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107 Beautiful Henna Tattoos For Women | Mehndi Tattoo Designs

Getting a tattoo is probably more difficult than it seems. Especially if you are getting your first piece of tattoo. With all the trouble and physical pain, you might wonder why people even choose to get inked in the first place.

A tattoo is not just a piece of body art, it is an expression of self. There is always a story behind every tattoo. Tattoos are very personal to each individual. It is the only fashion accessory that leaves behind a mark. If you are a tattoo virgin, there are a lot of things you need to consider before getting a permanent marking on your skin.

The first thing you need to do is select a tattoo that has a symbolic meaning that resonates with your character. You also need to consider where do you want your tattoo. Also, you need to select a tattoo that is within your budget. Tattoos with intricate design and professional shading will cost much more than a simple tattoo. You also need to select an expert tattoo artist, if you are looking for a complex tattoo design.

If you are a first-timer, chances are you wouldn’t even think about these before you go under the needle. This is why a lot of first-timers end up with wrong tattoos that are difficult to explain.

This is why it is probably best to get a temporary tattoo if you are trying for the first time. You can try out any tattoo design without committing to it.

A lot of women are now opting for a henna tattoo also known as mehndi in southeast Asia. It is completely painless and fades over time which makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

What is Henna?

what is henna tattooing

You have probably heard about henna tattoos or have seen beautiful henna tattoo designs in traditional Indian weddings. The beautiful art of henna tattooing dates back thousands of years. This body art is an ancient practice that is done with plant-based ink or paste known as henna or mehndi.

Henna tattoos are not just decorative but also have significant and often spiritual meaning. Henna tattoo is often associated with happiness and luck. This is why you can see a lot of women from southeast Asia embracing henna tattoos in different ceremonial events and festivities.

Nowadays, henna tattoos have become quite popular in many parts of the world. Mostly because of the alluring designs and temporary ink it became a more popular choice. Also, you don’t need an expert tattoo artist to get a henna tattoo.

People don’t just use henna as a dye for body art but also uses it as a hair color. The word henna derived from the Arabic word ḥinnā. Henna tattoos have a lot of significance in many cultures and religions. Even though the use of henna for tattooing started in ancient Egypt, widespread use of henna tattoos started in India. In many parts of India, you can see people drawing henna tattoos in different celebrations including Diwali, eid, engagements, and weddings.

Henna leaves are mashed into a paste which turns into a natural dye. Earlier henna was used as hair dye and nail polish but now it is also used for temporary tattooing.

Use Of Henna In Indian Weeding

use of henna in indian wedding celebrations mehndi ceremony

In the Indian subcontinent henna which is also known as mehndi is part of a wedding ritual. There is a different event only dedicated for the mehndi ceremony that is held the night before weeding.

The mehndi ceremony is very joyous as it is attended by females from both sides of the family. This ceremony is organized by the bride’s family where all family members and friends come together to wish the bride good luck.

Mehendi ceremony is mostly attended by females only but nowadays in many contemporary Indian weeding men also join the party after the bride completes her henna. You can see a lot of couples wearing mehndi with the name of their partners.

Women usually tattoo the name of their better half on their palm of their hand as a sign of long-lasting love. It is believed that the darker the stain of the mehndi the stronger the bond will be.

Bridesmaid & other relatives also wear mehndi as a tribute to the bride wishing her good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage.

Brides call inspiration from Indo-Arabic and Arabic designs to adorn their hands and feet. There are a lot of intricate patterns involved which makes the henna tattoo look mesmerizing.

You can also see many different types of tattoo designs which includes, heart, animals, and sometimes even Hindu gods.

How Long Does a Henna Tattoo Last?

how long does henna tattoo last

Using henna is the best way to try out your tattoo design before going under the needle and doing it permanently. Henna tattoos have gained a lot of prominence as temporary tattoo art in the past decade. A lot of a-listers including Beyonce have been seen rocking henna tattoo designs. Henna tattoos are completely painless and fade away over time. This is why it makes the perfect experimental tattoo.

Henna works better than any other temporary tattoos. It lasts longer than other artificial dyes and has vibrant color. But it does fade over time. If you are thinking about getting inked but don’t want to commit to a design, getting a henna tattoo is probably the best choice.

