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135+ Top Q&A Submission Sites For Building Backlinks In 2023

If you are an avid internet user you already know about Quora. It is the most popular Q&A submission sites in the world with over 300 million unique monthly visitors.

Nowadays it has become very easy to find answers to almost all questions. When a question pops into your head, the first place you go is the internet. You can find the answer to the silliest of questions on the Internet.

The Internet is filled with resources and information. As people ask millions of questions every day on the Internet, a big chunk of the Internet is covered by question-answer submission sites. One of those sites is Quora.

Quora is not only a top question and answer submission site. It is a community of experts sharing ideas and knowledge.

Q&A sites are also used for digital marketing and SEO. Q&A submission sites are one of the most effective SEO tools that are used by many top-tier SEOs.

Question and Answer sites (Q&A sites) can also be used for generating traffic to your website. As most Q&A submission sites have high traffic volume, it is easy to attract web visitors from those sites.

Many digital marketers use Q&A sites for marketing purposes. People also use Q&A sites to improve online visibility and increase brand awareness.

People from around the world use Q&A sites for asking or answering questions. The popularity of  Question and Answers sites (Q&A sites) is increasing rapidly.

Millions of content are published every day on the internet. But not all of them are worthy of ranking on the first page of Google.

There are a lot of factors involved in ranking a website. One of the important ranking factors is link building. You can use Q&A submission sites for building contextual backlinks & many more.

Why Use Question Answer Submission Sites

high pr question answer sites for seo backlinks

Nowadays most people use the internet to find a solution to any problem or find an answer to a question. It is the easiest and fastest way of finding something. You can just make a search query on Google and you will find thousands of results for your query.

There are several websites that are created just for answering people’s questions. You can find Q&A sites that have answers to the most commonly asked questions. Furthermore, if you have expertise in a specific niche you can contribute by answering questions related to that topic.

You can help others by answering their questions and also adding a source link to support your claim. High PR Q&A submission sites have high traffic volume and click-through rate (CTR).

If you are a blogger you can look for questions that are relevant to your niche. You can write a well-crafted brief answer and add a link to your website with your answer.

When people find your answer relevant and insightful they will surely go through the link to your website to know more about that topic.

This way you can use Q&A sites to generate free referral traffic and boost the traffic of your website. Question Answer submission sites have a high conversion rate.

Why use high PR Q&A submission sites –

  • Generate quality traffic
  • Connect with experts on any niche
  • Find compelling answers
  • Build high-quality inbound backlinks
  • Market research
  • Find ideas for content creation
  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Improve online visibility
  • Increase website authority
  • Get more exposure

You can use multi-channel funnel report from google analytics to look at the referral traffic that you are getting from top Q&A sites.

Using Q&A submission sites you can get quality traffic to your website and increase your engagement.

Q&A Submission Sites For SEO & Backlinks

SEO is essential for ranking a website. With SEO you can improve your online visibility and increase brand awareness. SEO is the only way to increase your organic traffic.

By improving the SEO of your website, you can increase the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your website through organic search engine results.

There are a lot of ways you can improve your SEO. You can find a lot of SEO tools that can help you improve your search engine ranking. One of the most well-known SEO tools is Q&A submission sites.

There are over 200 ranking signals that Google takes into consideration to rank web pages. Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking signals.

Your content will get the most maximum engagement when it will rank on top of SERPs. But ranking on top of Google search results is not an easy task. You need to have a good SEO strategy to rank high on Google.

Q&A submission sites are very useful for off-page SEO. It is one of the easiest link building techniques. You can build contextual inbound backlinks from high DA Q&A sites.

Many SEOs and digital marketers use question-answer submission sites to build quality backlinks. Getting quality backlinks is the most difficult part of off-page SEO.

Either you have to spend a lot of time writing guest posts for other bloggers or spend a lot of money to get backlinks.

With high PR Q&A submission sites, you can easily get free backlinks. There are some high PR Q&A sites that allow users to add do-follow backlinks.

All you have to do is find questions that are related to your niche and answer those questions. You can leave a relevant link to your website that might interest the readers.

Most links that are submitted on Q&A sites are contextual backlinks as they contain relevant information that matches the searchers’ query.

Dofollow backlinks from high authority Q&A submission sites can help you rank high on Google.

Benefits of High PR Question Answer Submission Sites List

high pr qa submission sites list

There are a lot of benefits of using question-answer submission sites. Apart from building quality backlinks, you can use Q&A submission sites for a lot of other reasons.

