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Best Server Location for Your Web Hosting

Just like your hosting package your hosting server location also plays an important role in the success of your website. But how does the location of the hosting web server affect your website performance and why is it necessary? Is it possible that your web host location could be affecting your SEO efforts? Does web server location even matter?

Well yes, it does matter.

How Hosting Server Location Affect Your SEO

To achieve a better rank in search results your website needs to be quite fast. Google takes website load speeds into consideration in search results and curates the sites depending on the content and relevance of the search terms. The easiest way to get the most speed is by hosting your website as close to your user’s location as possible. You can achieve this by hosting your website in the same country as your visitors. This is the best possible practice to get more page speed. If you are a region-based website then it is better to choose the server closest to your audience location.

Page load time is the main reason why users abandon a website. As your website starts to slow down your bounce rate starts to increase dramatically. in this era of 4g daily users are becoming more impatient and don’t want to wait more than 3 seconds for the website to load fully. You can have very good content and great SEO results but it won’t do you any good unless you focus on making your website faster. Large websites including Amazon have conducted studies showing that users expect a page to load quickly, and in fact that slower page load times can lead to a significant drop in revenue – some estimates say up to 1% loss for every 100ms delay in page load times.

The average user is not patient enough to wait for a slow-loading website. Recent research confirms that websites that load slowly are not good for businesses. 53% of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to completely render. Google also considers page loading speed when ranking pages. If your website page takes more than a few seconds to load, Google will simply drop your rankings. Apart from other server-related issues, hosting far from your target users will make your web page load time high.

So for websites targeting users from only one country, it is a good idea to locate the server in that particular country. However, it is a different story for websites targeting visitors from numerous locations or from all over the world.

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