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5 Best Tom Hardy Beard Styles Over The Years

Tom Hardy is a fashion icon both on and off-screen. He is among those celebrities who love making statements with his modern-day sartorial style.

Hardy’s simple elegant style has made some of the most iconic looks. Tom Hardy always dresses for the occasion. As a brit, he knows how to charm people with casual looks and stand out from the crowd with a suave formal outfit.

Whatever he wears one thing that grabs the attention is his stunning beard styles. Bold, masculine, and strong, his beard is a part of his charisma.

He is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who know how to rock a beard at any event. Even when he walks the red carpet in a three-piece suit, you can see him wearing his statement beard.

His beard is a big part of his sex appeal that makes him irresistible to women. Over the years we have seen tom hardy pulling off various beard styles.

Here we have curated our favorite and some of his iconic beard styles. You can try these looks if you want to ooze confidence or maybe try out something different.

1. Short Beard With Goatee

tom hardy short beard wth goatee

This is probably Tom Hardy’s most favorite and polished look. With his thick mustache and a short beard to compliment his Goatee, he looks like a hunky gentleman. This is surely one of his most seductive looks. Tom Hardy has a naturally strong jawline. Wearing a short beard with a goatee gives his face an edgier look.

2. Goatee With Light Stubble

tom hardy goatee with light stubble

This is another favorite Tom Hardy look that got a lot of attention. This is a popular beard style that is funky yet formal. This simple and minimal look is easy to pull off and very low maintenance. Over the years Tom Hardy rocked this utterly stylish beard style with his semi-formal attire.

3. Close Cropped Beard

tom hardy close cropped beard

This mid-length beard style is a great look for any formal event as it looks neat and polished when groomed properly. The close-cropped beard is one of Tom Hardy’s understated beard styles. This is a bold and striking look that is not easy to pull off. Close cropped beard only looks good on people with a strong jawline. With formal attire and well-groomed hair, this beard style can create a dashing look.

4. Designer Stubble

tom hardy designer stubble

The designer stubble is Tom Hardy’s most charming and charismatic look. With a perfect jawline and strong cheekbones, the designer stubble looks amazingly good. This is a very sleek stubble with precise lines that gives a detailed yet chilled-out look.

It is a statement beard style that gives off a too cool to care vibe. Tom Hardy’s subtle beard looks-like-he-did-nothing-at-all but actually it is styled pretty well. If you are going for a sharper look with high impact, you should try Tom Hardy’s designer stubble.

5. Well Groomed Full Beard

tom hardy full beard medium length

A well-groomed full beard is Tom Hardy’s signature style. We all know how much Tom sports a well-groomed full beard. Tom likes a short length beard that gives his face an impressionable look.

The well-groomed full beard gives a majestic testosterone-infused look and can be pulled off easily. A full beard with a nicely trimmed edge can give your face a nice structure and stronger-looking jawline.

It also gives your face more contrast by drawing attention. Tom Hardy appears stylish and smart with a well-groomed mid-length full beard.

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