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9 Sneaky Tricks To Increase Snapchat Followers | Be a Snapchat Influencer

Snapchat is right now among the most trending social media apps. With over 168 million daily active users, it has become the biggest networking and social media platform for youngsters.

Snapchat is a platform for young people exclusively made for people age 12-25. While Facebook is full of moms in their 40s sharing dog videos, Snapchat became the powerhouse in the social media space.

Although snap has a demographics focused on teens, there are many millennials and Gen Xers who are using Snapchat daily. Afterall Snapchat is a great tool for growing your business.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about let me refresh your memory a bit. Remember Kylie Jenner? she made a billion-dollar fortune just by promoting her brand using Snapchat. She is among the top Snapchat influencer and has the most viewed account.

Snapchat vs Instagram

snapchat vs Instagram followerSnapchat is the most likely competitor of Instagram when it comes to photo-based social media. People love using Snapchat because of its friendly UI and naturalness. While Instagram is great for showcasing your products and filtering photos, Snapchat is known for being more candid.

Did you know: A regular Snapchat users spend 35 minutes on an average using the app daily

Both of these platforms might seem similar to some extent but in reality, Snapchat is very much different from Instagram.

While people can browse through your Instagram account for hours, on Snapchat you have an attention span of 10 seconds. Your Snapchat friend can only browse through your story for 10 seconds at the time.

This is what makes Snapchat different from other social media platforms. Your Snapchat followers will get to interact with you through your story. They tune in for 10 seconds to see what you have been doing your whole day,

While some critics compare it to Instagram’s massive followers and bash their business model, they often forget that the platform is growing at a fast pace. Snapchat became the holy grail for brands and Influencers.

How To Get More Snapchat Friends

how to get more snapchat friends followers

Getting more Snapchat friends (or Snapchat followers) is not an easy task. It is not the same as getting more Instagram followers.

So if you are looking to increase your Snapchat followers you can’t use the same marketing strategy that you have been using to increase your Instagram follower.

This is a whole new game of influencer marketing.

Being an influencer, there is a lot of things you can do on Snapchat. Especially if you know how to monetize your Snapchat account properly and get more Snapchat followers. You can earn a good amount of money just from using Snapchat.

Snapchat allows you to sell products, services, and give shoutouts to your Snapchat followers. You can plug big brands and make money by promoting products.

Heck, you can create your own brand!

Here you will learn how to grow your Snapchat followers fast. Let us divide this post into 5 parts:

  1. Get 1000+ New Snapchat Followers In 30 Days
  2. Best Marketing Technique For Snapchat 
  3. Create Engaging Content For Snapchat 
  4. How To Increase your Snapchat Follower

Get Your First 1000 Snapchat Followers

If you want to be an influencer you need to have a good amount of fan following. You need to have followers who engage with your content. Rather than having thousands of inactive followers, you can have a loyal fan following who follows all your content.

People often ask me: how many followers you need to be an Influencer?

The answer is ‘it depends’.

I know it is cliché but it actually depends on what you want to achieve with your Snapchat followers. If you are looking to bag a small brand, you can have 1000 followers.

But if you want to dominate in this industry and work with big brands you need to be a top tier influencer. For that, you need to have thousands of followers.

If you have a good marketing strategy, you can be an influencer in no time.

Instead of targeting millions of Snapchat followers, let’s focus on how you can get your first 1000 Snapchat followers. Once you complete this milestone, you will know what you will have to do to get 100,000 followers.

Here are 6 Pro tips that will help you reach 1000 Snapchat followers:

1. Invite Your Friends

You can try this easy strategy to increase your Snapchat following. Instead of focusing on getting millions of followers, try getting the easy followers first.

As Snapchat gives you the option to connect your phone number and social media account, you can easily add your Facebook friend or your personal contact on Snapchat.

You can use your existing contacts and connections to follow you on Snapchat. As they already know you, chances are they will follow you back instantly.

You can have real feedback from your friends about your product and they might have something to contribute to your channel. Also, your friends will engage more with your content.

2. Make Your Snapchat Account More Discoverable

One of the stumbling blocks for your Snapchat account is to get discovered. It is really hard for a Snapchat account to be discovered in the Snapchat app.

