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177+ Free USA Business Listing Sites 2024 [Updated] For Local Citation

Are you looking to expand your business online? Here, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the top business listing sites for 2024 based in the US for free local citations. These free business directories can be very impactful for reaching out to a larger audience and improving local SEO. 

Business listing sites are the stepping stone of digital marketing. It is a great way to promote your business and engage with potential customers online. Online business directories can also improve local SEO which will help people find your products and services in your region. In short, if you are looking to broaden your reach and attract more organic traffic to your site without spending a fortune on online ads, then online business directories can be of great help.

What Are Business Listing Sites?

Business listing sites serve as digital directories for local businesses. These sites allow companies to showcase their products and services categorically, bridging gaps between clients and businesses and offering easier access for potential customers. These platforms feature important company details like contact information, services offered, and more, enhancing brand credibility and visibility.

Here are our top 7 recommended business listing sites for 2024:

  1. Yelp ( Yelp is the most popular and largest business listing site in the US. It has the largest database of businesses operating in California, New York, Texas, and many other states. Yelp has a search engine that allows users to basic find information about any American business registered on the site. You can easily filter through data and find products and services in any category in your region. Yelp also allows users to post classified ads on the site. Yelp provides a platform for customer reviews and ratings, crucial for local businesses to gain visibility and trust among potential customers.
  2. Google My Business ( Google is the most popular and preferred search engine all over the world with 82% of the market share according to recent data. People make 3.5 billion Google searches every day. Listing your business on Google can drastically change your local SEO as it offers visibility on Google Search and Maps, including business details, reviews, and insights. Adding your business on Google will give your business a knowledge graph. When people around you look for businesses in your category, your business will show up on local search results, which appear at the top of the local search results.
  3. CrunchBase ( CrunchBase is one of the leading business listing platforms in the US. It is more of a B2B professional business listing platform for entrepreneurs connecting companies to investors and vice versa. You can find a lot of important business information about private and public companies including details about their founders, funding history, acquisitions, and more. Users, including entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, use Crunchbase to explore the landscape of startups, track investments, discover potential partners or clients, and stay updated on the latest developments in various industries.
  4. Bing Places for Business ( Bing may not have the search dominance of Google, but it’s still relevant, especially for audiences using Microsoft products. Similar to Google My Business, it offers visibility on Bing search results and maps, reaching audiences using Microsoft’s search engine.
  5. Facebook Marketplace ( Facebook is now not just a means of social interaction or keeping in touch with your friends. With billions of users, Facebook offers a powerful platform for businesses to engage with their audience, share updates, promote products/services, and receive reviews and recommendations. It has become one of the dominant online marketplaces connecting sellers and buyers. It’s crucial for social media visibility, allowing businesses to engage with customers, showcase products/services, and receive reviews.
  6. Yahoo Local ( Yahoo Local is another great free business listing site where you can add your business information. It displays your business address, phone number, and URL promoting your business on its search engine. It is a great way to improve your local SEO. With Yahoo Local, your business will get more engagement from people near you. You can add up to 5 categories for your business. Your company will appear on search results when users in your area are looking to buy products or services in those categories relevant to your business.
  7. Local ( Local is a search engine for businesses. It is a database for local businesses and brands based in the US and provides all essential information including contact info. Currently, has over 16 million business listings in the USA. You can claim your business listing if it already exists on the database. Or you can create a new account for your business for free.

Complete List of Free Business Listing Sites in the USA for 2024

The United States is well known for accommodating businesses from all around the world. It hosts some of the biggest financial hubs on the planet. There are thousands of business listing sites in the US with millions of businesses listed in them. Some of the leading business listing websites, which list companies in niche-based categories, are also based in the US.

These directory websites allow companies to enlist for free and create a business profile with public information. Most of these sites are free to use but some offer additional features that can be unlocked with a paid option unlocking more features for your listing.

Here are some top free USA business listing sites that you can use to add your company profile. Most of these sites have high domain authority (DA) and allow backlink submission. You can add your website URL to your business profile and start generating leads and traffic.


