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+213 RSS Feed Submission Sites List For SEO 2023

Millions of new content are published every day on the internet. With so much content floating in your newsfeed, it is hard to keep a track of the important stuff. This is where an RSS feed comes into play.

You probably don’t like being barged with irrelevant content & clickbait titles. Many people visit different news sites or surf social media to keep them informed about current affairs.

But there is a simple solution to it that is often overlooked.

You can use an RSS feed to curate content that you find interesting. It is an easy way to merge all your content into one single platform.

What Is An RSS Feed

RSS stands for “really simple syndication” or “rich site summary”. RSS is a simple technology that distributes content from various platforms in realtime.

You can stay up-to-date with your favorite newscasts, blogs, websites, and social media channels using a single platform.

Instead of visiting and subscribing to different sites, you can find the RSS feed on a website and read new posts in an RSS reader.

RSS refers to simple text files that are easily readable and can be updated automatically. XML files an example of a simple text file that regularly updates information such as, news pieces, articles, and blog posts.

Using an XML file of a website all the latest information is fetched by a user’s RSS feed reader that converts the files into an easy to read format.

Its algorithm-free format has influenced a lot of other internet tools and websites. RSS Readers usually automatically update and deliver the latest content in your feed instantaneously.

How RSS Works

Think of a dashboard that shows you all the latest news & articles on topics you are interested in from all your favorite websites, blogs, and podcast. RSS feed does the exact thing by curating all your favorite content on a single dashboard.

RSS feed is mostly used by blogs and news websites that update content on a regular basis.

Website owners use an XML file to add an RSS feed to web pages on the site. The XML file automatically syndicates new content through this RSS feed in a standard format that displays in any RSS reader.

You can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and read all the latest content from all your favorite websites through an RSS reader. RSS readers organize all the latest content from various XML files and display it on a single dashboard.

What Are RSS Feed Submission Sites?

RSS feed submission sites curate content from various websites through an XML file and display all this information in one place and provide updates when a site adds new content.

If you want to keep your audience updated with your articles or products, you can use RSS feed submission sites.

RSS feed submission sites are quite similar to social media sites. With social media sites, you can see all the latest posts from your friends and interesting content that people share. Just like that with RSS feed submission sites, you can see everything a website publishes.

RSS feed submission sites can help you improve your online exposure. Furthermore, you can reach out to a potential audience and increase the traffic of your website.

Using RSS feed submission you can promote your new content and reach out to a wide audience almost instantaneously.

People can subscribe to various websites or select a specific niche on these feed websites. If someone subscribes to your RSS feed, they can see all your latest content on their dashboard.

Also, if you have a niche-based site, your content will be shown to the users who are subscribed to that niche.

Is RSS Feed Submission Still Relevant

This is a very controversial question. While most people say that RSS feed submission is an old-school technique, some SEOs might disagree.

Yes, RSS sites are no longer popular as they once were and aren’t used as much. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in action, people no longer use RSS feeds for watching and learning about the latest content.

Social media sites and other platforms like Google News curate full links to the latest stories. All these platforms have algorithms to pick out stories based on user’s preferences and what they might like.

With all the latest technologies and algorithms people are losing interest in RSS feeds. Nowadays RSS feeds are mostly used by content creators and SEOs.

Most people use social media sites to get their news and share content online.

What Is RSS Feed Submission In Seo

Many SEOs and digital marketers use RSS feed submission for promoting their content online. It is an easy way to get high quality do-follow backlinks.

Most RSS feed submission sites have high domain authority (DA) and page rank (PR). Submitting your website on any RSS feed submission sites will help you get free contextual backlinks and improve your online visibility.

Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors. Without backlinks it nearly impossible to rank your content on any search engine.

Backlinks from high DA sites can be very impactful and influence search engine ranking. Backlinks are also the most important component of off-page SEO.

But getting backlinks is the most difficult part. You have to either write guest posts for other blogs to acquire backlinks or spend a lot of money to get backlinks for your website.

If you are not willing to waste your time or money, you can use RSS feed submission sites to build backlinks.

Apart from backlinks, there are some other benefits of using RSS feed submission sites.

Benefits Of Using RSS Feed Submission

There’s a lot you can do with an RSS feed submission and an RSS reader. Here are just a few examples:

Free Backlinks

Many SEOs use RSS feed submission to get free backlinks. It is one of the easiest backlink building techniques. Most high PR RSS feed submission sites allow publishers to add backlinks. Some RSS feed submissions sites automatically point backlink when a new post is published.

Increase Website Traffic

Apart from building backlinks, you can increase your website’s traffic using RSS feed submission sites. RSS submission sites have high traffic volume. When a new post is published it automatically reaches a large audience and drives traffic to your website. You can increase your website visitors by targeting a specific niche.

Improves Online Visibility

RSS submission sites can improve your brand visibility. You can reach out to a potential audience and promote your content through RSS submissions. RSS submission sites will increase your online visibility by showing your content to the right audience and making your content go viral.

Faster Search Engine Indexing 

Whenever you post a new article or blog post on your website, it generally takes a good time to get indexed on the search engine.

RSS feed can help your content index faster on search engines. As your new posts are exposed instantly to a large group of readers, it makes it easier for search engines to find and index your content.

Stay Informed

As RSS feeds has a large selection of topics and websites, you can stay current with local, national, and international news from several sources.

How To Do RSS Feed Submission

The process to add websites to your RSS feed reader is very simple. More and more, websites are making this process simple for you.

When you are on your favorite website, look for a small orange icon with the letters RSS or XML. When you click on that icon, you add that web address or link to your reader. You can also search for a website within your RSS reader and add it to your feed.

RSS Feed Submission Sites

Sr.No Rss Feed Submission Site PR
1 24
2 24
3 25
4 12
5 32
6 15
7 33
8 17
9 18
10 32
11 21
12 34
13 32
14 20
15 31
16 33
17 33
18 24
19 28
20 24
21 15
22 26
23 16
24 23
25 13
26 30
27 13
28 22
29 19
30 22
31 15
32 26
33 14
34 27
35 14
36 25
37 12
38 29
39 27
40 14
41 12
42 33
43 13
44 24
45 20
46 30
47 31
48 17
49 23
50 30
51 16
52 15
53 14
54 16
55 18
56 13
57 16
58 29
59 34
60 16
61 19
62 15
63 21
64 15
65 28
66 23
67 19
68 34
69 15
70 27
71 33
72 28
73 16
74 15
75 16
76 28
77 28
78 28
79 20
80 33
81 28
82 33
83 25
84 25
85 27
86 16
87 28
88 23
89 19
90 27
91 20
92 14
93 31
94 14
95 15
96 34
97 26
98 16
99 23
100 21
101 20
102 14
103 17
104 26
105 22
106 31
107 12
108 24
109 23
110 19
111 27
112 33
113 31
114 29
115 15
116 13
117 14
118 33
119 16
120 33
121 27
122 28
123 15
124 32
125 14
126 17
127 28
128 14
129 12
130 13
131 29
132 27
133 30
134 12
135 22
136 28
137 22
138 18
139 19
140 32
141 20
142 27
143 28
144 29
145 27
146 34
147 30
148 24
149 21

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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