burning of quran

Burning of Quran Sparks Outrage Across the Muslim World

The recent burning of the Quran and the Turkish flag outside the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen is a disturbing trend that highlights the growing intolerance, discrimination, and violence against Muslims in western society.

This act of hatred is not an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of an anti-muslim hate campaign that is spreading across the world.

The desecration of the Quran by members of the Danish far-right group ‘Patrioterne Gar Live’ is an abhorrent act that has rightly provoked outrage across the Muslim world. The blatant disregard for the sanctity of this holy scripture is an affront to the very core of the Islamic faith.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has released a statement condemning the recent incident that took place last Friday 24th March. In a statement they said they will not accept:

‘vile actions being allowed under the guise of freedom of expression…this act which was carried out in Ramadan, has once again clearly revealed that Islamophobia, discrimination and xenophobia have reached an alarming level in Europe and that no lessons have been learned from the past’.

The Foreign Ministry of Jordan also published a statement where they expressed their concern and said the incident was:

‘an unacceptable and racist act that provokes the feelings of Muslims, especially in the holy month of Ramadan…an act of serious hatred and a manifestation of Islamophobia that incites violence and insults to religions.’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar condemned the desecration of the holy book and published a statement that read:

‘The State of Qatar condemns in the strongest terms the burning of the Holy Quran in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and stresses that this heinous incident is an act of incitement and a serious provocation to the feelings of more than two billion Muslims in the world, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan.’

It is essential to understand that Islamophobia not only harms Muslims but also undermines the very fabric of our society. It erodes the values of diversity, tolerance, and inclusivity, which are fundamental to a healthy and thriving democracy.

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