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Netflix Server Down : Site & Apps Not Working During Coronavirus Lockdown

The streaming giant Netflix has stopped working, leaving users unable to get on the site during coronavirus pandemic.

The website simply refused to load when users navigated to the site. Problems were also reported by those using the app, though some who were unable to access the website claimed they had done so through other platforms such as the version of Netflix on phones or smart TVs.

The problem arose in a time when people are locked in their homes maintaining social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Tracking website Down Detector showed problems across the world, though they were largely focused in Europe. The outage came at around 6pm on the continent, likely meaning that many people had just finished work and were attempting to access the website.

The Netflix customer service Twitter account responded to some users being hit by issues but did not indicate whether there was a widespread outage or if any fix was on its way. Earlier the company announced that it would drop video quality in Europe in a way that would reduce bandwidth usage by 25 percent.

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