You can attract an engaging audience from Q&A submission sites. Most high PR Q&A sites have a large audience. If you can contribute regularly by providing relevant answers you can attract a lot of people to your website.

Furthermore, by providing quality content and resourceful links you can turn your website visitors into subscribers.

Advantages of Q&A Sites

  1. High trust and authority in search engines.
  2. An opportunity to get high-quality backlinks that generate traffic.
  3. Fast indexing of replies and pages by search engines.
  4. High rating of low-frequency and middle-frequency search requests.

Q&A submission sites have a community of bloggers and experts. These sites are also great for networking. You can communicate with a lot of people and increase your network through Q&A sites.

Using Q&A submission sites you can get in touch with the experts of your niche. Anyone can use Q&A submission sites and share their expertise or just ask any questions.

You can find a lot of informational content on those sites. Also, Q&A submission sites can help you find topics to write about.

You can make a list of questions that are frequently asked on those sites and write a blog post answering those questions. This will help you increase the traffic to your website.

If you are looking to find an answer to any questions you can just put up a query on any top Q&A submission site and there will hundreds of experts to help you out.

How to use high DA Q&A Submission Sites

high da qa submission sites

Most question answer submission sites require users to create an account before asking or answering a question. This helps the site to remain clean from spammy activities.

There are also some instant Q&A submission sites that do not require any registration or signup. These Q&A sites usually have low domain authority (DA) as a lot of people use these sites to build backlinks.

As all of these sites are free to use, a lot of people use this opportunity to spam those sites by providing irrelevant answers or just by posting backlinks.

Some high DA Q&A sites do not allow users to add backlinks as it creates a negative experience for their users.

If you are new to a Q&A website you need to create an account. You have to add your username, email, and password to create an account. But nowadays some high DA Q&A submission sites allow users to sign up with their social media accounts like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter, etc.

Once your account creation is complete you can start submitting questions or answers on that site.

Tips For Using Question Answer Submission sites

Before posting anything on Q&A submission sites make sure you comply with their terms and conditions. Do not try to spam by adding irrelevant content for building backlinks.

Try to add value with your expertise by proving informative answers. Don’t use Q&A submission sites only for building backlinks.

Your first priority should be proving explanatory answers. This will help you attract traffic to your site. Be active on Q&A sites by regularly posting answers. Do not barge your answers with links pointing to other sites.

Only add source links if you think it is necessary and will be resourceful to your answer. Make sure your answers brief but useful. By providing insightful answers you can drive traffic to your website from Q&A sites.

Here are some tips for posting in Q&A submission sites that you should remember –

  • Always write the relevant Answer.
  • Don’t include the spammy links like an affiliate link, Blogspot links…etc
  • Always write unique answers. Do not just copy and paste from another source.
  • Be informative & relevant
  • Tru to add relevant images and links within the answer content.
  • Avoid grammar errors and misspelled words within the Questions and Answer both.
  • Write answers for any follow-up question

Top 10 High DA Q&A Submission Sites

Sr.No Top Q&A Submission Sites DA PR
1 97 19
2 93 10
3 93 18
4 93 13
5 92 19
6 92 9
7 91 18
8 91 21
9 90 21
10 90 32

High PR Q&A Submission Sites

SR.NO High PR Q&A Submission Sites PR
1 15
2 21
3 10
4 10
5 16
6 11
7 9
8 10
9 24
10 33

Question Answer Submission Sites List

SR.NO Question & Answer Submission Sites PR
1 12
2 10
3 18
4 14
5 23
6 19
7 17
8 25
9 21
10 14
11 22
12 19
13 10
14 15
15 25
16 25
17 33
18 30
19 9
20 12
21 17
22 17
23 9
24 25
25 18
26 20
27 19
28 32
29 21
30 12
31 31
32 28
33 15
34 32
35 31
36 26
37 19
38 22
39 13
40 26
41 19
42 31
43 20
44 28
45 16
46 22
47 19
48 23
49 11
50 19
51 10
52 33
53 22
54 9
55 9
56 23
57 16
58 19
59 24
60 32
61 33
62 14
63 14
64 31
65 18
66 9
67 12
68 11
69 14
70 16
71 30
72 18
73 21
74 11
75 29
76 26
77 26
78 30
79 20
80 27
81 13
82 9
83 29
84 25
85 15
86 16
87 16
88 13
89 24
90 26
91 9
92 27
93 15
94 32
95 25
96 20
97 17
98 33
99 13
100 13
101 14

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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