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BeardStache | Style The Perfect Stubble With Mustache Look

Facial hair has been a prehistoric fashion accessory that has survived every fashion era. A well-groomed beard can change the whole dynamic of your looks. Beard can give you a stronger jawline and a more structured look by adding more contrast to your face.

For some people growing facial hair is just another luxury they can’t afford. But men who can grow a full beard have the option to style their beards any way they want. Beard is another additional feature of your face that draws a lot of attention.

Earlier beard used to be a natural shield to protect the face. But in the 21st-century beard became more of a sartorial statement. A well-groomed beard is never out of fashion.

Beard is one of the cheapest fashion accessories that can alter the way you look. Your facial hair can make you look more mature and blood from your baby-faced contemporaries.

There are a lot of ways you can style your beard. Doesn’t matter if you are attending a black-tie party or opting for a more casual look, there is always a beard style for the occasion.

If you are looking to change your face-game and take it to the next level there is a new beard style that has got a lot of attention in recent times.

The beardstache is a bit offbeat but utterly stylish beard style that is sported by a lot of a-listers and sportsmen.

The beard stache is the perfect combination of

medium stubble with a thick mustache that highlights your facial feature. This is a very polished look that is very trendy and easy to style.

If you are a beard enthusiast, looking to try out something new this might be your new magnum opus.

BeardStache – Origin Story


A beardstache as the name suggests is a fusion of full-beard or stubble complemented with a mustache. In the last couple of years, beardstache has become one of the trendiest facial hairstyles.

Men with thick facial hair can try this look as a beardstache is done with a thick mustache style like Horseshoe, Chevron, or Walrus mustache combined with a short or medium stubble with a fine edge.

A lot of media personalities and pop stars have sported this style in recent times. You have probably seen a lot of male celebrities rocking this iconic beard style.

Growing a beard stache is quite easy compared to other full beard styles. All you have to do is keep your razor aside for 15 days to grow a medium stubble and wait 2 months to get a thick mustache.

You can keep trimming your stubble slightly till you grow a thick mustache. If you want a light stubble you can keep the length of your beard at 4mm long but if you want to add more volume you can go up to 6mm long.

Once you get your desired look all you have to do is trim and maintain your beard stache.

Beardstache resembles a heavy stubble but it is a much more polished and elegant look.

What Makes BeardStache Stand Out

beardstache style henry cavill

The stubble with a mustache is a perfect look for men with thick facial hair. Beardstache can give your face more exposure by re-defining your jawline.

If you have a strong facial structure and prominent upper lips beardstache can help you highlight those features.

Unlike shabby beard styles, beardstache is a more neat & dapper look that goes along with any ensemble. You can wear a 3 piece suit with your beardstache and still be suave.

Beardstache makes your jaw, chin, and cheeks more visible by adding contrast and dimension to your face. You can flaunt this beard style without having to hide your jawline.

Not every type of beard looks great on every guy. Depending on your facial structure, you can style your beard to enhance your overall looks.

Beardstache works great for men with thicker facial hair. Men with a patchy beard should avoid this beard style as it shows the scatted facial hair on their cheeks.

Guys with a patchy beard can opt for light stubble with a mustache. It will make the cheeks areas with sparse hair less noticeable and will draw attention to the mustache.

If you have weaker jawlines or a round face, you should try to soften your looks by opting for a long, narrow beard instead of a BeardStache that will highlight the weaker areas of your face.

Why Try The BeardStache

beardstache heavy stubble mustache look beard style

Beardstache has become an iconic beard style in the world of fashion as it can completely change your aesthetic without doing a lot of work.

Elegant Yet Funky

While many men have embraced beard as a part of their style accessory, it is still one of the most controversial style statements. Beard is not always perceived as a formal look. Some fashion gurus still consider a beard to be a hipster look and unsuitable for workspace.

But nowadays, you can pair your beard with a suit. There are a lot of beard styles that are classy can be befitting for any event. The beardstache is both elegant and funky. It is a well-groomed beard style that is neatly trimmed with fine edges. The light-medium stubble makes you look elegant while the playful mustache gives you a more vibrant and funky look.

Complements Your Face

Choosing the right beard style is as important as choosing your hairstyle. Your beard should complement your face and hairstyle. Before you decide to grow a beard it is important to know which beard styles flatter your face shape.

The goal of having a beard is to add contrast and dimension to your face and soften any extremities. Men with strong jawlines have a limited option of beard styles. As a beard makes your face more pointy and elongated, men with a more oblong face usually opt for a beard with fuller sides.

Beardstache is suitable for most facial structures. Even if you have a long face you can go for the beardstace by giving your sides more volume.

Men with strong facial structures can flaunt the beardstache without having to hide their strong jawline.

Hides Patchy Spots

A lot of men have cheeks area where facial hair may be sparser. If you have patchy facial hair on your cheeks, it draws attention from your face to the patchy beard. With a beard stache, you can trim the sides to a heavy stubble which takes the attention away from the cheeks and directs it to the mustache.

Types of BeardStache

You can style a beardstache with different mustache styles and change the length of your stubble. Here are all the beardstache styles.

Beardstache With Short Stubble 

Beardstache looks great with shorter stubble as it can give you an edgier look. If you already have a strong jawline you should o for beardstache with light stubble. You can trim your stubble to 4mm length and style it with a slightly trimmed chevron mustache to get the perfect look.

Medium Stubble Beardstache 

If you want to add more volume to your style and get a stronger-looking jawline you should try the medium stubble beardstache. If you want to try something different you can grow the sides of your cheeks and trim things up under the chin. To pull off this style, trim your beard to a heavy stubble and maintain a long mustache.

Hipster Beardstache

Modern-day hipsters are cool and fashionable. The hipster beardstache is a funky look that can make a bold statement. A hipster beardstache is typically teamed with a mustache with carefully twisted ends and a full beard trimmed under the chin.

What Face Shape Best Fits Beardstache

Not everyone can pull off a beardstache. Just like we have mentioned before, not every beard style is suitable for your face shape. Every beard has its perfect face shape match. Before you try the beardstache you should know which one will complement your look.

Ideal Face Type For Beardstache

If you want to sport an awesome beardstache you want to have a strong jaw and a medium or large upper lip area. depending on your facial structure you can alter your look by changing the beard style. These are the most compatible face type that complements beardstache

  • Triangle face shapes
  • Square face shapes
  • Oval face shapes
  • Diamond face shapes

Wrong Face Type For Beardstache 

  • Heart face shapes
  • Round face shapes

How to Grow and Maintain Beardstache 

Growing and maintaining a beardstache is very easy. Just hide your razor for a month and let your beard grow to get the desired look.

Allow the beard to grow

The first thing you need to do is give your beard some time to grow. You can grow your stubble for 20 days and use a beard trimmer to trim it to 4mm.

Grow your mustache

Do not trim your mustache for 2 months. Let your mustache grow while you trim your stubble. You can grow your mustache for 2 months and then slightly trim to get a fine edge. Your mustache should be longer than your stubble.

Choose a mustache style

Once your mustache is thick and full, you can choose a style and trim it down slightly. If you want a funky look you can try a hipster mustache with your beardstache.  Otherwise, beardstache looks good with a chevron mustache.

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