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Tattoos are expressive body art that has special meaning for each individual. Over the years the popularity of tattoo has increased and a lot of people has started embracing body art.

Tattoos are considered a part of tradition and culture in some countries. There are several common tattoo designs that you can find in any corner of the world. One of them being the heart tattoo design.

The heart is one of the most popular tattoo design elements with thousands of variations. Each heart tattoo is symbolic and has a special meaning. For some people, the heart tattoo is a quick reminder of a broken heart and for some, it is a symbol of love.

Some people draw the heart tattoo to commemorate their loved ones. Whatever the reason may be, a heart tattoo is a simple yet compelling tattoo design.

The heart tattoo is also very versatile as changing the color of your tattoo can also change the meaning. While the red heart symbolizes love and friendship, the black heart tattoo can represent heartbreak and pain, and solitude.

Despite the unique designs, the heart tattoo is one of the most popular and recognizable body art across all cultures.

Many tattoo artist draws inspiration from different traditions. The heart symbol is prehistoric and can be seen in many cultures. You can find varied and unique heart tattoo ideas or can try a simple heart tattoo.

Small Red Heart Tattoo

Red Outline small Ankle Heart Tattootiny red heart tattoo on wrist designtiny red heart tattoo on fingersmall red heart tattoo designsmall heart tattoo design on neckred and black tiny heart tattoo design on hand

Red is the color of romantic. The color of your tattoo can say a lot about your personality and desire. The red heart is a symbol of love. It represents the bonding between loved ones. You can get a red heart tattoo as a tribute to your better half. If you are looking for a simple couple tattoo this can be the perfect one to represent your love towards each other.

Getting a matching small red heart tattoo with your friends or sibling is also a great idea. It signifies the lovely bond of friendship. You can see a lot of celebrities pulling of the red heart tattoo including Kylie Jenner. The small heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos that is simple yet striking.

Broken Heart Tattoo

broken heart tattoo design ideassimple broken heart tattoo design for wristPixelated Broken Heart Tattoo designoutlined broken heart tattoo design ideascool broken heart tattoo designbroken shattered red heart tattoo design

Love is surely the most precious thing in the world. But sometimes it can lead to a broken heart that is hard to heal. Not every love story has a happy ending. Some love stories end up in pain that is hard to forget. The broken heart tattoo not only signifies the pain one might go through after a bad breakup or loss of a loved one, but it also shows the emotional trance someone goes through.

For some people, the broken heart is a reminder of the deep longing that one might experience in life. The broken heart can sometimes be a warning signal so the wearer doesn’t make the same mistake twice. There are various designs of the broken heart tattoo. It is used to showcase the emotional luggage of the tattoo bearer.

Small Heart Tattoo

tiny heart tattoo ideas design for ankletiny heart tattoo for neck collarbonetiny heart tattoo design for wristsmall heart tattoo ideas for wristsmall heart tattoo for anklesmall heart tattoo design for neck

A tattoo is your personal choice. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or it doesn’t have to have a meaning. Sometimes a tattoo can just be a small colorful illustration that you thought would look cute on you. The small heart tattoo is perfect for people who don’t like to showcase their body arts. If you are not looking for a long-term commitment you can try a small heart tattoo. It is a timeless tattoo that has the artful ability to speak volumes and celebrate life.

In terms of session and price, it is the most cost-efficient tattoo you can get. The heart tattoo represents love and affection irrespective of cultural differences. There are a lot of variations to this small heart tattoo. If you are just starting with body ink, it is a better decision to start with a small tattoo. Also, if you are conscious about the placement of your tattoo you can always draw it somewhere discrete.

Sacred Heart Tattoo

sacred heart tattoo with swordsacred heart tattoo with flaming swordsacred heart tattoo with all seeing eyerib cage side sacred heart tattoo ideas design for mensacred heart tattoo on chest with eye in the middle designflaming sacred heart tattoo with stabbing sword ideas

The sacred heart tattoo is a religious symbol in Christianity. This tattoo is a representation of Jesus Christ’s undying love for humanity. If you are somewhat religious or want to honor your faith, you can try the sacred heart tattoo. The sacred heart is a very common symbol in Christianity.

