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54 Hottest Sun Tattoo Designs You Will Love | Beautiful Body Art

The sun is one of the reasons why we have life on earth. Without the heat and light that is generated from the Sun, our planet would just be another lifeless ball of ice-coated rock. It is the center of our solar system and the most important source of energy for all life forms on earth.

Primitive people used to worship the Sun and considered it a deity. Even now in many cultures, the sun is considered an all-seeing god who observes good and evil actions.

The sun also has a very significant symbolic meaning. It is often associated with enlightenment or illumination. According to many ancient mythologies, the sun was considered the source of wisdom.

The sun is also a symbolic representation of rebirth and strength. With all the religious and symbolic connotations it is very obvious why people are allured by the sun tattoo design.

Tattoos are very personal body art that stays with you forever. You probably have to consider a lot of things before getting a permanent tattoo. The most important decision is the design of your tattoo.

It is very important to choose a tattoo design that has some sort of meaning which you can relate to. A lot of people are choosing sun tattoos as they are symbolic and look good. There are different variations of the sun tattoo which makes it even more appealing.

You can add some personal touch to your tattoo to make it more unique and striking. If you associate yourself with any of the characteristics of the sun or just want a tattoo that is rich in symbolism, you will probably like the sun tattoo.

Here we have put together some of the most interesting sun tattoo designs that you might find amazing.

1. Moon and Sun Tattoo

beautiful moon and sun tattoo designssun and moon tattoossimple sun and moon tattoo design on wrist forearmsimple moon and sun tattoossimple moon and sun tattoo design ideassimple minimal moon and sun tattoo ideas designssimple beautiful moon and sun tattoo design outlinemoon and sun tattoo designs on waistmoon and sun tattoo designs on side of bodymoon and sun tattoo designs on back of hand

The moon and the sun tattoo is probably one of the most common tattoo designs. It has a very interesting symbolic meaning  The moon and sun tattoo represents the cosmic balance of the universe. Just like the sun, the moon is also very important as it makes the earth a more liveable place. It is a simple concept of dualism. Our universe is composed of competing and complementary forces of dark and light, life and death, male and female. Even though these forces are contrary to each other, they are also complementary. If you are looking for a statement-making tattoo design this could be the perfect piece for you.

2. Small Sun Tattoo

small sun tattoossmall sun tattoo designs on wristsmall sun tattoo designssmall minimal sun tattoo designs on back

There is a grandeur in simplicity. Sometimes a simple small tattoo can make a bold statement. While the larger tattoo pieces are surely eye-catching, small tattoos are more appealing and sleek. Not everybody likes to draw the attention of people. If you are someone who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, you will probably love a simple and small sun tattoo. The best part about getting a small sun tattoo is you don’t have to worry about placement. You can get it anywhere you want and also keep it covered. A simple sun tattoo is more convenient and costs less. If you are a man of simplicity you will love a small sun tattoo.

3. Tribal Sun Tattoo

tribal sun tattoo designs on forearmtribal sun tattoo design ideasblack tribal sun tattoo designs on legbeautiful tribal tattoo designs for men and women couple tattoo ideas

The sun is probably one of the most ancient symbols in human evolution. It is a metaphor—for power, knowledge, and emotion. A lot of ancient tribes used to think the sun is a source of time, life, birth, death, divinity, royalty, and power. Even though the symbolic meaning is different in various cultures and tribes, the importance of the Sun still remains the same. A lot of people are now getting the tribal sun tattoo as it is very distinctive and looks very interesting. The tribal sun tattoo represents the beginning of life in our universe. If you cherish life or just want to get a traditional tattoo design you will love the tribal sun tattoo.

4. Rising Sun Tattoo

beautiful large rising sun tattoos designrising sun tattoo designs ideas on forearmminimal simple rising sun tattoo designbright red rising sun tattoo design on forearm

The rising sun tattoo is probably not the best tattoo design. It derived from the Japanese flag before world war 2 and is still widely used in Japan. It is a symbol of loyalty and strength. But it also represents the county’s emerging empire and imperialist expansion in the 19th century. The rising sun symbol became their military flag.

