how to check robi mobile number latest internet package and offers

How To Check Robi Number: Latest Internet Package & Offers

If you are using a Robi sim card and forgot your own mobile number, relax.  There is an easy way to check your Robi number.

Sometimes you might end up forgetting your own mobile number which is very normal. Instead of looking for your sim package or calling someone to find out your own number, you can simply use a USSD to check Robi number.

Whatever sim card you are using there is a specific USSD code for every mobile network operator to retrieve your own mobile number. This makes it very easy to check your number. It is very important that you remember your own number. Or at least know how to check it. As most Bangladeshi users are using a Prepaid plan, we have to recharge our balance frequently. If you forget your own number you might send your money to someone else. So knowing the USSD code to check your number helps a lot.

How To Check Robi Number

If you are using Robi as your mobile network operator you can check your number using a USSD code. Dial *140*2*4# to check your Robi number. Or you can just dial *2# to check your own number and all the latest offers. Remembering this USSD makes it much easier to check your number.

Check Robi Sim Registration

If your Robi sim card is active and you can use all the services without any interruption, it means your sim card is already registered. But if you are still unsure about sim card registration, you can check it using your mobile. Dial *16001# to check your robi sim registration. You will see a pop-up on the screen. You will have to enter your last 4 digits of your NID. Hit send.

Robi Balance Check Code

To check your Robi sim balance dial *1#
You will be able to check your remaining balance and validity.

Robi Emergency Balance

Robi offers emergency balance or Jhotpot balance for all its users. Your sim card needs to be active for 3 months to be eligible for emergency balance. You can dial *8# to check your eligibility. Just like other mobile network operators, robi offers emergency balance to its customers. You can request for robi emergency balance once your remaining balance is below 5tk.

Robi offers up to 100tk emergency balance. But it is only for frequent users. The amount of loan you will get depends on your monthly usage. You can use this Jhotpot balance for any purpose.

To get Robi emergency balance you can dial *222#

You can also check your outstanding balance or the due amount by dialing *8#
Unless you pay off the due amount you won’t be eligible for another robi emergency balance.

To check your last 5 emergency loan status and information you can dial *123*600#

How To Buy Robi Internet Package

To buy robi internet package dial *4# and select your desired package according to your usage.

Robi Internet Offers

To check your robi Internet Offers dial *999# and select any offers.

Robi Internet Balance Check

To check your remaining Robi internet balance and active data packages you can dial *3#


Here are some useful USSD codes for Robi 

Check Robi Number *2# 
Check Robi Sim Registration *16001#
Get Robi Emergency Balance *123*008#
Check Robi Internet Balance *3#
Robi  Internet Offers *999#
Robi Internet Package offers  *4#

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