There are a lot of styles and visual representations of the sacred heart. There are several common elements of this tattoo; these include a crown or halo, across at the top of the design, and often thorns encompassing the heart.

Anatomical Heart Tattoos

geometric anatomical heart tattoos ideasanatomical heart tattoos with plant ideas designanatomical heart tattoos with flower wrist tattoo ideas designanatomical heart tattoos ideaanatomical heart tattoo ideas with natureabstract geometric anatomical heart tattoo ideas design

The anatomical heart tattoo doesn’t appeal to people who love simplicity. The exposed organ can sometimes be unappealing to some people. But people who want something bold and complex can try the anatomical heart tattoo.

Anatomical heart tattoos have gained a lot of popularity among tattoo enthusiasts. Because of the varied design and intricate details involved, the anatomical heart tattoo showcases deep emotional values.

If you are looking for a tattoo that is more realistic, it can be the perfect tattoo for you. The anatomical heart tattoo represents the emotions of friendship, affection, and worship. It can also be seen as a symbol of life.

Black Heart Tattoo

simple black heart outlined tattoo ideas for wristgeometric black heart tattoo ideasfloral heart tattoo ideas black ink tattoo designsblack heart with flower tattoo ideas designblack heart tattoo ideasBlack Heart Ankle Tattoo ideas

While a red heart is often associated with love and desire, the black heart on the other hand can express grief, death, or a lost love. If you want to commemorate the loss of your loved ones or want to remember a heartbreak you can ink a simple black heart tattoo.

Even though there is no constraint on where someone should get a black heart tattoo, many people prefer to get a black heart tattoo on their chest to keep the memory of their loved ones alive close to their own heart.

Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

kingdom hearts watercolor tattoo ideas for legkingdom hearts watercolor tattoo ideaskingdom hearts watercolor tattoo for armkingdom hearts color tattoo for chestkeyblades kingdom hearts tattoo designkeyblades kingdom hearts color tattoo ideas

Kingdoms Hearts is a very popular video game series that has created a lot of buzz in recent times. This video game has a dedicated fan base who are inspired by the characters so much that some of them are now creating tattoos related to the game. Lovers of tattoo and the video game franchise combine the two elements to showcase some amazing tattoo design and their love for the video game.

Common symbols include an outline of a heart topped with a crown, and designs sometimes also feature interlocking keys.

Some fans also choose to ink their favorite character or the Wayfinder symbol, creating a unique piece that holds personal meaning for them.

Queen of Hearts Tattoos

simple queen of hearts tattoo ideas designminimal queen of hearts tattoosminimalist queen of hearts tattoo ideas designfloral queen of hearts tattooscolorful queen of hearts tattoo ideas designblack and red queen of hearts tattoo ideas design for arm

The queen of heart tattoo is a symbolic representation of the strength and independence of a woman. If you are looking for a feminine tattoo you can relate to then the Queen of Hearts tattoo may be for you. The design is often associated with the playing card, or the character from Alice in Wonderland. Some girls like to keep it simple by drawing a q along with a little red heart. But there are also some other detailed designs that have a deeper meaning to them. The placement of your tattoo depends on your personal preference, but the shoulder appears to be a popular choice.

Infinity Heart Tattoo

simple infinity heart tattoo ideassimple black infinity heart love tattoo ideasminimal black infinity heart tattoosinfinity heart tattoosInfinity Heart Tattoo designblack infinity heart forearm tattoo with written text

We often hear that true love is forever. The infinity heart tattoo symbolizes endless love. It is a great tattoo choice for people who are madly in love. If you want to show your dedication or love towards someone you can ink an infinity heart tattoo with their name. There are a lot of variations of this tattoo design. There are a lot of ways you can make this tattoo deeply personal and unique in your own ways.

Mom Heart Tattoo

simple mom heart tattoo ideasmom heart color tattoo ideas designminimal mon heart tattoo ideas designlovely mom heart tattoo ideasfloral mom heart tattoo designcolorful Mom Heart Tattoo design

The heart is a universal symbol of love and what better way to show your affection towards your mother by dedicating a mom heart tattoo to her. The mom heart tattoo is very popular among American sailors as the piece serves as a tribute to their mothers. It can be a great tribute to moms. The mom heart tattoo is a classic that depicts the tattoo lover’s devotion to their mother.

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