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How To Check Banglalink Sim Number | BL Number Check

If you are wondering how to check your Banglalink sim number, it is very easy. Sometimes you might forget your Banglalink number or didn’t find time to memorize it, there is an easy way to check Banglalink mobile numbers.

If you just bought a new Banglalink sim card, you can find your sim number at the back of the package. It is very important to remember your own sim number. Most Bangladeshi users use prepaid plans. So if you are using Banglalink prepaid plan you will have to frequently recharge your phone number. For that, you need to know your number, or else you might end up sending money to someone else.

So if you have forgotten your Banglalink mobile number, there is an easy way to check it. All you will have to remember is a USSD code. This is the easiest way to recover or check your own Banglalink mobile number. Here we have listed all the important USSD codes for Banglalink.

Check Banglalink Number

check banglalink number

If you are using a Banglalink sim card and don’t know your own number, there is a USSD available to check Banglalink number.

You can dial *511# to check your own Banglalink mobile number. You can also dial *121# to check your mobile number and your Banglalink sim offers and details.

This USSD code is only valid for Banglalink users. You won’t be able to see your mobile number using this USSD code if you are not using Banglalink as your service provider.

How To Check Banglalink Balance

To check your Banglalink sim card balance you can simply dial *124#

You will be able to see your remaining balance and also balance the expiration date. You will also be able to see if there is any loan due amount.

How To Get Banglalink Emergency Balance

Banglalink offers emergency balances for its users. If you are using Banglalink for over 3 months you will be eligible for an emergency Balance.

You will get an emergency balance or loan amount based on your monthly usage. You can get up to a maximum of 200tk loan if you are a frequent user.

To get banglalink emergency balance dial *874#

When your balance is below 5tk, you can get this emergency balance. You will be able to use this emergency balance for any purpose. After availing of the emergency balance, your loan amount will be automatically adjusted from your account on the next recharge. If you have any due amount you will not be eligible for an emergency loan.

How to Check Emergency Balance

To check your due loan amount dial *121*#
It will show you the remaining balance along with the due amount.

How To Check Banglalink Internet Offer

To check all the latest internet offers you can dial *5000#
You can select your internet package according to your usage. You can also manage your internet settings or deactivate any internet plans.

To check a personalized internet plan you can dial *5000*99#
Here you will get all the offers based on your balance and usage.

How To Check Banglalink Internet Balance

To check Banglalink Internet Balance, simply dial *5000*500#
You can see all the activated plans and expiration dates.


Here are some useful USSD codes for GP

Check Banglalink Number *511# 
Check Bl Sim Registration *16001#
Get Bl Emergency Balance *874#
Check Bl Internet Balance *5000*500#
BL Internet Offers *5000#
BL Free Internet *5000*99#

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