Many people are offended by this flag as it is a reminder of the human rights abuses by the Japanese military. Sometimes this symbol is even compared to the nazi swastika.

5. Filipino Sun Tattoo

tribal traditional Filipino Sun Tattoo on arm full sleevetraditional tribal Filipino Sun Tattoo for men on chestsmall Filipino Sun Tattoo design on wristlarge traditional Filipino Sun Tattoo design on chestlarge Filipino Sun Tattoo design on forearmFilipino Sun Tattoos designFilipino Sun TattoosFilipino Sun Tattoo design on backFilipino Sun Tattoo design ideas on backbeautiful large Filipino Sun Tattoo designs on arm

Filipino tattoos have a long tradition with the Filipinos. These are not just beautiful body art but carry important symbolic meaning. Filipino tattoos are a symbol of ones’ lineage and are used to represent ranks and accomplishments. One of those tattoos is the Filipino sun tattoo. It is one of the most common tattoos among Filipinos. Many people have used the Filipino sun tattoo to decorate their bodies. It represents freedom and unity among the Filipino. Nowadays you can see this tattoo design all over the world.

6. Wave and Sun Tattoo

Wave and Sun Tattoo on back of armthin black outline Wave and Sun Tattoo designssimple Wave and Sun Tattoo on wristsimple outline Wave and Sun Tattoo on shoulder backsimple colorful Wave and Sun Tattoo designs on shoulderminimal Wave and Sun Tattoos on wristcolorful Wave and Sun Tattoo designs on anklebeautiful simple Wave and Sun Tattoo designs ideas

Many people consider the sun as a source of illumination and strength. It is the source of energy for all living things on earth. On the other hand, the wavy water of the seas reflects the ups and lows of our life. Together, the wave and sun represent the equilibrium in nature. It also gives a simple message to go with the flow of life. Some people are really hard on their life. Instead of rushing towards the other side we should take time and go slow. If you are looking for a minimal tattoo design you will like the wave and sun tattoo.

7. Aztec Sun Tattoo

tribal traditional Aztec Sun Tattoostribal traditional Aztec Sun Tattoo designs on armtribal Aztec Sun Tattoo designs ideas on chestBig Aztec Sun Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

A lot of people are fascinated with the Aztec culture and its symbolism. Tattoos were a big part of the Aztec culture. The Aztec sun tattoo is a tribute to the sun god Huitzilopochtli. The Aztec sun god is one of the two principal deities. The representation can often be found in their artwork.

The Aztec sun tattoo is an illustration of the sun god who was worshiped by the people during that time. The tattoo features beautiful geometric shapes and other elements of the Aztec culture. The tattoo represents the link between deities and mortals. It is a metaphorical representation of how humans are linked with heaven and their god. This piece of tattoo contains a lot of details and because of the intricate patterns, it looks amazing.

8. Simple Sun Tattoo

simple burning sun tattoossimple sun tattoo designs on side of bodysimple Sun Tattoo designsimple small outline Sun Tattoo design on arm

Simplicity is the beauty of life. Sometimes even the most simple things in life can have a striking effect. If you are a laid back person who is not a fan of complexity you will probably go for a simple tattoo. Nowadays a lot of people are getting a simple sun tattoo as it looks quite elegant and sleek. Instead of focusing on the bold outline and dark shadows, a simple sun tattoo features a simple thin outline. There is no color or shading involved in this design and it contains the basic elements of a traditional tattoo.

9. Praise The Sun Tattoo

praise the sun tattoo designs dark soulspraise the sun tattoo dark souls tattoo designs

Dark souls is one of the most popular video game series that has a strong fanbase. The fans are obsessed with the characters and also the phrases of the game. A lot of fans are now getting tattoos based on the dark souls game. One of those tattoos is the “praise the sun” tattoo.

10. Traditional Sun Tattoo

traditional sun tattoo designs ideastraditional sun tattoo designssimple traditional sun tattoo designscolorful traditional sun moon tattoo designs

One of the most enticing aspects of having a sun tattoo is the variation in design. You can find different patterns, each with its own significance. A traditional sun tattoo reflects life and energy. If you want a tattoo with bold outlines and beautiful shadowing, you will love this piece.

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