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The 2 Month Beard Growth | Styling & Maintaining a Full Beard

Growing a full beard is probably not the easiest thing to do. Especially when you have a trimmer lying in your drawer and a constant urge to style your beard.

A well-groomed beard can change the whole dynamic of your face. Apart from a stronger-looking jawline, a full beard can give you a more masculine look.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of men embracing the bearded look. But growing a beard takes a lot of time and dedication. Mostly because your beard starts to look shabby after few weeks.

The first month of beard growth is called the “awkward growing stage”. It is when your beard looks patchy and unkempt.

Once you’ve made it through the first month, your beard will start to settle down a look bit more tidy. The second month of beard growth is much easier, compared to the first few weeks.

After 2 months of beard growth, you will be able to figure out how your beard grows and where you have patchy beard growth.

Once you have figured it out you can decide on a beard style that will hide your bald spots and complement your face. Your beard will grow to a length where you will be able to trim your beard.

After 2 months of beard growth, it becomes necessary to keep your beard groomed. A well-groomed beard is more than just a fashion accessory, it is a style statement. Make sure not to trim your beard. You can style your beard with beard oil or use beard wax to add more volume to your beard.

2 Months of Beard Growth

You probably know by now that the rate at which our beard grows depends mostly on genetics. Most men after their 20s have an average beard growth rate of half-an-inch per month. Which men’s your beard should be around 1 inch in length after 2 months beard growth.

One thing you should probably remember that this number is just an average. You might have faster or slower facial hair growth depending on your genes and the facial hair growth rate. Don’t worry if your beard comes in slow or starts to grow patchy. Patchy beard is part of the beard-growing process.

After 2 months of beard growth if your facial hair still turns 0ut to be patchy, then you probably have a slow and uneven beard growth. There are ways you can fix a patchy beard.  Following a good beard care routine can help you have a luscious beard.

Is Beard Oil Necessary

Beard oil is used to keep your beard well-groomed and polished. You do not need to use beard oil unless your face is feeling a bit scratchy. If you have dandruff or beard itch you can use beard oil to keep your face moisturized.

But since the natural sebum oil production from the sebaceous glands is still plenty enough to fully moisturize a one-inch beard, using extra oil on top of this is simply unnecessary.

Keeping Your Beard Moisturized

Keeping your face clean is very important as it removes excess oil and dirt from your face. Washing your face with a mild cleanser or face wash will increase your skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthfulness. Exfoliating your skin can clean your pores and removes dead skin cells from your face.

Keeping your face moisturized will promote faster facial hair growth. Moisturizing your 2 months old beard can stimulate oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the skin’s surface. It makes your skin appear brighter and more smooth.

How to Trim a Two-Month Beard

Growing a beard takes a long time. You should avoid your trimmer or beard scissor for the first two months and just let your beard grow. At least for the first month, you should avoid styling your beard at all costs. Our beard grows 0.5 inches every month. If you style or trim your beard you won’t be able to grow your facial hair.

If you feel that your beard is looking fuzzy or unkempt you can use a razor to carefully clean your neckline.

After you have grown your beard for 2 months (1 inch), you can start to style your beard by light trimming and shaping the edges. As you will have a full beard, it will be easier to decide on a certain beard style that will complement your overall looks.

You can visit a barber to get a more well-groomed beard. Nut if you want to trim your beard on your own there are few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t trim your mustache as facial hair on the upper lip areas grows much slower. You can use a beard scissor to style your mustache
  2. Don’t go too low on the cheek line, some hairs are still coming in slower and you might not have a clear line yet.
  3. If you have a patchy beard you can use a hair thinner to trim the upper cheek area to give your beard more volume.
  4. Leave space between your actual jawline and the bottom of your beard. Never cut the neckline around the jawline.
  5. Don’t make your beard too short. You can style your beard once a month to get a more well-groomed look. To get a more sharp and crisp look you can clear your necklines using a razor.

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