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+163 Top UAE & Dubai Classified Sites | Free Classified Ads Listing 2023

Dubai classified sites allow users to post free ads without registration. Most of these sites have high traffic volume and a large user database. Listing ads on any of the top classified sites will help you find possible clients and customers as well as increase your business engagement.

Classified sites can be really useful if you are looking to advertise your business or products. Free classified sites are also used by SEOs to improve website off-page SEO.

There are a lot of small businesses in the UAE that uses classified sites for online advertisement. Classified sites can be very impactful for online advertisement.

It is an easy way to reach out to people who are looking to buy products or services online. Classified sites are one of the most useful digital marketing platforms.

Nowadays people are shifting from traditional marketing and focusing on digital marketing. In this era of digitalization, the way we promote business has changed drastically.

As most people are now online, businesses are changing the platforms to promote products. Most businesses are spending most of their advertising budget on digital marketing.

If you own a business you should primarily focus on online advertisement. It is the easiest way to attract new potential customers.

There are many online platforms for promoting products and services. But classified sites make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers directly and promote products online.

Also, classified sites are very useful for small businesses and retailers. Without spending any money, you can place ads on free classified sites.

Other advertising platforms can be very costly. Especially, if you want to place ads on tv it can cost a fortune.

Instead, you can select free classified sites and post free ads listing. It is a much cheaper way to advertise using a classified site.

Many small businesses in UAE and Dubai use classified sites as their primary advertising platform. If you own an online business, you can get a lot of free referral traffic from UAE classified sites.

Free UAE Classified Sites

free classified sites in uae

Earlier people used to post classifieds in newspapers and magazines.

But now as most people spend most of their time online, businesses and brands have started to promote their products and services online.

Now all classified ads are published on classified sites. It is much easier and cheaper to post classifieds online.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to post classifieds in newspapers and magazines. Classified sites made it easier for buyers to directly contact the seller.

You don’t have to pay anything to post free ads on classified sites in UAE. The best part about free classified sites in UAE is you can post unlimited free classified ads.

Also, any buyer can scour the classified sites to find pre-owned goods and buy them at lower prices.

All classified sites have a pre-built template for product listing so it is much easier for sellers to post ads on classified sites.

Ads posted on any classified sites are listed instantly on the website. You can post ads on some classified sites without registration. There are several classified sites like craigslist in UAE.

Newspapers and magazines have limited ad spaces for classifieds. And you need to compete for ad spaces if you want to post classifieds in newspapers.

But you don’t have to wait for empty ad spaces to post ads on classified sites. There is always space for new classifieds.

Many classified sites also have filter options so users can find the products and services more easily.

UAE Online Marketing & Ad Posting Sites

UAE classified sites are a great platform to promote your business and post classifieds. There are a lot of UAE classified sites that allow people to post free classified ads.

Most small businesses in the UAE and Dubai use classified sites to buy and sell products online. It is an easy way to reach out to new customers and showcase your products and services.

Many classified sites in UAE have high domain authority (DA). Those high PR UAE classified sites are also used by digital marketers and SEOs to improve SEO.

Free UAE classified sites can help local businesses increase online exposure. If you are looking to promote your products online for free you can use any UAE classified sites.

There are also some paid UAE classified sites that require users to pay for posting classified ads. But most UAE classified sites are free and allow users to post free classifieds.

You don’t have to have your business registered in UAE to post free classifieds. You can post free ads on some UAE classified sites without registration.

UAE Classified Sites For Building Backlinks

SEO is very crucial for ranking on any search engine. Without a good SEO strategy, it is nearly impossible to rank your website on any search engine let alone Google.

While on-page SEO primarily depends on your content optimization, off-page SEO depends on the actions you take outside your website to enhance your website’s search visibility on the web.

One of the most important off-page SEO elements is backlinks. Backlinks are the most Google important ranking factor. Without building backlinks it is very tough to show up on top of search results.

Powerful backlinks can impact your SERP ranking and help you rank high on any search engine. But getting backlinks the most difficult part of SEO.

Some people spend a lot of money to get backlinks. This is not an appropriate way to get backlinks and might affect your ranking negatively.

Many SEOs use classified sites to build backlinks. As most classified sites allow users to post URLs with their ads, SEOs use this opportunity to get free backlinks.

There are some high PR classified sites in UAE that allow users to post ads with backlinks. Most of these sites are free ad listing site. Backlinks from high PR classified sites can be quite powerful.

There are many classified sites like Gumtree that let people post free ads with backlinks.

By posting ads on free classified sites like craigslist you can get free backlinks and free referral traffic to your website.

Instead of wasting money buying backlinks you can just post free ads on any high PR classifieds sites in UAE and get free backlinks.

Top 10 UAE Classifeid Sites

top uae dubai classified sites for free ad posting

Sr.No Top 10 UAE Classified Sites MOZ PA
1 33
2 26
3 23
4 33
5 28
6 25
7 29
8 31
9 32
10 32

High PR UAE Classified Sites

Sr.No High PR UAE Classified Sites MOZ PA
1 20
2 19
3 23
4 19
5 15
6 23
7 28
8 19
9 26
10 25

Free UAE Classified Sites

free UAE classified submission sites list


Sr.No Free UAE Classified Sites List PR
1 14
2 14
3 15
4 14
5 17
6 17
7 13
8 15
9 16
10 14
11 16
12 15
13 12
14 15
15 16
16 17
17 15
18 13
19 16
20 16
21 12
22 17
23 13
24 13
25 17
26 16
27 17
28 13
29 13
30 13
31 16
32 12
33 14
34 17
35 15
36 13
37 16
38 14
39 13
40 13
41 13
42 17
43 13
44 13
45 14
46 15
47 12
48 14
49 16
50 16
51 16
52 14
53 15
54 13
55 12
56 12
57 17
58 14
59 13
60 14
61 14
62 15
63 16
64 14
65 14
66 17
67 14
68 12
69 12
70 16
71 15
72 15
73 14
74 12
75 16
76 17
77 12
78 15
79 16

Free Dubai Classified Sites

free classified sites in dubai

Sr.No Free Dubai Classified Sites List PR
1 15
2 16
3 13
4 13
5 12
6 13
7 17
8 14
9 16
10 14
11 12
12 15
13 12
14 17
15 13
16 12
17 16
18 17
19 17
20 12
21 17
22 15
23 16
24 16
25 17
26 12
27 16
28 17
29 13
30 15
31 16
32 12
33 13
34 15
35 16
36 15
37 12
38 15
39 13
40 13

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