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First Stills of Chris Hemsworth From Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ Released

The first stills from Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix film “Extraction” were released today.

Sam Hargrave, will make his directorial debut with this year’s release of the action drama film starring Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour. Sam, has been working both behind and in front camera for nearly 20 years. But for the first time, he will be directing a movie. He had some very good experiences and played some integral role in some of the biggest Hollywood hits. He also took the second unit directing responsibilities. for the MCU. This time Hargrave will make his feature directorial debut, from a script by Joe Russo.

Hemsworth stars as the black-market mercenary Tyler Rake, who is tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) of an international crime lord. The mission takes him to Bangladesh to rescue the kid, but a closeness between the two of them develops as Rake sees a possible path to redemption.

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While the story is set in Dhaka, the movie was entirely shot in Thailand and India, earlier media reports have confirmed.

This film is fully packed with intense action sequences.

Hemsworth teased the physicality of Extraction, with plenty of close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat complemented by intense car chases and amped-up action, providing a different sort of challenge for the MCU superhero. Here’s what he had to say about it:

It awakened the young teenager in me again. Not to say I’m pushing my limits or I’m over the hill in any way, but you notice through the years things like, ‘Ooooh, there’s a little hitch in my knee that wasn’t there before.’ Or a tweak in my shoulder I didn’t notice. But I felt like it re-energized me. It was a kick in the (butt) to say, ‘Come on, there’s still plenty more in the tank.’


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When asked about the character that Hemsworth is portraying in this film he himself described the character, who has “buried and pushed aside [something] for many years” which is rekindled during the rescue mission:

Make sure to keep an eye out for it on Netflix when it premieres on April 24th.

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