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123+ Top High PR Web 2.0 Submission Sites For Link Building 2023

Web 2.0 is one of the most effective SEO tools for link building. There are various SEO techniques that can help you increase your search engine ranking. But web 2.0 submission sites are widely used by SEOs.

If you are an avid internet user you probably have come across web 2.0 sites.  Nowadays a lot of online businesses are using web 2.0 submission sites for improving SEO & building backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals. It is the cornerstone of off-page SEO. Search engines use inbound links as a ranking factor. It helps the search engine understand how authoritative & useful your content is.

Websites with powerful backlinks tend to rank high on search engines. An increase in your search engine ranking will help you attract organic traffic.

You can improve your online visibility by publishing content on web 2.0 sites. As the number of online businesses is growing the competition is increasing rapidly.

It is getting difficult to rank on top of search results. Millions of content are published every day but only a few of those ends up on the first page of Google.

This is why SEO has become very important for any online business. Without a good SEO strategy, it is nearly impossible to rank any webpage on Google or any other search engine.

There are a lot of link-building techniques. Among those, web 2.0 and guest blogging is the most common technique that is used by SEOs and digital marketers.

Backlinks from top web 2.0 sites can help you boost your search engine ranking. Apart from link building, there are a lot of other benefits of using web 2.0 sites.

Here we will cover everything your need to know about web 2.0 and how you can use them for SEO and link building.

What is Web 2.0 Submission Sites

high pr web 2 0 sites for backlinks

Web 2.0 submission sites are free publishing platforms where anyone can submit articles or blog posts. In simple words, you can think of it as a community blog where anyone can share ideas.

Most high PR web 2.0 sites have high traffic volume and a highly engaged audience. Hundreds of content are published every day on these web 2.0 sites.

Publishing your content on any high PR web 2.0 sites can help you generate traffic to your site. You can get free website visitors from web 2.0 sites by writing compelling articles.

When people find your content informative they will go through your website looking for more content. You can turn these website visitors into subscribers by writing engaging content.

Unlike Web 1.0 websites you can interact with the author and engage with other community members using web 2.0 sites.

Previously most sites on the Internet were Web 1.0 sites. These sites were static and there were no options to interact with other users or publishers.

You could only read the content but there was no channel to comment or provide feedback. But with web 2.0 sites you can share your opinion and interact with other users.

Web 2.0 sites are dynamic. Most web 2.0 sites allow users to create their own pages, comment, post images or write articles or submit links.

You can also create content and publish them on web 2.0 sites. There are several niche web 2.0 sites where a lot of people share their expertise.

If you are an expert on a specific subject you can share articles or information on web 2.0 sites. It will help you build authority in your niche and you can establish yourself as an expert in that field.

Blogs, social networking sites, and video-sharing platforms are all examples of Web 2.0 sites.

What Is Web 2.0 Submission In SEO

what is web 2 0 blog

Web 2.0 submissions are an integral part of SEO. From an SEO perspective web 2.0 sites allow users to create mini-websites on their platform.

Most web 2.0 sites are multi-user blogs that let anyone publish their own content within a single platform. Apart from publishing articles, you can use web 2.0 blogs to build authority backlinks.

Web 2.0 blogs are basically CMS (Content Management Systems) that allow the users to publish content and write comments on blog posts using frontend submission.

Many SEOs use high PR web 2.0 submission sites for increasing website traffic. You can direct the traffic from web 2.0 blog to the commercial or targeted page of your own website.

Furthermore, you can get free dofollow backlinks from web 2.0 sites. Most high PR web 2.0 sites allow publishers to add links to their articles.

You can find a list of high PR web 2.0 blogs and start writing articles to build powerful inbound backlinks.

Web 2.0 submission sites are one of the easiest ways of building authority backlinks. Most web 2.0 submission sites have high domain authority (DA).

Without spending any money you can get free contextual backlinks and increase your own domain authority. It improves your online presence and increases brand exposure.

Web 2.0 sites have made it easier for publishers to promote their content on multiple platforms.

Using web 2.0 submission blogs you can increase your content engagement and drive free traffic to your website.

Is Web 2.0 Sites Still a Good SEO Strategy?

SEO is dynamic and is changing over time. Google makes minor changes in their search engine algorithm almost every month. It keeps updating search engine algorithm and ranking signals to improve user experience.