Henna contains the molecule lawsone, which binds to your skin’s keratin proteins. This is what makes the dye darker while also stopping it from washing off until the layer of skin is shed. The longer you keep the henna paste on your skin the darker the color will be.

Henna tattoos can last for a week up to a few months depending on the placement and the henna paste. Areas with thicker skin like soles of your feet or palms of your hands can increase the longevity of your tattoo.

To get the best results you should leave the henna paste on your skin overnight. You can also add lemon juice and sugar to the henna paste to keep it moist. It will intensify the color and make your tattoo look darker and long-lasting.

Common Placement For Henna Tattoos 

Just like any other tattoo design henna can be applied anywhere in your body. But most people usually draw henna tattoos on the palm of their hand or the sole of their feet.

1. Henna Tattoo On Leg

beautiful floral henna tattoo on leg thigh flower mehndi tattoo designsexy beautiful mehndi leg tattoo design for womenflower henna tattoo design on leg for womenfloral pattern flower henna tattoo on leg thighfloral mehndi design henna flower tattoo on leg thigh for womenbeautiful sexy henna tattoo on legbeautiful henna tattoo design on leg thighbeautiful henna leg tattoos for girls

You have probably seen women with henna tattoos on their hands. But nowadays a lot of girls are getting henna tattoos on their legs. Leg tattoos are quite eye-catching and seductive. The intricate designs and bright color makes the tattoo look more feminine and sexy. Because of the placement henna leg tattoos are quite noticeable if you wear a short dress.

Leg tattoos are a very interesting piece of body art. Because most people get tattoos on their arms, chest, shoulder, or back, leg tattoos have become understated. But nowadays as the barrier of sartorial style is expanding people are finding beautiful henna tattoo designs to showcase on their legs. If you are thinking about getting a permanent leg tattoo, you can start by trying out different designs with henna and settle for the best one.

2. Sahasrara Tattoo

traditional indian tattoos Sahasrara henna Tattoo designSahasrara henna Tattoo traditional mehndi designSahasrara henna Tattoo on backSahasrara henna Tattoo designbeautiful Sahasrara henna Tattoo for womenbeautiful sahasrara henna tattoo designs on foot

The Sahasrara tattoo is an Indian traditional tattoo design with symbolic meaning. Sahasrara is considered the seventh primary chakra in some tantric yoga traditions. This symbol resembles the lotus flower as it contains a beautiful pattern of petals which is arranged in multiple layers. This symbol represents unity and is a sign of spiritual awakening. It is also a symbol of purity.  Many Indian brides draw the Sahasrara tattoo at their wedding. This tattoo design has become a part of Indian tradition.

3. White Henna Tattoo

temporary white henna hand tattoo design for weddingsimple floral white henna tattoo designssimple beautiful floral White Henna Tattoo designsbeautiful White Henna Tattoo designs on chest and handbeautiful white henna tattoo design on back of handbeautiful White Henna Tattoo design for women on forearmbeautiful White Henna Tattoo design for womenbeautiful bridal White Henna Tattoo design

White henna tattoos are not just mesmerizing but also very pleasing to look at. If you have a darker skin tone you can probably try out the white henna tattoo. Unlike any other traditional tattoo design, white henna tattoo stands out in the crowd as they are a bit flashy. If you are an avid Instagram user you have probably seen your timeline flooding with white henna tattoos recently. This beautiful henna tattoo design has created a lot of buzz in the world of fashion.

White henna is a cosmetic compound and is very similar to organic henna except for the skin stain. Instead of bleaching or discoloring your skin, a white henna tattoo uses skin-safe body paint to create beautiful designs. Even though it has the same texture as real henna tattoos, but it doesn’t last long. White henna tattoos last for 5-10 days at best.

4. Peacock Henna Tattoo

sexy Peacock Henna Tattoos for womenPeacock Henna Tattoo designs for weddingPeacock Henna Tattoo design on back of handexotic Peacock Henna Tattoo beautiful mehndi designbeautiful Peacock Henna Tattoo designbeautiful large Peacock Henna Tattoo design on back

The iridescent blue and green feather makes the peacock one of the most bewitching birds. The peacock is the national bird of India. Because of its majestic & beautiful looks, the peacock has become one of the most iconic tattoo designs in India. It is not just defined by its beauty but also has a symbolic meaning. Peacock represents beauty and spirituality.

