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How To Grow A Hungarian Mustache & Beard | Ultimate Beard Styles

Over the years we have seen a lot of beard styles that came and went out of fashion. But some beard styles are iconic and have got high praise in the world of fashion.

The Hungarian mustache is one of the trendiest mustache styles that looks downright amazing with a full beard. This mustache style even looks good with velvety smooth shaved skin.

Growing a Hungarian mustache takes a long time. It requires more than just growing. If you want to get the desired Hungarian mustache look you will have to let your mustache grow for 4 months up to 2 inches.

Once you get your desired length you can slightly trim it down to make it look a bit groomed. The best part about the Hungarian mustache is it doesn’t need a lot of styling.

The mustache looks a bit messy as the hair drools over the upper lip and into the mouth. Usually, you don’t have to do a lot with your Hungarian mustache. But if you want to play with your mustache you can make a little twist at the end of your mustache.

The Hungarian mustache is quite similar to the handlebar mustache, except it is thicker and longer.

What Is A Hungarian Mustache

hungarian mustache with long beard

The Hungarian mustache is a thick mustache style with long facial hair that completely covers the upper lip and is styled to the sides. There are a lot of facial hairstyles that shout manliness, but the Hungarian mustache is the epitome of hunkiness.

The Hungarian mustache is styled by curling up the corner and giving it a bit of a twist. It looks just like the handlebar mustache. The only thing that makes the Hungarian mustache different from the handlebar mustache is the thickness and size of the beard.

Growing a Hungarian mustache is not an easy task. You need a commitment to your mustache and hide your trimmer. While there is no proper answer to how long a Hungarian mustache has to be, but it usually has to grow at least 1.5 inches to be considered a Hungarian mustache.

The Hungarian mustache was very popular in the early 19th century. While the craze of this mustache died down years ago, you can see an increase in people who are embracing this mustache style in recent times.

While there is a lot of disagreement about whether the Hungarian mustache is just fuzzy facial hair, it is surely a funky casual look. When paired with a full beard, a Hungarian mustache can give you a super testosterone-infused look.

A lot of Hungarian men around the 19th century used to grow thick mustaches as a sign of protest and brotherhood.

In the mid 19th century the Habsburg monarchy imposed a tax on the beard as it was represented as a nationalist symbol. The monarchy had a strong disliking for the beard as it was embraced by the outlaws. People had to pay a fine to keep their beards and mustache. As a sign of protest, some men started growing massive mustaches and even neckbeards. This is when the Hungarian mustache became popular and a sign of resistance.

How To Grow A Hungarian Mustache

how to grow a hungarian mustache

To grow a Hungarian mustache you need to be patient. Facial hair grows the slowest in the upper lip area. So it will take a minimum of three months to grow before your mustache completely covers your top lip. Within this period you should avoid trimming or styling your mustache.

After you grow your mustache for 2 inches you can slightly trim it to get an edgier or polished look. If you want to add a twist to your mustache do not trim the sides so you can make it even longer. This way you can slightly twist your mustache and get a more funky look.

With a thick beard, the Hungarian mustache looks fantastic! Beards are a fashion fad that comes and goes with the seasons. But nowadays people are becoming more accepting of beards and mustaches because of the “Movember” campaign, and the Hungarian mustache is receiving a lot of attention.

The Hungarian mustache is more than a fashion statement. Apart from looking cool, the Hungarian mustache has a rebellious nature. It is a sign of unity against tyrants and totalitarianism.

The Hungarian mustache also represents the proletariat. Back in the nineteenth century, it was a nationalist emblem. The Hungarian mustache was also very common among Pirates and swashbucklers.

Different Hungarian Mustache Styles

Different beard styles can be used to complement a Hungarian mustache. Many people nowadays have Hungarian mustaches with medium stubble, which looks fantastic. However, there is no right or wrong way to style your mustache. You may choose what enhances your looks and helps you appear more confident.

Medium Beard With Hungarian Mustache

A short boxed beard is a semi-formal quintessential look that goes well with any mustache type. But if you want a mature and bold look, you should probably try a short boxed beard with a Hungarian mustache. You can use mustache wax to style your mustache and give it a more defined look. If you have thick facial hair, the Hungarian mustache can be the perfect mustache style for you.

Hungarian Mustache Without Beard

If you don’t want to grow a beard but yet want a nice mustache, go for a thick Hungarian mustache. Make sure you use beard wax to style it. It will add volume and richness to your beard. Regardless of how you style it, a properly kept Hungarian mustache will always look bold.

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