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Jason Momoa Beard Style | Grow & Maintain a Long Unruly Beard

For years the long unruly beard has been considered a disastrous fashion trend and it was unacceptable in most formal events. You couldn’t even imagine going into the office with a long unruly beard.

But now things have changed and the perception about unruly beards is changing as well. There is no doubt that a beard can automatically enhance your looks and elevate your sartorial style.

Sporting a beard is very common nowadays. Nowadays you can even wear a beard in your office. While beard was considered a taboo in the world of fashion, many fashion icons have started to embrace facial hair.

It’s not just a well-groomed beard that is in style. You can see a lot of men sporting long, unruly beard styles. Even some celebrities are considering this beard style. One of those celebrities being Jason Mamoa, who played the character Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

His beard along with his hairstyle has become an iconic look and has created a lot of buzz. He made the unruly long beard look dashing. Looking at his beard style you can probably see that a scraggly beard can also look sharp.

The unruly beard and long hair have become the signature look for Jason Mamoa. His unruly beard complements his sturdy physical features which helped him transformed Aquaman into a god-like superhero.

Here we will take a close look at what exactly makes his beard look different from other messy and untended beard styles.

What is Jason Momoa’s Beard Style Called

Jason Mamoa’s most iconic beard style is probably the “ducktail beard” which resembles a full beard with a shorter cut around the cheeks and down the jaw with a pointy chin that resembles a duck’s tail.

There are various ducktail beard styles for different facial structures. Jason Mamoa usually has a long ducktail which is nearly 4 inches long. His facial hair is a bit patchy and unruly which makes his beard look intentionally scraggly.

While it might look very easy to create this beard style, there is a lot that goes into creating an intentionally scraggly unruly beard. The beard has to be trimmed precisely so it truly looks intentional.

Most of the time untended beard usually wouldn’t look this good. But when done perfectly even this rugged style will look strikingly good.

This beard style looks great on men with a squarer face shape. It helps perfectly define and accentuate the jawline and enhance facial features.

You have probably noticed other celebrities wearing this beard style differently. Tom Hardy is one of those celebrities who has sported a shorter variation of this similar-looking beard style.

 Jason Momoa’s Face Shape 

Jason Mamoa has a diamond-shaped face that is a bit elongated and asymmetrical. He has visible wide cheekbones and a narrow jawline. He has a pointy chin and a strong jawline that slopes downward. The ducktail beard style suits perfectly well as it balances his facial features and outlines his strong jawline.

You probably have heard a lot that an unkempt beard looks raunchy and rogue but Jason Mamoa’s beard style says otherwise. The beard style he had in Aquaman is extremely sharp and ecstatic. His scruffy beard was probably one of the important features of his character.

Over the years there was a wrong perception that a scraggly beard does not look sharp at all. But when groomed properly even the unkempt beard can look well polished.

How To Grow a Jason Momoa Beard

First and foremost, you will have to let your beard grow for at least 2 months. Within this time you will get an idea about how your beard grows and which ducktail beard style will complement your face shape.

Once you have grown your beard you need to clean up the edges of your beard carefully. Instead of getting a clean-cut, you can trim down the edges to a minimum to achieve the intentionally looking scraggly beard.

If you want to get the Aquaman beard style you need to pay attention to details and carefully trim your sides. You can use a beard thinner to trim your sides so you can get a rugged and masculine appearance.

Also, trim your mustache so that there is no extra hair falling on your upper lips. Trim your beard under your neck and any hair above your cheeks to get a more impeccable look.

Besides, while maintaining and styling such a beard, you can add some color to your beard and hair. These highlights are going to bring more texture and definition to your beard.

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