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Royal flush or an Opportunistic bluff? Putin’s military intentions in Ukraine

It is hard to see the bigger picture of an unsolved jigsaw with a few pieces missing. Unfortunately, the conflict between Kremlin and Ukraine is a puzzle that is yet to be solved.

We knew this was coming. Many experts believe that Putin wants a ‘replay of the end of the Cold War’ by taking another bite out of Ukraine.

“George, you have to understand that Ukraine is not even a country. Part of its territory is in Eastern Europe and the greater part was given to us.” These were the ominous words of President Vladimir Putin of Russia to President George W. Bush in Bucharest, Romania, at a NATO summit in April 2008.

The retired K.G.B. agent is a one-man psychodrama, who simply refuses to come in from the cold and still sees the C.I.A. under every rock and behind every opponent.

Putin always measures Russia’s status in the world in relation to the US. And somewhere in the balance of all of those identities and neuroses is the answer to what Putin intends to do with Ukraine. This time, Mr. Putin’s aim is bigger than closing NATO’s “open door” to Ukraine and taking more territory — he wants to evict the United States from Europe. As he might put it: “Goodbye, America. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Invading Ukraine will also increase his chances of remaining in power in Russia, which is always a priority for him. Putin is also obsessed with history and if you are a keen observer you might see why he choose Ukraine and why now….

December 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union when Russia lost its dominant position in Europe. Mr. Putin wants to give the United States a taste of the same bitter medicine Russia had to swallow in the 1990s.

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