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257+ Top Video Submission Sites 2023 | Free Video Sharing

Engaging articles & blog posts are an important catalyst for driving traffic to your website. But it is not just your keyword-rich content that always drives traffic to your website.

Creating quality content is much easier than promoting your content. There are millions of contents being published every day on the internet. But only a few of them show up on your feed.

With so much content swirling online, itis hard to get the attention of the reader. This is why it is important to share your content on multiple platforms.

Sharing your content on various sites can give you extra attention and help you get potential website visitors.

Sometimes you need to look for other sources that can help you drive tons of traffic to your website.

In this era of digital marketing, it has become very easy to reach out to people. There are a lot of platforms through which you can attract new people and get potential leads.

But promoting your content on those platforms can be a bit costly. The best way to attract people online is through SEO. With a good SEO strategy, you can get free organic traffic.

But SEO is dynamic and is changing over time. Depending on the new search algorithm, some old SEO techniques and tools are no longer useful.

But some of the oldest SEO tricks still work like a charm. Video submission sites one of the oldest tricks from the SEO playbook. It is also the most underrated SEO technique that is often overlooked by SEO experts.

Video submission sites are an effective backlink building technique that can be very impactful in improving off-page SEO.

Apart from building backlinks, there are a lot more you can do with video submission sites.

Why Video Content Marketing Is Important

free video content markting sites for submission

Videos are no longer just a way of storytelling. It has become much more than that. Nowadays videos are being used for various reasons.

Videos have become an effective method to drive leads, generate traffic, engage with people, and build quality backlinks.

Businesses use videos to create brand awareness and promote products and services. The demand for online videos is growing exponentially.

This is the reason why Youtube has become of the most popular search engine. Recent reports from Google show that People are more interested in watching videos online rather than reading content or watching the same thing on TV.

So it is not a surprise that digital marketers and SEOs are using this opportunity and tapping into this trend.

Why video contents are more popular:

  • Video increase conversions & boost sales
  • Increases brand trust
  • Videos are more engaging
  • Video influence search engine ranking
  • Videos are more appealing to the younger generation
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Videos increase social shares

There are a lot of video submission sites where anyone can share different kinds of videos. Some of the most popular video submission sites are free.

Top video submission sites have millions of users and allow anyone to share videos on their platform.

It is a scientific fact that people engage more with infographics and visuals. If used properly videos can be a great marketing strategy and can help you achieve great success rates in very little time.

What Is Video Submission Sites

what is video submission sites in seo

Video submission sites are online video sharing platforms where anyone can post videos. Most popular video submission sites have millions of users.

Video sharing sites are great for increasing online exposure and increasing brand awareness.

Video submission sites are free marketing tools that can be very effective for generating traffic to your website and getting free backlinks.

It is one of the easiest ways of promoting content online. Video submission sites can help your content go viral.

Videos submissions sites are one of the most cost-effective and impactful marketing strategies.

Why Use Video Submission Sites For SEO

Digital marketing is way more than just creating ad campaigns and posting on social media. SEO is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing.

SEO is the most inexpensive digital marketing strategy. Without spending any money you can attract potential website visitors just by optimizing your content using the right keyword.

Video submission sites are powerful SEO tools that can help promote your content and help you rank on any search engine.

Most video submission sites let users add descriptions with the video. You can add the URL of your webpage or website and get free backlinks from any video submission site.

Top video submission sites have high domain authority (DA) and page rank (PR). Few of these sites also allow do-follow backlinks.

Backlinks from high PR video submission sites can be quite powerful. Getting backlinks from any top video submission sites can rank your webpage on Google search engine.

Video submission sites are also used for generating traffic, increase online visibility and build brand trust.

Videos have become critical for business marketing. Younger generations are more interested in watching visual content.

Most bloggers and digital marketers use YouTube or Vimeo for free video submission. But there are other popular video submission sites where you can submit videos for free.

Benefits of Using Free Video Submission Sites

benefits of video sharing sites for seo

If you are looking to promote our content online or want quality backlinks you should use video submission sites. High DA video submission sites can be very impactful and provide better results.

Here are some key benefits of using top video submission sites –

  • Easy to submit content
  • Improves website ranking
  • Attracts potential customers
  • Increases website traffic
  • Increases website authority
  • Easy to promote business or products
  • Appeals to a wide range of audience
  • Improves off-page SEO
  • Free to use

There are a lot more benefits of using video submission sites. Also, videos are part of an overall marketing campaign. So using videos with your content will get you more exposure.

How To Increase Video Engagement

increase youtube video engagement

Till now we have discussed why video marketing is essential for any business. How engaging video content can attract potential customers and boost your sales.

But how do you make your video content engaging and go viral?

Creating videos that draw the attention of people is not that difficult. It is actually quite easy to increase video engagement if you know all the important factors involved in raking a video.

  1. Create a target audience: Understanding your audience will help you create videos based on their interest. When people find your content interesting they spend more time watching it.
  2. Use catchy titles: Your title is the first impression of your video. People click on the video when they find the title interesting.
  3. Create eye-catching thumbnails: Eye-catching thumbnails can increase your video engagement by 130% according to recent youtube data. Apart from the title people also look at the thumbnail to decide whether they want to spend time watching that video. Nowadays, many YouTubers use a second title on their thumbnail. It is an effective technique to increase the CTR of a video.
  4. Use Cliffhanger: Introducing a cliffhanger at the beginning of your video is the best way to increase engagement. It is a good way to keep your audience focused till the end. Many Youtubers or content creators use this technique to keep their subscribers engaged. You can announce a giveaway or ask a question at the beginning of your video and answer the questing before you end your video.
  5. Include subtitles: Subtitle can help your audience understand your content better. Adding subtitles can also increase your audience as it will appeal to people from different regions.

