does masturbation decrease height and stunt growth

Does Masturbation Affect Height Growth (Well it’s complicated )

Many adolescents often get curious about the “birds and bees”  and it is quite normal. There are many myths and misconceptions related to sex and masturbation. This comes from a point of confusion and misinformation.

This is why it is necessary to have a healthy conversation about sex.  There is a social stigma around masturbation, and it’s not helpful.

Nearly everyone at some point in their teenage years has heard myths about masturbation and how it can affect their health.

One of the most common misconceptions that you might hear is “masturbation stunts growth”. Let’s debunk if masturbation really affects your height? Or is it just another myth around masturbation?

Understanding Masturbation


Masturbation is similar to any other physical activity that involves self-satisfaction. Intimacy may help you learn more about yourself and how your body reacts to stimulation.

Masturbation can assist you in determining what gets you on and where you like being touched. And when you know your likings better you can better communicate that with any sexual partner.

Masturbation is a perfectly normal activity that can have psychological as well as physical benefits. It is common in both men and women. Masturbation is more of a personal preference and there should be no shame in pleasuring yourself.

While there is nothing wrong with masturbating, you should consider how it impacts your other aspects of life, particularly your relationship. If you want to have a healthy relationship you need to talk to your sexual partner about it.

The misconception and myth surrounding masturbation are not something new. Given that it is quite private and we don’t talk about it very much, even with our closest friends, masturbation has turned into a stigma. There are so many rumors surrounding masturbation, it is hard to tell the facts from the fiction.

One of the very common misconceptions is that “masturbation stunts your physical growth”.

Does Masturbation Affect Growth?

Many people believe that masturbation can affect our physical growth can also have health implications. Some even suggest that excess masturbation can stunt your body growth and decrease immunity.

So do these statements have any medical evidence or are these just another myth?

Till now there is no medical evidence to suggest that masturbation affects our physical growth. And no, masturbating does not make you taller either.

Masturbation does not interfere with a person’s growth directly. It is totally unrelated to height and growth. You might have heard a lot of myths about masturbation.

Some people say that it can cause diseases, interfere with growth, cause mental problems, lead to blindness, or stop a person from having children. But those things aren’t true.

Masturbation is not harmful at all. Just make sure you do it correctly and in a healthy way.

Excessive masturbation can cause Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it can affect your sexual relationship and can cause unrealistic expectations.

Although, there is no specific frequency of masturbation as healthy. The use of Pornography is quite a common problem associated with excessive masturbation and must be avoided.

Does Masturbation Stunt Growth In Boys

Masturbation and height do not have a direct relationship. Although excessive masturbating might be harmful at times and can affect your testosterone level. Testosterone is a key hormone that is linked to masculinity. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of male attributes.

During the early stages of puberty, testosterone levels in males surge, causing a growth spurt in teenagers. Every adolescent undergoes physical changes at this time, including an increase in height, muscular growth, pubic hair growth, and enlargement of the male reproductive organs.

There is some evidence that testosterone levels rise during masturbation; however, ejaculation has no effect on testosterone levels.

So masturbation does not stunt growth but can have some impact on your normal testosterone levels, which can affect your growth.

Written by Dr. Ahmed Mostaque

Dr. Ahmed is an associate professor of medicine. He has a bachelor’s degree in medicine from the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital. He also enjoys writing articles about health and well-being.

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