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Jake Gyllenhaal Beard Styles | A Definitive Guide To Well-Groomed Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal is probably among those actors who are known for their iconic style both on and off-screen. Apart from his two decades of silver-screen success, his charming looks and witty humor are something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jake Gyllenhaal has hit pretty much every genre on screen. So it is no surprise that his style game is as diverse as his acting roles. He is one of the most well-groomed celebrities who is considered the epitome of modern-day sartorial style.

There’s a lot to learn from this fashion sense. After all, he has been crowned the title of “sexiest man alive” in various publications.

Jake Gyllenhaal uses his beard style to add character and even a bit of gravitas to his charming face. He always has a well-groomed beard that complements his hairstyle and face.

His beard style is quite polished and he has been rocking the same style of facial hair for years. His beard style is suitable for any occasion and will look good on anyone with a full beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Beard Style

Over the years Jake Gyllenhaal has sported different beard styles. Jake usually wears a classic full beard which is a slight undergroomed look but still looks undeniably stunning. The beard is nicely trimmed and evenly distributed to all areas of the face.

Sometimes you can see Jake wearing a more well-groomed full beard with fine edges. Jake even sport various lengths of stubble.

Jake Gyllenhaal has thick facial hair all over his face. He can grow a full beard that covers the area under his lips and a thick mustache that connects to the chin hairs.

This is why his full beard looks very well-groomed without much effort. Even when he grows a beard without trimming, it looks quite eye-catching. His beard style has become part of his charisma.

Jake keeps changing the length of his beard from time to time. But he mostly goes with the medium stubble as it enhances his facial feature.

What Face Shape Does Jake Gyllenhaal Have

Jake Gyllenhaal has an oval-shaped face structure. He has marginally wider cheekbones compared to the width of the forehead and a visible jawline.

The classic full beard suits perfectly well on people with an oval-shaped face as it makes their facial features visible. It’s certainly not a coincidence that Jake chooses to grow a full medium stubble.

The medium stubble gives him a more mature look and highlights his overall looks. His beard is a big part of his sex appeal that makes him irresistible to women.

How To Get Jake Gyllenhaal’s Beard

This is a very simple beard style that has very little to do with grooming. To get the unkempt beard style like Jake Gyllenhaal, the first thing you need to do is grow your beard for a month. Growing your beard for over a month will help you fill any patches or bald spots and will give you enough length to style your beard. You need to have a thick beard to create the perfect Jake Gyllenhaal beard style.

After a month your beard should be around 0.8 inches in length. Once you have grown a full beard all you have to do is trim and maintain your beard. You can either make a fine edge using a razor or just trim the edge to get a more natural look.

Here’s how you can trim a beard like Jake Gyllenhaal:

  1. Start with a beard trimmer that has a 1″ guard-comb attached to it.
  2. Trim your beard evenly so that all your facial hair is equal length.
  3. Take out the guard-comb and start defining the neckline and the cheeks.
  4. You can use a razor to precisely shape the edge of your neckline to get a more sharp look.
  5. For the cheek line, try to create a line that is not super round but not angular either.
  6. Define the neckline ½-1″ above Adam’s apple. Follow the contours of the jaw.
  7. Try to make sure that the neckline and cheek lines are natural-looking and not too sharply defined.

Maintaining a beard like this is quite easy. All you have to do is trim your beard from time to time and make sure your beard is well-groomed.

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