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89+ Top Ping Submission Sites For Faster Indexing 2023

Ping submission sites are widely used for indexing new websites. Sometimes indexing a new website can difficult.

Google usually takes less than a week to crawl and index a new website. But sometimes it can take months before Google discovers your website.

To fast-track this indexing process you can use ping submission sites. Ping submission sites help Google and other search engines discover new webpages and websites.

Ping submission is the easiest way to index any content on Google or any other search engine.

Sometimes due to some algorithm changes or bad optimization, Google avoids some webpages. The entire process of indexing is handled by Google’s search algorithm.

Most search engines use bots to regularly crawl indexed webpages. These crawlers look for links to find new webpages.

If there are no links pointing to your website, it becomes difficult for search engines to fetch and crawl that site.

This is why many SEOs use ping submission sites to index a new website or newly published content.

Apparently, over 60% of URLs are not indexed by Google. This might happen due to various reasons. One of them being duplicate content. Spun articles or duplicate content are not indexed by Google.

This is where ping submission sites come into play. Ping submission sites can be really useful for indexing newly published content.

What Is Ping Submission

Ping submission is the process of indexing any websites, blogs, webpage, and backlinks. By submitting your URL on any ping submission sites you can index your webpage faster.

Sometimes due to various reasons, your website or any webpage might not appear anywhere in the search engines.

This might happen even if you request for indexing using the Google search console or any other search engine.

Sometimes a webpage page might show up on a search engine inconsistently. If for any reason your webpage is not indexed or showing up inconsistently on a search engine, you can use ping submission sites to notify and help search engines discover your content.

Search engines usually look for new content or URLs by crawling indexed pages. If your website is already not indexed, your content will not show up on search engines.

Apart from ping submission sites, you can get your blog post indexed by building backlinks. Google and other search engines use bots and spiders to look for new content.

Pinging your webpage will notify search engines about your new content or a new page on your website by notifying the web crawlers.

If you are buying backlinks from some websites (which is a terrible idea and something you should not do) you can use ping websites to get those backlinks indexed on Google.

Ping submission sites can be very effective for SEO as it might take some time to get new content indexed. If you want to rank faster and get more exposure you can use ping submission sites.

Why Use Ping Submission Sites for SEO

Ping submission sites can be very effective for SEO. Small blogs with little content can take a long time to get indexed. Google frequently crawls websites that publish new content regularly. This is why large websites or news sites get indexed faster.

But websites that publish content weekly or once a month can take a long time to index. Sometimes it can take over 2 months for search engines to index your new page or post.

This is where Ping submission sites come into play. You can use ping submission sites to notify top search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and RSS feeds to crawl and index your new page or article.

If a search engine is yet to discover one of your webpages, you can use free ping submission sites to help search engines identify new content.

Index & Rank New Content Faster

Ping submission sites are widely used for indexing and ranking new content faster. This is one of the easiest off-page SEO strategies to help new content get discovered by search engines. Pinging your webpage notify search engines that a new post is published. Once your post is indexed it will start to show up on search results.

Index Backlinks

Ping submission sites are also backlink indexers. If you want to index backlinks quickly and easily you can use any ping submission sites. Getting your backlinks indexed properly is very essential for ranking on Google or any other search engine. Usually, Google takes 40 days to index new backlinks when it recrawls a webpage. Pinging sites can make this process faster and get your backlinks indexed.

Ping Submission For SEO

Ping Submission is one of the effective SEO techniques that does not require any additional optimization. Pinging websites are backlink submission tools that can help your content get indexed faster. When your URL gets indexed, your content starts to rank for relevant keywords and shows up on search engines.

How To Use Ping Submission Sites

Pinging an URL is very easy. It is the most convenient way to index and rank your content faster. You can use any free ping submission site for indexing your URLs.

Top ping submission sites can index about 18% of links within the first 10 days. There are also some paid ping submission sites that offer guaranteed and faster indexing. But instead of wasting money on paid pinging services, you can use the free pinging sites.

Here are some tips on using ping submission sites –

  • Pick a free ping website from the list
  • Type URL of your blog or website which you like to get indexed
  • Select your preferred search engines
  • Submit the ping by clicking on the save button
  • You will get a confirmation within a minute

After publishing a new content wait at least 2 days before manually indexing a link. Be patient and let Google naturally index your content. Google usually finds and naturally indexes new backlinks within 48 hours.

If you want to index a URL of your website, instead of using a ping submission site you should at first submit your link on the Google search console and request for indexing.

Wait another 48 hours o see if Google indexed your link. If you see no changes on the crawling status, you can then use any ping submission websites to submit your URLs.

Ping Submission Sites List

Ping Submission Sites For Faster Indexing ranking content

Here is a list of free ping submission sites that can help you index your website or content faster.

Sr.No. Ping Submission Site DA
1 25
2 39
3 26
4 42
5 36
6 31
7 27
8 42
9 37
10 30
11 40
12 24
13 43
14 26
15 33
16 33
17 45
18 33
19 43
20 41
21 35
22 28
23 34
24 30
25 33
26 42
27 42
28 26
29 25
30 32
31 27
32 44
33 43
34 28
35 42
36 23
37 24
38 44
39 41
40 34
41 39
42 25
43 43
44 32
45 44
46 42
47 26
48 45
49 23
50 34
51 34
52 30
53 24
54 42
55 37
56 23
57 40
58 35
59 31
60 30
61 37
62 45
63 25
64 38
65 33
66 27
67 35
68 27
69 42
70 29
71 28
72 25
73 37
74 34
75 37
76 26
77 34
78 45

Written by Fahim Ahmed

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