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Tribal Tattoos | 24 Cool Tribal Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women

Nowadays, tribal tattoos are not just entitled to a certain group of people or tribe. Because of rich symbolism and beautiful designs, tribal tattoos have become a fashion statement.

Even a decade ago tattoos were considered taboo in the world of fashion. But now things have changed for good. A lot of people have started to appreciate body art and have embraced it as a part of their fashion routine.

You can see a lot of celebrities and influencers rocking stunningly beautiful tattoo designs. Be it calligraphy, image, or tribal tattoos, you can see a-listers wearing them with styles.

Tattoos are very personal to each individual and there is always a story behind them. People spend money and go under the needle just to remember a moment in life or commemorate someone or something they like.

While some people get tattooed just for the sake of the design, most people do it for the symbolic meaning. Tribal tattoos not only have intricate designs but are also rich in symbolism.

Earlier tattoos were used as a tribute to God. Ancient people used to mark their skin by puncturing the outer layer of the skin and depositing color into it. It was considered an offering to the divine. They also believed that tattoos would protect them from any evil spirits.

Tribal tattoos represent a tribe and its heritage. Each tattoo pieces have a different meaning and symbolism.

Tribal tattoos are a representation of power, accomplishments, and ancestry. Warriors and tribe leaders used to get these tattoos as a symbol of strength.

Even though it originated from the native people, tribal tattoos have become a popular body art all over the world in the 21st century.

Here we have curated some beautiful tribal tattoos for both men and women.

1. Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo designHawaiian Tribal Tattoo design ocean waveHawaiian Tribal Tattoobeautiful hawaiian tribal tattoos for men women

Hawaii is surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. The beautiful white sandy beaches and the misty mountains make the environment more peaceful and serene. But apart from its natural beauty Hawaii is also known for its 1,500 years old tradition and culture.

Just like the hula dance, the Hawaiian tribe tattoos are also very popular. It is no longer just a tradition for the natives but has become a style statement for the western world. You can find catalogs of various Hawaiian tribal tattoos in most tattoo studios.

These tattoo designs are not just eye-catching but also represent the natural beauty of Hawaii. Most Hawaiian tribal tattoo incorporates the beautiful ocean and lush mountains. If you are a nature lover and want a tattoo that resembles the beauty of mother nature, you will definitely love a Hawaiian tribal tattoo.

2. Indian Tribal Tattoo

hindu indian tattoo design ideas traditional tattoos

India has a rich and diverse culture. You can see a reflection of their culture and traditions in their artwork. Indian tribal tattoos are not just aesthetically pleasing but also signifies their culture. It is a reflection of who they really are. Indian tribal tattoos were a traditional practice.

The tribal tattoos were used as a religious symbol and an offering to a god. People would get tattoos as a tribute to their god and believed that it would save them from evil. Indian tribal tattoos signify strength and beauty. Even the simplest tattoo design looks alluring. Whatever the reason may be, you can always pull off an Indian tribal tattoo.

3. Filipino Tribal Tattoo

filipino tribal tattoo designs for men chest shoulder tattoostraditional filipino tribal tattoo designs for guys

Tattoos are an essential part of the Filipino culture. It is not just a body art but an expression of who you are and where you belong. Each tribe has a different tattoo that represents their ancestors and values. These intricate tattoo designs are not just aesthetically pleasing but carry a lot of importance to the Filipino people. With beautiful strokes and bold outlines, Filipino tribal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. Filipino tribal tattoos are rooted deep in their culture and tradition. But it is not just the Filipino people who wear these tattoos. Anyone can flaunt these beautiful tattoos.

4. African Tribal Tattoos

arfican tribal tattoo designs for men on chesttraditional african tribal tattoo design on handtraditional African Tattoos Design on Bicepsbeautiful African Tribal Tattoos designs for women

The work of body art and tattooing started in Africa. African people use tattoos for various purposes. Some tattoos simply represent their loyalty to their tribe while other symbolic tattoos are used to represent social status. For thousands of years, African people have been decorating their bodies with ink and permanent markings as a tribute to the divine.

5. Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo designs for menPolynesian Tribal Tattoo ideas designs for men women

This beautiful region in Oceania is made up of 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean. Even though this region consists of small islands, people in Polynesia share language, customs, and culture among many other things. Tattoos are a very important part of Polynesia. Tribal tattoos are very common and are used as decorative pieces. The intricate design and bold lines make the Polynesian tribal tattoos pleasing to see. You don’t have to belong to a tribe to get these cool tribal tattoos. There are various tattoo designs and each has its own significance. So before you get inked make sure to choose the perfect tattoo that you can relate to.  Polynesian tribal tattoos come in different sizes and there is no problem with placement But if you are getting a large tattoo inked it is probably better if you do it on your biceps or shoulder.

6. Samoan Tribal Tattoo

7. Native American Tribal Tattoos

Native American tribal Tattoo ideas on wristNative American Tribal Tattoos traditional tattoo designs for men women

Native American tattoos are quite similar to Hawaiian tribal tattoos. Most Native American tribal tattoos demonstrate the beautiful landscape and natural beauty. Sometimes you might also often see a lot of animals like wolves, and tigers. While most Native American tribal tattoos are mostly decorative, some tattoos have intricate designs and can be symbolic. The dreamcatcher is a very popular tattoo design that has symbolic significance. If you are looking for an interesting tattoo that is not just pleasing but also carries a symbolic meaning, the dreamcatcher tattoo can be a great choice.

8. Cherokee Tribal Tattoos

Cherokee Tribal Tattoos traditional tattoo designCherokee Tribal Tattoos traditional tattoo design for men

Cherokee Indian tribal tattoos are not just symbolic but also look great because of the beautiful shading and bold outlines. These tattoos have a variety of visual interpretations. This is a dangerous one to get on a whim because it is based on conventional tribal identity. These bits, on the other hand, are more colorful and friendly than other tribal styles, so they are worth giving a try.

9. Mexican Tribal Tattoos

mexican tribal tattoo designs for men traditional tattoosTribal Mexican Tattoo On Chest And Right Sleeve

Mexican tribal tattoos usually have a dark tone to them as most of these tattoos consist of ghouls and skulls. People in Mexico are very religious but on the other hand, they are also superstitious. Mexican tribal tattoos date back thousands of years and are rooted deep in their culture. There are a lot of amazing designs to choose from and each of them has a different symbolic meaning. Earlier Mexican tribal people used to get tattoos as an offering to the god. They would permanently mark their skin to show gratitude and allegiance to the divine.

10. Celtic Tribal Tattoos

celtic tribal tattoo designsceltic tribal tattoos irish tattoo designs

If you have a Celtic background or just fascinated with their culture you might want to get a Celtic tribal tattoo. There are a lot of legends and myths behind Celtic tattoos. Tattoos were an important part of the Celtic culture as they are a symbol of power and strength. Celtic warriors used to have tattoos to intimidate their enemy and sometimes used it as a symbol of life. If you are from Europe the Celtic tattoo would suit you best.

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