It is also often associated with integrity, love, and pride. It is believed in Indian culture that the feather of a peacock brings prosperity and good luck. In ancient cultures, birds signify the link between heaven and earth. Most people get the peacock henna tattoo on their hand and on back.

5. Butterfly Henna Tattoo

butterfly Henna Tattoos for girlsbutterfly henna tattoo designbeautiful butterfly mehndi design for womenbeautiful butterfly Henna Tattoo design

It is quite obvious why someone might get lost in the beauty of a butterfly. With the fluorescent wing, the butterfly looks mesmerizing when it spreads its wings. It is probably one of those insects that reflects the beauty of nature. Butterflies are not just aesthetically pleasing but also have a deeper symbolic meaning. It is a symbol of change and rebirth. Butterfly tattoos also represent new beginnings and freedom. Just like a butterfly, once you come out of your cocoon which is your comfort zone, you can spread your wings and reach a new high. A lot of girls are now getting the butterfly henna tattoo as it looks very pretty and minimalistic.

6. Henna Flower Tattoo

flower henna tattoos for women bridal mehndi designbeautiful henna flower tattoo for girlsbeautiful flower henna tattoo design floral mehndibeautiful floral henna tattoo design on back shoulder

When it comes to tattooing with henna, flower tattoos are the most used design by women. Henna flower tattoos are traditional Indian tattoos that can be seen in any Indian wedding or other events. Flowers are a symbol of happiness and joy. It is not just eye-catching but the vibrant color of the henna flower tattoo makes it look even more appealing. The best placement for any henna flower tattoo is on the palm of your hand. If you are looking for a tattoo that looks really attractive and close to nature, you should probably try the henna flower tattoo.

7. Black Henna Tattoo

floral black henna tattoo design for girlsbridal black henna tattoos sexy mehndi design for weddingblack henna tattoo for women floral mehndi designblack henna tattoo designbeautiful black henna tattoo design on handbeautiful black henna tattoo design

Many people are unaware of the fact that henna tattoo comes in different colors. When we think about henna tattoos we often think about the red or orange dye. But you can also opt for a black henna tattoo which is or much darker than the usual henna. This black henna dye is actually made from the juice of a South American fruit. This type of black henna tattoo is also known as jagua tattooing in South America and is a part of their tradition. Black henna tattooing has become very popular recently because of the dark long-lasting color. Depending on your design you can place your black henna tattoo anywhere in your body.

8. Paisley Henna Tattoo Designs

traditional indian Paisley Henna Tattoo DesignsPaisley Henna Tattoos indian mehndi designPaisley Henna Tattoo Designsbeautiful Paisley Henna Tattoo Designs

You probably have seen the intricate paisley design on various clothing and mehndi art. Many people don’t know about this but the paisley design can be found in many Indian sculptures that date back centuries. This traditional henna tattoo resembles the shape of mango with intricate designs within the outline. Most of these designs are quite unique to each other and look very euphoric. The paisley has become a staple in Indian tradition and art culture. Paisley henna tattoos are also rich in symbolism. Depending on the design this tattoo loosely symbolizes success and fertility. Whatever the reason may be this paisley henna tattoo is the perfect piece for any occasion as it looks astounding.

9. Small Henna Tattoo

sun and moon henna tattoo designsmall lotus flower henna tattoo mehndi design for womensmall floral flower henna tattoo on forearmsimple small henna tattoo designs

Sometimes the smallest of things can make a big impact. Tattoos have become a part of our style routine. It not only enhances beauty but also carries symbolic significance. Tattoos are a very personal choice. Just like any other piece of art, there is always a story behind every tattoo. While a lot of people enjoy showcasing their beautiful tattoo designs, some people like to keep it to themselves. If you are a minimalist and appreciate small things, a small henna tattoo might be the perfect choice for you. There are a lot of small henna tattoos with various designs. The simplicity of these henna tattoos is what makes them stand out. Also, you don’t have to worry about placements as these tattoos can be inked anywhere on your body.

