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A business listing site is imperative for your business growth and promotion. It is an easier way to advertise your business locally without spending any money. When you are starting out, you can list your site or business on a local citation or a business listing site to get more exposure and attract more audience to your site. It’s free of cost advertisement and an effortless SEO technique.

Australia is a great place to start a business. Setting up a business in Australia is quite easy compared to other countries. Australia has a high average household income. This means most people spend a lot of money on shopping. This is the reason why local businesses are successful in Australia.

Although sometimes it can be difficult for new businesses to grow. If you want to grow your business in Australia or thinking of starting a business, you need to focus primarily on marketing.

Without a good marketing strategy, it is really difficult for a business to become sustainable in Australia. The market is very competitive which makes it a bit difficult for new businesses to grow. So unless a business can adapt to new marketing strategies. it can be very difficult to sustain.

Why Use Local Business Listings Sites

Many Australian businesses have quickly adapted to digitization. Most businesses are now focusing on digital marketing to attract potential customers. This is why you can see a lot of business owners listing their services or websites on their local business listings.

As most businesses are now online, it is getting really difficult to compete. But businesses that are focusing on online marketing are getting better results than offline businesses.

There are so many platforms where you can promote your business. Google and other search engines are providing free business listing services to help local businesses grow.

Business listing sites are a great SEO technique that can help a business grow and get more exposure. There are several Australian business listing sites where you can promote your business for free.

Free business listing sites can help improve your search engine ranking. A local citation can also increase brand awareness.

Top Business Listing Sites In Australia

top free australian business listing sites list

Here we have curated a list of top business listing sites in Australia. If you are looking for directory listing sites or local citations you will find it all here.

These Australian business listing sites have high domain authority and allow free do-follow backlinks. Also, you can get a good amount of high-quality traffic from these sites for free.

Local citation sites can also help your business grow locally and bring in new customers.

When people search for similar services to your business online, your website can appear on top of search results. This is the power of backlinks from local citation sites.

Backlinks from Australian business listing sites can also increase your domain rating. Having a high domain authority can help you appear on top of SERPs.

All of the sites listed below allow do-follow backlinks. Most of these business listing sites have high domain authority.

Here you can find local citation sites from Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, and cities from all over Australia.

Top 3 Business Listing Sites in Australia 2022

  1. Superpages: With high traffic volume and millions of active users, Superpages is the go-to website for Australians to find gigs and services online. You can find almost every local business listed here and find the services that they are offering. It is the most popular business search engine in Australia in recent times. With interactive UI and easy navigation, Superpages offer users to look for businesses and services within their locality without any hassle. You can enlist your business for free on this site and use it as a local citation for promoting your services online. It will help you reach out to potential clients who are looking for services in your niche.
  2. Startlocal: Want to increase your business reach locally? Start with Startlocal and get your business listed online. Startlocal is another popular business listing site in Australia. It has been helping businesses promote their services locally and find potential customers. Users can easily search for the services or products they are looking for and they will be presented with the most relevant results in their area based on their location. There are multiple niches where you can list your business and start getting more local traffic to your online or offline store. If you are thinking about promoting your business locally, use Startlocal.
  3. HotFrog: Hotfrog is the hottest local citation site in Australia that is helping small local businesses turn into big brands. Promoting your business can be costly. This is why instead of traditional advertising, you need to look for ways you can promote your business without spending millions. Hotfrog is a free business listing site that will help you promote and grow your business locally. Using local citation you can reach out to customers in your area looking to buy your products and services. Hotfrog has thousands of local businesses and active users on its platform and is one of the top local business listing sites in Australia.

Top 10 Australia Business Listing Sites

free australia business listing sites list

Top 10 Business Listing SitesDomain Authority (DA)Backlink TypeListing Type

Why You Should Use Business Listing Sites

As a majority of businesses are shifting from offline to online SEO has become the most integral part of digital marketing strategy. Business listing sites has become a very useful way of reaching out to people.

There is a lot of free business listing sites in Australia. You don’t have to spend any money to advertise your business on these platforms.

Business listing sites are digital directories for businesses where all necessary contact information of a business is stored. Most of these free business listing sites in Australia have a large database where a majority of local businesses are registered.

People can easily find information about a business by visiting these business listing sites or local citations.

Some business listing sites even allow customers to review business which makes it easier for customers to rate or choose a company.

Attract More Traffic Using Australia Business Listings

Millions of people make local business searches every day. Most people look for online reviews before selecting a service or buying a product.

Listing your business on these Australian business listing sites can improve your online visibility and help you gain more customers.

Apart from that, business listing sites can improve your overall SEO. Most Australian business listing sites offers free backlinks. If you have a website, you can submit your URL on those listing sites.

Backlinks from these business listing websites are very powerful as most of these websites have high domain authority.

It is the easiest way to attract new customers without spending any money.

Getting Verified On Australian Business Listing Sites

Getting verified on Australia business listing sites is very easy. You need to have your business registered in Australia before you apply on any of the business listing sites.

Australian business listing sites only allow businesses that are registered in Australia.

These listing sites only allow businesses that are currently active.

If your business doesn’t comply with the site’s policy your application won’t be accepted.

Most of the Australian business listing sites follow the same application process.

Before you submit your company on an Australian business listing site, check if it is already registered on that site.

If your company is already registered all you have to do is claim your business page profile. Once you verify your information you will be able to edit and change the information on your page.

If your company is not registered on that site, you will have to create an account using your email first. Once you have created your account you need to verify your account with your email address.

After the verification process is complete you will have to input your business name and select your business category. After that, you will be able to add all the necessary information about your business.

Free Australian business listing sites only allow basic information that includes your business contact information and address. But paid business listing sites allow users to add more information.

Types of Listing Sites

There are 3 types of listing sites in Australia –

  1. Paid Business Listing Sites
  2. Free Business Listing Sites
  3. Local Citation
  4. Local Business listings
  5. Online Classified listings

Free Business Listing Sites In Australia


High Domain Authority Business Listing Sites

High DA Business Listing SitesDomain Authority (DA)Backlink TypeListing Type

Local Citation Sites – Sydney

australian local citation sites list

Sydney Business Listing SitesDomain Authority (DA)Backlink TypeListing Type

Local Citation Sites – Melbourne

local citation sites list australia

High DA Business Listing SitesDomain Authority (DA)Backlink TypeListing Type

Free Australian Business Listing Sites

free australian business listing sites

Sr.NoBusiness Listing SitesDomain Authority (DA)

Australian Directory Submission Sites List

australian directory submission sites list

Sr.NoDirectory Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

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