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Rajeev Sethi Calls For Fair Play In Telecom Industry; Criticizes Opportunistic Behavior

Rajeev Sethi, CEO of Robi, one of Bangladesh’s leading telecom companies, recently spoke out about the importance of fair play in the industry.

In light of an unfortunate network outage experienced by Grameenphone, Sethi expressed disappointment in the opportunistic behavior of some industry peers who attempted to lure customers away from the affected operator.

While Sethi saw the outage as an opportunity to offer assistance, he also believed that competition should not come at the expense of a competitor’s misfortune. Instead, Sethi emphasized the importance of working hard to win by consistently providing exceptional service to customers, rather than resorting to unfair tactics.



He noted that Robi is committed to building a “Smart Bangladesh” in collaboration with other industry players who share the same values. Sethi’s comments serve as a reminder that fair play is crucial for the long-term success of any business, especially in highly competitive industries such as telecommunications.

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