Challenges of Entrepreneurship how to overcome challenges faced by every entrepreneur
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Challenges As an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are innovators. They are problem solvers and always looking for problems and busy finding their solutions. So what are those problems that these entrepreneurs keep solving? They are always solving for the ‘x’. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a mathematician to solve for ‘x. The ‘x’ mentioned here is everyday fundamental problems we have in our society that they are trying to solve desperately. Problems that might seem very subtle to us are a bigger deal to them. They are a very keen observer of the human condition and try to find solutions that may make their life a little bit easier. But solving these small problems might have big roadblocks ahead of their journey. So how do you prepare for those problems that are yet to come?

Well, you don’t. You might not even realize what problems will arise as you grow and develop your business. Every day will be a new challenge and will bring new problems with it. And trust me when I say this, this will be the best moment of your life. You might go bonkers solving those problems and bang your head hard. You might have a runtime error and have a hard time solving it (Programmers will know). But when you do find the solution and everything starts to go great again, you will feel a sigh of relief. So be thankful when these problems happen and cherish those moments. Because only then you will have the opportunity to solve it. There are a lot of people who run away from those problems and a lot more who don’t even attempt and try. They are not meant to be an entrepreneur. They never were. If you start running away from the problem instead of thinking about solving it, you will do the same for every little problem you have in your life. So before you dive into the startup ecosystem make sure that you are willing to risk everything and face everyday challenges. Cheers

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