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13 Foreign Language Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

After a long wait, Hollywood gave foreign films the recognition that they truly deserved. We have seen so many amazing and jaw-dropping films in Hollywood, that we forgot about other film industries. But finally, with ‘Parasite’ winning the Oscars for best picture, people are getting interested in foreign films. After all that buzz, many are now watching films from all-region.

I’m a movie buff and have watched movies in many languages and genres. Many movie lovers like to watch Hollywood movies only. But there are some absolute gem and creative masterpieces in foreign language films. Here is a list of some wonderful foreign movies. If you love watching movies, you should surely give them a try and hopefully, you will appreciate most of them. So here are 13 Foreign Language Films (no spoilers) that you should watch.

1. Spirited Away

spirited away best foreign language film to watch movies foreign movies 13 best foreign film

Spirited away is a work of magic created by Hayao Miyazaki. You shouldn’t miss this creative piece of art. He creates a world which is spectacular and makes you feel that you are progressing with the character throughout the film, he creates a sense of space portrayed through time, distance, and scale.

2. City of God

city of god best foreign language film to watch foreign movie spanish turkish korean movies

The movie is an absolute masterpiece! The more you research about the film, the more you’ll love it. Based on a real life story, this movie is beautifully narrated and presented in chapters. Overall, it’s just a delight to watch if you like a good story plot.

3. The Platform

the platform best original film best foreign language film to watch movies foreign movies 13 best foreign film

Set in a dystopian future, it symbolizes the capitalist society in a darker shade. At the same time putting a lot of emphasis on communist Ideologies and try to promote them as well.

4. Memories of Murder

memories of murder best foreign language film daccanomics foreign movies best movie to watch underrated

Another masterpiece from director Bong Joon-ho. This film has comedy, twists, thrill, and takes you on a journey of a kind. The ambiguous ending of the movie is discomforting and haunting because of the lack of closure of the mystery. This is what makes this movie more interesting.

5. 7 Kogustaki Mucize

7 Kogustaki Mucize best turkish foreign language film movie best movie different language

Keep a tissue box near you when watching 7 Kogustaki Mucize, because you will cry. Emotional, heartwarming, inspiring, amazingly wonderful. You gonna sympathize with its plots, storyline and of course every single character from protagonist to the antagonist.

6. Silenced

silenced korean movie film foreign language movies films best movie

You will be sitting silent. This movie will leave you speechless. This unspeakable incident is told in such a great cinematic language that every frame speaks of itself.

7. Mirage

mirage movie best original film best foreign language film to watch movies foreign movies 13 best foreign film

Hats off to Oriol Paulo & Lara Sendim for such a gripping storyline. It is a good sci-fi mystery thriller movie that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. Mirage revolves around this young women ” Vera” played by Adriana Ugarte who saves a kid’s life while experiencing a glitch in the space-time continuum

8. I Saw the Devil

i saw the devil movie poster korean movie film foreign language movies films best movie

If you like watching thriller you gonna love this film. It delivers on a whole other level, talks about pain and suffering manifested in the most horrific and gutwrenching way. It will keep you hooked till the end and if you have the stomach for graphic violence give it a try.

9. A Billion Colour Story

a billion colour story indie film best foreign language film to watch movies foreign movies 13 best foreign film

Through the eyes and the narrative voice of a 11 year old this gem of a movie will give you a different perspective and understanding of love, respect, and tolerance.

10. A Death In The Gunj

a death in the gunj indian indie film movie film foreign language movies films best movie

This indie film will make your jaw drop several times. This thriller is very beautifully directed and the story will have a grip on your attention. Not for the contemporary movie watcher. This film is created for those who actually understand the art of film making and appreciate good movies. Some might find it slow and boring but it is a great watch for avid movie lovers.

11. The Edge of Heaven

the edge of heaven movie poster movie film foreign language underrated movies films best movie

This brilliant film is very well directed with a fantastic storyline that will keep you engaged. Keeps the viewer enthralled and absorbed in the film with its intricate twists and turns. Ultimately it leaves the viewer with a slight sense of loss. Stunning performances from the cast, breathtaking stills and cinematography, gorgeous sets, and ultimately the movie’s theme set it apart as a must-watch.

12. Raman Raghav 2.0

raman raghav indian serial killer movie best foreign language film to watch movies foreign movies 13 best foreign film

This violent psychological thriller movie is as dark as it gets for Bollywood and hits the brain very hard! The performance of all the actors makes this movie much more interesting. A brilliant piece of work from the director. It is difficult to watch this movie multiple times because of the queasy crimes but is a riveting watch.

13. Apocalypto

Apocalypto movie poster movie film foreign language underrated movies films best movie

This underrated masterpiece directed by Mel Gibson takes you through a roller coaster of emotions such as anger, sadness, tears, joy, empathy, disgust. With all the attention to detail and incredible acting this movie is a hidden gem.


Please share this list with your movie lover friends and comment below about which movies you have already seen and which films you’d like to see. If you have any foreign film suggestions that you have loved make sure to let us know in the comment section.

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