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Charlie Hunnam Beard Style | The Gentlemen Beard Style

The Charlie Hunnam beard style is the classic Jax Teller look that’s trendy and also casual. This beard style can give your face a more structured look by enhancing your jawline.

Charlie Hunnam is best known for his character of Jax Teller in the hit series Sons of Anarchy. He has played some diverse and iconic roles that include playing the character of King Arthur in the movie King Arthur: Legend of the sword. Just like his brilliant roles, his casual style is something we can’t get enough of. It is probably his casual style that expresses his artistic nature.

Charlie Hunnam Beard Style

Charlie Hunnam is someone who looks good with a beard. His beard is a big part of his sex appeal. Just like his roles, his beard has become somewhat iconic. Especially his JaxTeller beard style from sons of anarchy has created a lot of buzz among fashion lovers. A lot of guys search for “how to grow a Jax Teller beard” to recreate that look.

While you may not be able to pull off his natural charisma or good looks, you surely can rock the Jax Teller beard style easily. Not only it will add more definition to your overall looks but will also enhance your facial structure.

The Jax Teller beard is suitable for any occasion and is very easy to create. All you have to do is trim and maintain your beard properly to get a well-groomed look.

What is the Jax Teller Beard Style

The beard style that Charlie Hunnam sported in “Sons of Anarchy” is called a short Ducktail beard. It features short sides with a pointy chin that resembles a duck’s tail.

The ducktail is a full beard that is considered a well-groomed beard style with a hint of funky laid-back style. This is probably the reason why the Ducktail continues to be one of the most popular beard styles.

Creating a ducktail beard is quite easy. The sides of your beard need to be trimmed shorter while the hair on the chin area is allowed to grow longer. The mustache is kept long and thick so it connects with the full beard providing that perfect blend of style and rugged.

The edges are carefully trimmed to give a more natural look. It also enhances your facial structure by making your jawline looks stronger.

While Ducktail beards are typically long beard styles, Charlie Hunnam keeps his beard quite short. His ducktail is roughly 1 inch in length. The short length and short sides help distinguish Hunnam’s patchy beard growth at the cheeks.

The ducktail style is supposed to elongate your face and the bottom part of your chin. If you have a rounder face or a square face shape you can try the ducktail.

Charlie Hunnam Face Shape

Charlie Hunnam has a square-shaped face. He has somewhat visible wide cheekbones with a visible jawline. People with square face shapes have short vertical heights and equal or close to equal widths at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

Charlie Hunnam also has a defined strong-looking jawline, with a sharp angle at the connection point close to the masseter muscles.

His beard style complements his face shape as it doesn’t hide his jawline.

How To Grow a Short Ducktail Beard

You need to have thick facial hair to pull off a short ducktail. A full beard is probably better and easy to style. Your facial hair should cover mostly the chin, lower jaw, and mustache area. You can style a ducktail beard even if you have sparse facial hair growth or a patchy beard in your cheeks as the sides are kept short.

You can grow your beard for 2 months to get the desired length. Once your beard is fully grown you can trim down the sides and get a pointy beard by carefully trimming the beard along the neckline.

Once you have grown your beard and got the desired length for a ducktail, here’s how you can trim and shape your beard

  1. You can use a beard trimmer with a guard comb to trim down your sides
  2. Once you are done trimming the sides you can remove the clipper and define the edges
  3. Switch to beard scissors and carefully clean up the rough edges
  4. You can also use a razor if you want a more crisp edge
  5. Take the beard trimmer again and put a 1/4″ guard comb on it to trim the sides.
  6. Shave the neckline (1″ above the Adam’s apple) and cheek line.
  7. Finish off by neatly trimming the mustache with scissors.
  8. Add beard wax to give your beard a well-groomed look

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