and website URLs on UAE business listing sites.

Some business listing sites in the UAE also allow customers to write reviews about any businesses listed on their sites.

It makes it much easier for people to choose the business or service they are looking for.

Business listing sites are very effective to rank in local search results and improve local SEO.

Types Of Business Listing Sites in UAE

  • Free UAE business listing sites
  • Paid Business Listing Site
  • Local Citations

Here are the top 5 business listing sites in the UAE 

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Here Are Some Other Top Business Listing Sites:

Here is a list of  Top UAE & Dubai Classified Sites 

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