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10 High Fade Haircuts For Men To Try In 2023

The high fade haircut has been one of the most popular hairstyles for men this decade. For men who avoid long hair and want a stylish look, the high fade can be the perfect haircut. It is important to have a hairstyle that compliments your attire. The high fade is an utterly stylish hairstyle for men who like bold and polished looks.

If you are a short hair fanatic you probably already have tried the high fade haircut. Just like the undercut, the high top fade can be an enticing hairstyle to go out with.

Although this hairstyle is not entitled to any ethnicity, black men mostly prefer top fade among other short haircuts. And why not? This haircut is both sophisticated and easy to wear. The high fade can be a great haircut for every season and event. You can easily rock a high fade haircut, whether you are going for a formal or casual look. This haircut is very easy to style and gives you a crispy sharp look. Also, you can easily experiment with this haircut and still look dashing.

So if you are opting for a short haircut, there is no better time to try out the high fade. Here we have curated the best high fade haircuts for you to try out to give your hair a fresh start.

Long Hair High Fade

For a bold, sharp, and ecstatic look, the long hair high fade can be an excellent option to try out. Especially if you are into something casual and fun, the long hair with a high fade will give you the exact impression. This hairstyle has become extremely popular among men and is likely to remain that way for the next couple of years. This hairstyle features long hair on the top with a skin fade on the sides that gradually ‘tapers’ or becomes shorter as it moves down towards the ears. gradually. If you don’t mind experimenting with your hair and want to try out something bold, you can try the long hair high fade.

long hair high fade haircutslong hair high fade hairstyles

High Top With Taper Fade

This fade hairstyle is another popular option, especially for black men with textured hair. This hairstyle is very easy to create and much easier to rock. Start by creating a tapper fade on your sides while keeping a well-trimmed medium length hair on the top of your head. Some people might shave their scalp on the sides, but an undercut or taper fade is much more impressionable and easy going. Here the undercut gradually becomes shorted as it moves down towards the ear. If you want to try out something different and bold with your haircut you can eventually end the undercut with a skin fade. It will create a much more sleek high fade line and give you a sassy haircut.

medium high top with taper fadehigh top with fade

Pompadour With High Fade Haircuts

This is a classic fade haircut that is both subtle and elegant. The pompadour has been in fashion for centuries. Men with great fashion sense embraced this hairstyle and made it extremely popular. But now the pompadour with high fade became a much preferable haircut for men with short hair. This pompadour with a zero fade comb over cut is truly a modern take on the high fade haircut. With the classy look and sassy approach, this haircut is meant to make people stare. Styling your pompadour with a high fade will give you a praiseworthy appearance and help you stand out among the crowd of mediocre.

pompadour with high fade haircut fade hairstyle for menPompadour High Skin Drop Fade

High Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk has always been considered a bold haircut for men. This is a style statement for men who are not afraid to experiment with their hairstyles. The mohawk gained huge popularity in the ’90s when everyone was into punk rock. While this hairstyle has been in fashion since the Viking era, recently the mohawk received a much more modern look with the skin fade and high fade. Although this might not be the ideal hairstyle for everybody, if you love the masculine hipster look this can be your next favourite haircut.

high fade Mohawk hairstyleshort faux hawk with fade hairstyle

High Skin Fade Haircut

The high skin fade creates a much more funky look with a crisp haircut. This hairstyle features shaving the sides of your hair from under the high fade line. This is a minimal look with very little to style. If you are looking for a low maintenance haircut with a much edgier look, you can try the high skin fade. Also, it is a much suitable hairstyle for people with thin or less hair.

high skin fade haircutshigh skin fade haircuts textured quiff cool mens hairstyles

Short Quiff With Fade Haircuts

The quiff is considered a very classy hairstyle. Since the last decade, the quiff has been one of the most versatile and popular hairstyles for men that gained huge popularity in the fashion industry. The quiff is quite similar to the pompadour. Both of the hairstyles involve brushing your hair except, a quiff features brushing the hair back which gives the hair extra volume. This utterly stylish haircut comes in different forms and styles to suit all hair types. If you have curly hair, the short quiff with a high fade can be a perfect haircut.

high fade quiff haircutshort quiff with fade haircuts undercut hairstyle for men with fade

Undercut with High Fade Hairstyle

Another popular haircut that has created a sensation in the last decade is the undercut with high fade. This is an utterly stylish formal hairstyle for men with short hair. If you are looking for a classic posh haircut that is versatile and suits every occasion, this is it. The high fade undercut is a statement hairstyle for men who likes something aesthetic.

high fade undercut hairstyleshigh fade with undercut haircuts for men

High Skin Fade Combover

The combover has always been a classic haircut for men. This hairstyle has been in fashion for centuries and still is very popular among young men. Although over the years there have been many modifications of the combover. Recently the high skin fade combover created a buzz in the fashion industry. A lot of celebrity is seen rocking this exemplary hairstyle. The high skin combover is surely one of the sexiest fade hairstyles for men.

high fade combover haircut for menhigh fade combover hairstyle

High Fade with Side part

Who said formal hair can’t be sassy? The high fade with side part is a formal hairstyle that can be utterly stylish and a perfect look for the urban gentlemen. If you like keeping things simple yet want that bold and dynamic look, the high fade side pard can be a great option. The best part about this haircut is its simplicity and low maintenance style.

high fade with side part haircutsHigh Taper Fade with side part

Curly High Top Fade

If you really want to stand out among the crowd of fashion lovers, you need to try out something exceptionally stylish and unique. The curly hair with top fade is an effortless funky haircut with a myriad of ways to style. People often think that managing curly hair can be a very difficult task and thus try to avoid long curls. But some curly hairstyles can be much easier to style and almost everyone can rock a curly haircut. The curly high top fade is just another awesome addition to the list of low maintenance curly hairstyles. Especially because of the faded sides with medium or short length hair on the crown, this haircut became very popular among men. If you want a fancy haircut to complement your bold persona, the curly high top fade should do the work.

curly high drop fade haircuts for mencurly high top fade with side part

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