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And the Oscar Goes To Parasite

It’s official! #Oscars The Oscars Just made history. Yes, it really did happen. Parasite just won The Oscars for the best picture. In case you haven’t been following the narrative, the genre-crossing South Korean film from director Bong Joon Ho — called a thriller, a drama, horror and a dark comedy about the class divide all in the same breath — stands to be a historic best picture win. It is the first time ever that a foreign film won the Oscars for ‘Best Picture’. And why not? it was an incredible movie to watch.

In a category dominated by emotionally hollow films, a tired remake, and a bevy of male characters asserting unearned authority, it’s ridiculous to have to advocate for the only real masterpiece among the bunch. Parasite’s accomplishments far exceed the diversity conversations it’s constantly pulled into as the first Korean film ever nominated for Best Picture. From sharp performances and writing to brilliant direction, cinematography and production design, Parasite is virtually flawless. If we’re talking about the most well-made film of last year—which I think is what the Best Picture category is supposed to be about—then we don’t have to look anywhere else.


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