Sr.No Free USA Business Listing Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 96
2 95
3 91
4 87
5 81
6 73
7 73
8 72
9 72
10 72
11 72
12 72
13 71
14 71
15 71
16 71
17 71
18 70
19 70
20 70
21 69
22 68
23 68
24 67
25 67
26 67
27 66
28 66
29 66
30 65
31 65
32 65
33 65
34 64
35 63
36 63
37 63
38 62
39 62
40 61
41 61
42 61
43 60
44 59
45 59
46 58
47 58
48 58
49 57
50 57
51 56
52 56
53 56
54 55
55 55
56 55
57 54
58 54
59 53
60 53
61 53
62 52
63 51
64 51
65 50
66 50
67 50
68 50
69 49
70 49
71 49
72 49
73 49
74 49
75 49
76 48
77 48
78 48
79 47
80 47
81 47
82 46
83 46
84 46
85 45
86 45
87 44
88 44
89 44
90 44
91 43
92 43
93 43
94 43
95 42
96 42
97 42
98 42
99 42
100 41
101 41
102 41
103 41
104 41
105 41
106 41
107 40
108 39
109 39
110 38
111 38
112 37
113 37
114 37
115 37
116 36
117 36
118 36
119 36
120 35
121 35
122 35
123 35
124 35
125 35
126 34
127 34
128 34
129 34
130 33
131 33
132 33
133 33
134 33
135 31
136 31
137 31
138 31
139 30
140 30
141 29
142 29
143 28
144 28
145 28
146 27
147 27
148 26
149 26
150 26
151 25
152 25
153 25
154 25
155 25
156 25
157 24
158 24
159 24
160 23
161 23
162 22
163 22
164 20
165 20
166 20
167 20
168 20
169 20
170 20
171 19
172 19
173 19
174 19
175 18
176 18
177 18


Business listing sites are online directories where you can add information about your business and promote your brand. On a business listing website companies are listed categorically based on the niche, region, and scale of business.

The majority of local listing websites offer the ability to filter companies by country or region. Online business directories have public profiles of most businesses.

These business profiles contain vital information about a business. Adding public information about your business on your company profile can help customers know more about the business or services you are providing and help build credibility.

Most local citations or directory submission sites contain information like name, address, phone number, website URL, hours of operation, and more.

There are millions of local searches made every day. Business listing sites help people find out the services or businesses they are looking for.

Local citations can also help a business reach out to new potential clients nearby.

How listing your business online can impact local SEO

Local SEO can help you reach out to new potential customers around you. One of the best ways to improve your local SEO is by listing your business or website on free business listing sites.

There are thousands of business listing sites in USA that can help you improve your local SEO. Most of these online listings are free and accept backlinks.

You can get free do-follow backlinks from these directory submission sites without spending money. Also, most of these backlinks are very powerful as they are high DA business listing sites.

Most businesses in the USA now primarily focus on online marketing.

So with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it has become very easy for businesses and brands to connect with their customer directly. Alongside social media, business listing sites are another great way to advertise your business and increase exposure.

Having a good marketing strategy and powerful SEO can help you reach out to people who are looking for services similar to your business. It helps you stand out from other businesses in your niche. SEO can improve your brand’s online presence and get more exposure.

One of the most crucial elements of SEO is backlinks. Ranking at the top of SERPs is probably impossible without having strong backlinks. However, obtaining backlinks is quite difficult. To earn one backlink for your post, you either need to spend a lot of time writing guest posts for other blogs or spend a lot of money.

This is where business listing sites come to your rescue. Business listing sites can be used for grey hat SEO. Most SEOs use this technique to get backlinks for their sites.

USA local business listing sites not only help your business grow locally, but they can also help you improve your SEO.

Most of these high DA USA business listing sites allow backlinks with submission. So backlinks from these sites are powerful and can increase search engine ranking.

What Are Local Citations; How do you index local citations?

A local citation is when your company is mentioned in any online business directory or business listing site.

Citations can help build your brand trust and promote your business to people around you. Local citations can help your business show up on local search engine results with SEO.

There are lots of websites like business listing sites, business directories, niche-specific sites, directory submission sites, or a blog that accept local citations.

Local citations used to have a lot of prominence in the SEO industry. But it is no longer an important SEO factor. But still, it can help with local SEO.

Online business listing sites and local citations do not include backlinks. A local citation mostly should contain the business name, address, and phone number.

Local citation increases your business visibility near you and makes your business appear in front of people who are searching for the services your business offers.

It is an off-page SEO strategy that can help a brand grow locally without spending any money.

How to use Business Listing Sites the proper way 

You can maximize the benefits of business directory submissions by following these essential tips:

  • Use a registered business email for submissions.
  • Adhere to website policies and avoid spamming.
  • Select the appropriate business category.
  • Complete your profile with accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Verify your profile using the provided methods.
  • Avoid copyrighted content and ensure all data is authentic.

10 High DA Business Listing Sites For Improving Local SEO
Sr.No High DA Listing Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 70
2 68
3 69
4 65
5 67
6 69
7 58
8 63
9 66
10 61


10 Local Citations Sites In The USA
Sr.No USA Local Citation sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 82
2 90
3 80
4 76
5 78
6 78
7 79
8 93
9 67
10 63

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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