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The Morning Briefing: Sunday, October 23, 2022

Good Morning! We’re following BNP’s enormous gathering in Khulna, which concluded without any frenzy. An uncalled for transport strike and the inconvinience that comes with it. Protest in Germany over energy prices. Another term for China’s president Xi Jinping. The Ukraine war and much more………


The Demand Remains

BNP asking for a caretaker government is an old play from their political playbook. BNP stepped up its demands and vowed to keep up the pressure on the government until they were met. Even attending the mass rally in Khulna, BNP leaders reiterated their demand for an election-time caretaker government.

Thousands of BNP activists started gathering near Sonali Bank Square, the rally venue, hours before the program even started. They have been chanting slogans to oust the government and asking for a free fair election under an impartial caretaker government.

BNP Secretary General, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has made remarks about the ruling party of being unable to even get 10 seats in parliament if an election is held under a caretaker government.

“There will be no sign of the Awami League if the election is held under a caretaker government,” he said in his speech.

Mirza Fakhrul again threatened to oust the ruling Awami League through a movement. “Please go away safely when you [Awami League] still have time. Otherwise, you won’t find a way to flee.”

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