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50 Eye-Catching Water Color Tattoos You Will Love

Watercolor tattoos are great because of the vibrant and eye-popping color that looks like a painting from Vincent Van Gough. Tattoos are personal memorabilia that express our personality in a subtle way. Just like every other artwork, there is always a hidden story behind every tattoo. It is no secret that tattoos are more than a style statement. It is a symbolic representation.

The idea of drawing on the body is not a new concept. It actually dates back thousands of years. Tattoos were a big part of many ancient cultures. Even now you can see the use of tattoos in different cultures. In many cultures, tattoos are considered sacred and are a part of their tradition.

Getting Inked

There are various forms of tattoo. You can get a permanent tattoo that is done by inserting colored ink into your skin using a needle. Permanent tattoos stay with you throughout your whole life.

The downside of getting a permanent tattoo is you can’t undo it easily. You have to go through multiple laser sessions to remove your permanent tattoo which is not only expensive but also painful.

This is why it is very essential to choose the perfect tattoo that you can bear your whole life. Otherwise, you will have a hard time explaining to your friends and family why you have a butterfly coming out of your back.

If you are a rookie or just unsure about getting a permanent tattoo, you can always try a temporary tattoo that may last well up to 3-4 weeks. It is probably best for the first-timers to get a temporary tattoo rather than a permanent tattoo.

Having said that, watercolor tattoos have gained a lot of attention in recent times and are probably not going out of fashion anytime soon. You can see the craze just by searching “watercolor tattoo ideas” on Google. A lot of people are now trying the watercolor tattoo as it has a more artistic touch to it.

It is not just the vibrant color that gets your attention, the intricate details and captivating artwork will mesmerize you.

What Is a Watercolor Tattoo?

what is a watercolor tattoo

You are probably familiar with the traditional tattoo designs that feature professional shading and dark outlines. Permanent tattoos are bold in color and have a more detailed outlook.

On the other hand, watercolor tattoos feature a more light-hearted design with vivid color which gives it a musing effect. Watercolor tattoos look exquisite and more relaxing.

The intent of a watercolor tattoo is to imitate the characteristics of a classic watercolor painting and make it look as if someone painted your skin with a paintbrush.

It uses subtle color gradients and techniques to creates a more playful vibe by gradually fading out the color instead of giving it a bold outline.

Looking at the chromatic design some might think that it is created with different tools that are used in traditional tattoos. But actually, it uses the same equipment that is used for traditional tattooing and does not require any different set-up.

However, you need a tattoo artist who is experienced in watercolor tattoos to get it done perfectly. A trained watercolor artist must know how to create blurs, bleeds, fades, and runs to create a perfect watercolor look.

Watercolor tattoos usually cost more than traditional tattoos as it is a bit more complex and requires a lot of intricate details. Watercolor tattoos also fade much faster than permanent tattoos which can be a downside.

However, the watercolor tattoo looks amazing and is quite eye-catching. There are also a lot of cool watercolor tattoo designs you can try out.

Here we have curated some of the best watercolor tattoo designs that you will fall in love with.

1. Free Stroke Abstract Watercolor Tattoos

free brush stroke watercolor tattoo designsfree strokes watercolor tattoofree brush stroke watercolor tattoos forearmfree strokes watercolor tattoos

The free stroke gives tattoo artists the freedom to draw without any restrictions. It is an abstract illustrative watercolor tattoo design that looks like brilliant brushstrokes that are unique in every sense. These vivaciously vibrant designs are decadently illustrious symbols of inspirational zest. It reflects the playful persona of the tattoo bearer.

2. Butterfly Watercolor Tattoos

beautiful watercolor butterfly tattoo design on side of bodybeautiful watercolour butterfly tattooslovely watercolor butterfly tattoo on wristwatercolor butterfly tattoo design on backwatercolor butterfly tattoo design on legwatercolor butterfly tattoo designs

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular watercolor tattoo designs. It is a sign of femininity, independence, and personal growth. Just like a butterfly we develop as a more mature person over time as we gather more knowledge and spread our wings of freedom. The watercolor design makes it look more alluring. This piece is done by using different color gradients and blending different hues to give it a more vivid and subtle look.

3. Delicate Flowers Tattoos

beautiful cherry blossom flower watercolor tattoo designsminimal cherry blossom flower watercolor tattooscherry blossom flower watercolor tattoos designs on wristbeautiful watercolor flower tattoo designs

The cherry blossom flower is another popular watercolor tattoo design that is rich in symbolism It is an important part of Japanese culture. The pink and white color contrast gives it a very mellow and relaxing look which is pleasing to watch. It is a reflection of our short yet colorful life. Just like the cherry blossom flower, our life is short-lived but filled with different colors of emotions.  The cherry blossom tree is a symbolic representation of rebirth and the ephemeral nature of life.

4. Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoos

hummingbird watercolor tattooshummingbird watercolor tattoo designsbeautiful shoulder hummingbird watercolor tattoobeautiful hummingird watercolor tattoo designs

The hummingbird is very important in South American culture as it represents life and resurrection. It is also a symbol of joy and happiness. The colorful nature of this tiny creature makes the surroundings a lot happier. It is a great piece for a watercolor tattoo as you can capture the vivid color of a hummingbird. The hummingbird tattoo is one of the aesthetically pleasing tattoos you can get. If you want your tattoo to stand, this could be the perfect piece for you.

Nowadays you can see many women with the hummingbird watercolor tattoo, although some men have them, too. The best part about hummingbird tattoo is the size. It is quite small and there is no issue with the placement of the tattoo. You can draw the tattoo anywhere you like. If you want to keep your tattoo discrete you can ink it on your back or arm.

5. Dumbo Watercolor Tattoos

dumbo elephant watercolor tattoo designsminimal dumbo elephant watercolor tattoo ideaselephant dumbo watercolor tattoos designsdumbo watercolor tattoos

Dumbo is probably one of the most beloved and fascinating Disney characters. He is ridiculed for his big ears, but in fact, he is capable of flying by using his ears as wings. Sometimes in life, our potential is overlooked by others as they concentrate on our flaws. This tattoo design is not only cute but contains a very important message. If we embrace our weakness we can turn it into our biggest strength.

6. Sunflower Watercolor Tattoos

beautiful sunflower watercolor tattoo designs on backwatercolor sunflower tattoo design on thighwatercolor sunflower tattoo designsunflower watercolor tattoossunflower watercolor tattoo on forearmsunflower watercolor tattoo designssunflower watercolor tattoo design on wristminimal small sunflower watercolor tattoo design on anklefull sleve large sunflower watercolour tattoo designsbeautiful watercolor sunflower tattoo designs

The vibrant yellow color of the sunflower can lift up your spirit in no time. With brilliant yellow petals, it resembles the sweet summer sun. The sunflower is a great choice for a watercolor tattoo if you are looking for something symbolic and appealing. The vivid color of the sunflower makes it a distinctive tattoo design.

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. The bright yellow color gives a feeling of happiness & warmth. The watercolor tattoo captures the true essence of a sunflower. It is not hard to why the sunflower tattoo looks compelling to many women.

7. Floral Butterfly Watercolor Tattoos

minimal floral butterfly tattoo designsfloral butterfly watercolor tattoo designsfloral butterfly tattoo designsfloral butterfly flower watercolor tattoo designsbeautiful floral butterfly watercolor tattoosbeautiful floral butterfly flower watercolor tattoo designs

The flower is a symbol of purity and loveliness. It reflects the beauty of nature. While the flowers represent the romantic part of our life the butterfly represents the and spirited and cheerful nature. This tattoo is very artistic and looks beautiful. Most people get this floral butterfly on their forearms. It signifies the kindred spirit of the tattoo bearer.

8. Rose Watercolor Tattoos

bright red rose watercolor tattooswatercolor rose tattoo designrose watercolor tattoosrose watercolor tattoo designs

Rose is probably one of the most common tattoo designs and is quite popular among women. It is the universal symbol of love and romance. If you are a hopeless romantic, you will be probably drawn to the rose tattoo. Most people choose the red rose tattoo as it represents love. But some people also draw the yellow rose that is a sign of friendship. The watercolor technique makes it look more appealing and vibrant. If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching you can add a different color gradient for your rose tattoo.

9. Phoenix Watercolor Tattoos

watercolor phoenix tattoo designsphoenix watercolor tattoosphoenix watercolor tattoo designsbeautiful phoenix watercolor tattoo design ideas

Phoenix is a mythological bird that cyclically regenerates. A phoenix receives new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. It was generally considered to be colorful and vibrant but it is not associated with any specific color. Phoenix has a very important symbolic meaning. It is a symbol of hope, resurrection, immortality, solitude, and grace. Just like a phoenix bird, human has the ability to rise stronger from any bad situation. It is appealing to people who have endured the worst of times but didn’t give up. This is a great piece of tattoo for anyone who has overcome hardship with a strong demeanor.

10. Feather Watercolor Tattoos

minimal watercolor feather tattoos on shoulderfeather watercolor tattoosfeather watercolor tattoo designs on backbeautiful feather watercolor tattoo designs on feet

A feather tattoo is perfect for people who appreciate the ideals of equality, courage, and wisdom. Feather has always been associated with spiritual realms and divinity. It is rich in symbols. A feather is lightweight but unbreakable. Just like a feather humans are very delicate emotionally but can withstand severe emotional pain without breaking. If you are looking for a simple tattoo with deeper meaning this is a perfect choice.

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