10. Vines and Leaves Henna Tattoo

vines and leaves henna tattoo designhenna vine and leaves tattoo designsbeautiful vines and leaves henna tattoo mehndi design for womenbeautiful vine and leaves henna tattoo design

Vine tattoos have powerful symbolic meaning. Vines and leaves represent power, strength, and authority. This tattoo is also a strong feminine symbol. If you are a tattoo enthusiast or a feminist the rich symbolism of vines will surely attract you. These plants essentially ascend every obstacle in their path in search of a source of sunlight. We humans also have the same nature as we defy any obstacle and overcome any bad situation. Even when we hit rock-bottom, we stay strong and find reasons to continue. If you think you have a strong personality and there is no barrier that can stop you, the vines and leaves henna tattoo is the perfect piece of buddy art for you. Most people ink this tattoo on their hand or wrist.

11. Sun Henna Tattoo

sun henna tattoo design on forearm for girlssimple sun henna tattoo design on backbeautifu sun mehndi tattoo design for womenbeautiful sun henna tattoo on back

Sun tattoos are probably one of the most inked tattoos in India. This traditional tattoo design has a lot of symbolic significance. Sun is the symbol of enlightenment and illumination. It is the source of energy for all life forms on earth. In Hinduism and many ancient religions, the sun is considered a deity. It is believed that the Sun is an all-seeing God who observes the good and evil actions on earth. This is probably the reason why sun tattoos are so popular in India. There are various sun henna tattoo designs to choose from. If you are fascinated by Indian culture this is an exciting tattoo to get.

12. All Seeing Eye Tattoo

evil eye mehndi design all seeing eye henna tattoo for womenevil eye henna tattoo designs on handevil eye all seeing eye henna mehndi tattoo designall seeing eye henna tattoo evil eye mehndi design on hand

The all-seeing eye is probably one of the most interesting tattoo designs. This beautiful tattoo design is shrouded in mystery. A lot of people in northern America believe that the evil eye protects the wearer by warding off evil spirits and getting rid of negative energies. The all-seeing eye tattoo also represents royalty. If you are looking for an eye-catching tattoo design that is bold and symbolic, the all-seeing eye is probably the best option. A lot of women are using henna to ink the all-seeing eye tattoo.

13. Henna Finger Tattoos

simple henna tattoo on fingersimple finger henna tattoo designsbeautiful simple henna tattoo designs on fingerbeautiful mehndi design for fingerbeautiful henna tattoo designs on fingerbeautiful finger henna tattoo mehndi designs

While the most common placement for henna tattoos are on the palm of the hand, a lot of women are now getting henna tattoos only on their finger. Because of the simplicity, the henna finger tattoos look ravishing. If you are not looking for something hefty, you can simply draw beautiful designs only on your fingers using henna. There are a lot of alluring henna finger tattoos that will look great regardless of your skin tone. As there is very little to do with finger tattoos, you can do it yourself.

14. Snakes Mehndi Tattoo

snake tattoo design with hennasnake mehndi tattoo designs on forearmbeautiful snake mehndi deisgnbeautiful snake henna tattoo design

Snake mehndi tattoos are not the most conventional tattoo designs. If you are looking for something edgy and different you can ink a snake henna tattoo. There are various designs of this tattoo and it’s not that hard to ink. You can use black henna to make your tattoo stand out.

15. Om Henna Tattoo

om mehndi tattoo design henna tattoosom henna tattoos on forearm traditional mehndi designs

Om is the most well-known symbol in Hinduism. A lot of people all over the world consider it the greatest mantra. It is also known as the sacred formula of the universe. The two-letter word “Om” embodies the entire essence of the universe. You can hear people utter this word during meditation and in many Hindu prayers. It is believed that Yogis get into a trance state by repeating the word om constantly for spiritual awakening. The om henna tattoo is very common in India and can be seen in many celebrations.

16. Henna Tattoos On Wrist

beautiful henna tattoo on wristwrist henna tattoo designs for girls beautiful mehndi designsbeautiful wrist henna tattoo designs for womenwrist henna tattoo designs

The most common placement for a henna tattoo is on the wrist. Getting a tattoo on your wrist looks stunning and it easily grabs the attention of people. There is no problem with the size of your tattoos you can get a small or large tattoo depending on the design you choose. If you’re getting a tattoo on your wrist or hand you will get a lot of interesting choices. Starting from a simple bracelet tattoo to a big floral tattoo you can try out any design. If you are not afraid of showing off your tattoo, the wrist is probably the best place to get a mehndi tattoo.