Types Of Videos That Get More Engagement

There are some videos that get more attention than others. Some of these videos are informative and well-crafted videos and some are just stupid fails that make people laugh.

Here are the types of videos that get more engagement on any video platforms:

  1. Emotional videos 
  2. Funny videos
  3. Fails compilation
  4. Cute animals video
  5. Baby Videos 
  6. Travel Vlog
  7. Product review
  8. Interview 
  9. How-to videos
  10. Live streams 

Things To Consider Before Submitting Videos

Before you start posting your videos on video submission sites there are few things you should take into consideration.

Every time your post a new video make sure it matches these objectives and requirements.

  • Keep your videos entertaining yet informative
  • Ask your viewers to share your videos with friends and family
  • Keep your videos to the point
  • Do not drag your video for hours with unnecessary content
  • Provide links in the description for more information
  • Do not exaggerate your point
  • Create videos that spark conversations

Top 5 Video Submission Sites

top video sharing sites

There are a lot of benefits of posting your videos on top video submission sites. Not only these sites have a high traffic volume but these sites are also great for SEO and content promotion. It is easy to get your content viral using these sites.

Here are the top 5 video submission sites –

1. YouTube

Youtube is the largest video marketing platform with millions of videos. It has become the search engine for videos. YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users who spend 40 minutes on an average every day on YouTube.

There are over one billion videos viewed each day worldwide. YouTube has videos on a wide range of categories. With these incredible stats, there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms of modern times.

2. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is rated as the second largest online video sharing and video submission platform with thousands of videos submitted each day. It is one of the key competitors of YouTube.

The maximum filesize for any video over Dailymotion can be 4GB whereas the maximum duration is restricted to 60 minutes.

DailyMotion makes it easy for users to upload videos and share them on other social media platforms. You can find a lot of high-quality videos on DailyMotion.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is another popular video submission platform with millions of daily active users. It is primarily used by digital marketers and brands to promote products and services.

Vimeo is also used for promoting entertainment videos and advertisements. You can find a lot of engaging content on Vimeo.

Vimeo is the close alternative to youtube that allows you to create high-quality videos to share with your audience with ease.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe is a free video-sharing site that allows users to post short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music, and TV.

It is one of the largest online video aggregators that has over 16 million active users worldwide. 4000 million videos are watched on Metacafe every month.

Metacafe is one of the best video-sharing platforms if you want your content to go viral.

5. Facebook

Although Facebook is not just a video-sharing site, yet it is the only platform that can compare with YouTube in audience size. Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform with 2.45 billion active users.

You can share unlimited videos on Facebook and increase your social media following. Millions of videos are watched on Facebook every day.  Many content creators only use Facebook to promote and monetize their content.

Top 10 Video Submission Sites

Here is a list of the top 10 video submission sites –

Sr.No. Top 10 Video Submission Websites DA PA
1 99 100
2 97 96
3 96 66
4 96 100
5 95 81
6 93 100
7 93 100
8 87 100
9 84 63
10 83 72

20 High DA Video Submission Sites

Sr.No. High DA Video Submission Websites DA
1 97
21 84
18 88
2 95
5 93
15 90
7 92
25 82
8 92
13 91
17 88
6 93
4 93
3 94
11 91
22 84
21 84
10 92
20 86

1o Popular High PR Video Submission Sites

Sr.No Popular High PR Video Sharing Sites PR
1 64
2 61
3 33
4 50
6 61
7 58
8 53
9 58
10 58

Hgi Quality Video Submission Sites

Sr.No High Quality Video Submission Sites PR
1 57
2 49
3 65
4 58
5 69
6 53
7 51
8 60
9 60
10 45
11 54
12 67
13 39
14 58
15 65

Free Video Submission Sites

Sr.No Free Video Submission Sites PR
1 42
2 44
3 39
4 44
5 52
6 27
7 53
8 34
9 57
10 38
11 40
12 53
13 51
14 39
15 31
16 29
17 32
18 32
19 35
20 57
21 57
22 42
23 30
24 53
25 32
26 41
27 40
28 47
29 51
30 38
31 36
32 47
33 40
34 41
35 38
36 50
37 52
38 53
39 36
40 34
41 50
42 48
43 44
44 38
45 31
46 55
47 50
48 40
49 38
50 57
51 26
52 48
53 50
54 29
55 26
56 46
57 39
58 56
59 42
60 30
61 48
62 48
63 39
64 52
65 53
66 53
67 50
68 33
69 28
70 49
71 46
72 37
73 50
74 52
75 30
76 51
77 33
78 54
79 28
80 56
81 51
82 34
83 37
84 48
85 40
86 36
87 46
88 38
89 49
90 55
91 54
92 46
93 49
94 36
95 26
96 35
97 31
98 44
99 32
100 53
101 26
102 43
103 40
104 44
105 49
106 55
107 29
108 48
109 51
110 52
111 33
112 57
113 50
114 47
115 51
116 50
117 57
118 40
119 31
120 40
121 57
122 51
123 45
124 30
125 29
126 28
127 52
128 35
129 27
130 34
131 26
132 34
133 39
134 56
135 33
136 40
137 29
138 48
139 54
140 57
141 48
142 40
143 29
144 49
145 56
146 42
147 35
148 38
149 27
150 40
151 36

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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