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Tesla Shares Surges As Elon Musk Aims for a 100,000 Cars This Quarter


  •  Tesla share climbs as a news outlet reported a leaked Email From Elon Musk
  • Musk wrote in the email: “We have a shot at achieving our first 100,000 vehicle delivery quarter, which is an incredibly exciting milestone for our company!”
  • Tesla is expected to report its quarterly electric vehicles delivery
  • They delivered 95,000 Cars last quarter as reported



Shares of Tesla increases more than 5% after a news portal reported a leaked email from the CEO Elon Musk where he stated that his company has a shot of making 100,000 cars this quarter which will turn out to be a new record. Musk sent this email to his employees hoping to deliver 5000 more cars from the previous quarter. It is a successful year for tesla after they show incremental growth in their production of electric vehicles. On the second quarter they fulfilled over 95,000 units. It is certainly a milestone for the electric giants. The shares suddenly takes a hike after the email was leaked. The stocks have seen the biggest growth in the past four months. If Tesla were to hand over 100,000 vehicles each of the last two quarters of the year, deliveries would roughly reach the low end of the 360,000 to 400,000 range the company has projected for 2019.

Business analysts anticipated a loss in the second quarter as Tesla delivered 95,000 units, of which mostly was Model 3 Sedan which is comparatively of a low margin than the other models.

In the third quarter, Tesla began delivering the Model 3 to new markets including Australia. An overseas expansion could help offset the headwind caused by the shrinking federal tax credit U.S. buyers were eligible for as of July. Tesla recently got a tax break in China which was a big concers for Elon Musk and the investors were keeping a close eye on it. Now they will be looking forward for their production to be up and running in the factory they are building outside of shanghai. It will give a major boost in their sales of Model 3.

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