Prothom Alo reporter Samsuzzaman Shams detained by law enforcement agency

Prothom Alo Journalist Samsuzzaman Shams Detained by CID

Earlier today, plainclothes CID officers picked up Samsuzzaman Shams, a reporter for the Bangla newspaper Prothom Alo, from his Savar house, according to a law enforcement official who accompanied the CID team.

Savar Police Station chief Deepak Chandra Saha said he had ‘heard’ similar reports, but Md Imam Hasan, DIG of Dhaka Division CID, said, “Nothing of the sort has happened.”

According to two witnesses who were present during the incident, three vehicles with 16 people stopped in front of Sham’s house around 4:00 am. Seven-eight of the passengers entered the house. One searched Sham’s living room and took away his laptop, two mobile phones, and a portable hard disk. After staying at his home for 10-15 minutes, the team took Shams to JU’s Battala area.

He has been picked up for interrogation as there was an objection against him for one of his reports which were somewhat misleading. One of his published news pieces has stirred up controversy

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