But the most important ranking signals are still in use. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals that Google takes into consideration before indexing a webpage. There are a lot of ways you can build backlinks for your site and web 2.0 sites are one of them.

Web 2.0 sites are a grey hat SEO technique that is widely used by many SEOs and digital marketers to this day.

It is one of the easiest ways of building contextual backlinks. You can use web 2.0 sites for improving your off-page SEO and search engine ranking.

Also, web 2.0 sites are crawled frequently as they publish a lot of content. You can use web 2.0 sites for indexing any new website.

Apart from building backlinks and increasing website visitors, there are a lot more you can do with web 2.0 blogs.

Best High PR Web 2.0 Sites For Building Backlinks

high pr web 2 0 submission sites


Sr.No High PR Top Web 2.0 Sites PR
1 www.tumblr.com 35
2 www.blogger.com 30
3 www.quora.com 31
4 www.livejournal.com 44
5 www.wix.com 29
6 www.weebly.com 41
7 www.wordpress.org 25
8 www.jimdo.com 44
9 www.squarespace.com 28
10 www.kinja.com 23

Web 2.0 Submission Sites

Sr.No Web 2.0 Submission Sites PR
1 Goodreads.com 29
2 myanimelist.net 26
3 hazblog.com 26
4 xbuild.com 30
5 shutterfly.com 24
6 iblog.at 25
7 bloghi.com 28
8 emyspot.com 28
9 wikispaces.com 31
10 ning.com 27
11 2itb.com 34
12 www2.wayn.com 36
13 ewebsitemaker.com 22
14 blogbaker.com 30
15 1msite.com 24
16 sett.com 26
17 spruz.com 29
18 smore.com 32
19 High PR Top Web 2.0 Sites 21
20 Slashdot.org 35
21 goodnightjournal.com 32
22 roxer.com 31
23 freewebsite-service.com 23
24 sodmg.com 26
25 inube.com 25
26 1minutesite.co.uk 34
27 en.sitew.com 22
28 blog.com 29
29 fotki.com 22
30 storeboard.com 31
31 sweetcircles.com 24
32 awebcafe.com 31
33 octomobi.com 24
34 eznow.com 29
35 travelblog.org 32
36 arto.com 26
37 blogsome.com 29
38 singsnap.com 27
39 implesite.com 23
40 quora.com 28
41 minds.com 33
42 webnode.com 24
43 wordpress.org 32
44 twoday.net 31
45 sitew.com 34
46 own-free-website.com 29
47 mystrikingly.com 33
48 portfoliobox.net 31
49 exteen.com 26
50 purevolume.com 21
51 insanejournal.com 27
52 svbtle.com 26
53 busythumbs.com 24
54 jigsy.com 33
55 snappages.com 34
56 ohlog.com 21
57 manifo.com 27
58 smallcommunities.mixxt.com 28
59 penzu.com 23
60 blogigo.com 32
61 angelfire.com 34
62 apsense.com 32
63 webjam.com 32
64 Instructables.com 26
65 storify.com 30
66 zimbio.com 36
67 jux.com 35
68 fanvsfan.com 21
69 posthaven.com 21
70 iseekblog.com 34
71 en.page4.com 28
72 ujjawalpackers.in 28
73 blog.fc2.com 28
74 daccanomics.com 27
75 blogites.com 35
76 ghost.org 31
77 npage.de 35
78 Deviantart.com 24
79 Blogspot.com 25
80 greasy.com 29
81 kinja.com 24
82 webeden.co.uk 28
83 blurpalicious.com 34
84 webspawner.com 33
85 skyrock.com 22
86 mywapblog.com 21
87 journalspace.com 32
88 over-blog.com 28
89 iconosites.com 22
90 tripod.lycos.com 31
91 webgarden.com 24
92 wallinside.com 30
93 whydowork.com 25
94 ezweb123.com 26
95 tblog.com 30
96 postbit.com 23
97 ibotoolbox.com 33
98 freehostia.com 29
99 journalhome.com 30
100 frinedsite.com 25
101 lightcms.com 29
102 simplesite.com 24
103 mex.tl 22

Written by Fahim Ahmed

I am an experienced SEO specialist and digital marketer with a passion for staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I have a proven track record of success in implementing effective SEO strategies that increase website visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

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