17. Shoulder Henna Tattoo Design

beautiful shoulder henna tattoo designs for womensexy henna tattoo designs on shoulder for girls

Shoulder henna tattoos are really seductive and it looks ravishing. It is not a common placement for henna tattoos as most people use henna on the palm of their hand. But if you aren’t afraid to show a bit of your skin then the shoulder henna tattoo is the perfect choice for you. You can wear your shoulder henna tattoo with a sundress and make people stare with awe. Nowadays a lot of brides are getting shoulder henna tattoos to enhance their overall look. There are a lot of styles available and you can choose any of those styles without giving a second thought.

18. Full Sleeve Henna Tattoo

beautiful full sleeve henna tattoo for women traditional indian mehndi designstraditional full sleeves mehndi design henna tattoo for girlsfull sleeve henna tattoo designs for womenFull Sleeve Henna Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are all about expressing yourself. You can express yourself with art and this time your body is the canvas. Full sleeve henna tattoos are very common and there are a lot of intricate designs involved in them. The bright color and beautiful pattern make the full sleeve henna tattoo really enchanting. Full sleeve tattoos usually go from your shoulder to your wrist and sometimes even the back of your hand. If you want to showcase your tattoo and be the center of attention a full sleeve henna tattoo will do the charm.

19. Forearm Henna Tattoo

forearm henna tattoos beautiful mehndi designs for womenbeautiful henna tattoo on forearmbeautiful forearm henna tattoo designs for womenbeautiful floral henna tattoo pattern designs on forearm

The forearm is the most common placement for henna tattoos. If you are attending a wedding wearing a traditional dress, the forearm henna tattoo will complement your overall look. Traditional forearm henna tattoos look really enticing because of all the beautiful designs and intricate patterns. There are several designs of the forearm tattoos. But most women like the floral tattoo design as it reflects our bond with mother nature.

20. Henna Tattoo On Thigh

sexy henna tattoo designs on thighseductive henna tattoos on thigh beautiful mehndi designs for womenbeautiful sexy thigh henna tattoo designsbeautiful seductive henna thigh tattoos for women

A lot of women nowadays are getting henna tattoos on their thighs. It is the idle placement for any large tattoo because there is plenty of space. If you are looking for a tattoo that is appealing and really seductive you should get a tattoo on your thigh. Tattoos on the thigh look really sexy and the best part is there are a lot of styles available. You can get a floral design mehndi tattoo or just a traditional pattern. You can easily hide your tattoo if you want or showcase your tattoo with a bikini outfit.

21. Mehndi Tattoo On Foot

Mehndi Tattoo On Foot beautiful henna designs for womenbeautiful henna tattoo designs on foot

Applying mehndi on foot is an Indian wedding tradition. Just like the palm of the hand, brides and the bridesmaid apply mehndi on their foot. Mehndi has a natural cooling effect. Applying mehndi on hand and foot helps the bride calm down from pre-wedding jitters. There are a lot of tattoo designs that you can incorporate on your foot. Most popular designs include peacocks, paisley, and mandalas.

22. Henna Ankle Tattoos

beautiful seductive henna ankle tattoo designs for womensexy Henna Ankle Tattoos

A lot of women fancy henna ankle tattoos because of the subtlety. These tattoos are usually smaller in size and can be easily covered. But if you choose to flaunt your tattoo, henna tattoos on the ankle will easily grab the attention of people around you. Henna ankle tattoos are quite feminine and look really stunning. It goes well with heels or sandals.

23. Cute Henna Tattoos

cute henna tattoos mehndi designs for kidscute henna tattoo designs for baby girls

Even though henna tattoos are a part of Indian tradition and most people try conventional tattoo designs but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. There are a lot of unconventional and abstract tattoo designs that look great when inked with henna. Many women are now getting interested in cute henna tattoos with beautiful designs. These cute henna tattoos designs include animals, cartoon characters, and other beautiful designs.

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