So it is very important that you share your Snapchat account in other places to inform about your presence. This way you will build your online presence and people discover you more and follow you.

Snapchat lets you create a unique QR code that is shareable to anyone you send it to. The QR code makes it very easy for users to follow you on Snapchat.

Places you can promote your Snapchat account for more followers:

  • Website
  • Blog Post
  • Email signature.
  • Social Media
  • Merchandise

3. Create Viral Content

Snapchat is a very engaging platform with a lot of active users. Active Snapchat users spend 35 minutes daily on the app. So if you really want to stand out among 168 million users, you can’t do it the conventional way.

While having so many active users gives the influencers a great opportunity to capture the attention, there are also some drawbacks.

A lot of companies and brands post some amazing content regularly. So if you can’t create content that is unique and engaging, your chances of going viral are pretty much zero.

So you have to make sure your stories are compelling enough to be shared. Only then they’ll end up in the “For You” tab or be shared by your followers. Also. try to post consistently.

Consider these formats and ideas crafting your next story:

  • Have a hook. Grab attention with a good headline.
  • Storyboard. Your story should payoff on what the hook promises.
  • Keep it brief. Attention spans are short, especially among Snapchat’s main demo.
  • Geofilters. Geo-tags should be used sparingly but can be useful in a high-traffic area.
  • Music. Add music or sounds to build your narrative and add interest.
  • Caption videos. Make your stories accessible for all users, including those watching with sound off.
  • Lingo. Stay up-to-date to the slang and phrases your audience uses, so you can talk their language, as appropriate.
  • Quiz or Poll. Apps like Breeze and PollsGo can be used to create engaging quizzes and polls.

One of the best tools that Snapchat has to offer is Bitmoji.

Bitmoji allows you to customize a virtual avatar that looks exactly like you. Users are loving this application and it has made Snapchat widely popular among teens and content creators.

4. Do Snapchat Giveaways

Who doesn’t’ like getting free stuff? Nowadays almost every brand is doing giveaways, Especially brands that are just starting off. It is a great way to engage with people in no time. Most people interact and engage in giveaways.

Giveaways are a great way to get leads, increase sales, and get more followers. This is a no brainer attempt to get more online followers.

5. Add your Snapchat username to subReddit

Another easy way to gain Snapchat followers is by adding your Snapchat username to (r/snapchat)

This will get you a lot of random followers and help with the initial momentum. Make sure you interact with the people that add you or else, they will delete you.

6. Create lenses and filters

Branded lenses and filters are a fun way to promote your company’s presence in the app.

The better they are, the more likely your followers will use and share them with their Snapchat friends.

Best Marketing Technique For Snapchat

The best way to get more followers, in the long run, is through marketing. If you don’t know how to stay relevant in Snapchat or other social media platforms, chances are you won’t get any recognization.

You need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy for your social media accounts. Only then you will be able to grow your online presence. The best way to grow your Snapchat following is by creating a viable  Snapchat marketing strategy.

Snapchat Marketing strategy

  1. Collaborate with other influencers
    Get a Snapchat promo or shoutout from other influencers with strong followings and work with brands that will promote your username on their accounts.
  2. Ask your followers to share your code/snap
    Encourage your followers to share your story. On a snap story if you tap and hold you will be able to forward that story to someone else. Only do this only for stories that you find compelling.
  3. Get a blue arrow shoutout from your followers
    • A blue arrow is the following
      • A user goes to the chat page
      • Holds down on your name
      • Taps on the blue arrow at the bottom right
      • and sends your username to all his friends (manually)
    • This sends your username alongside an easy “add” button. This way you can get a lot of followers.
  4. Do a shoutout-for-shoutout
  5. Create a Facebook Ad with your snapcode
    Promote your snapcode with a snap story on Facebook with targeted demographics. Make sure to target the people between the age of 14-23. Also, if you want to get a better result, try promoting it to people in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
  6. Post Engaging Contents
    I see a lot of people gaining big followings by posting memes, funny videos, or adult content. If this is what you are into, then by all means go for it.
  7. Target audience
    It’s important to know who your prospective Snapchat friends are and what they’re interested in.

How To Create Engaging Snapchat Story

Ralph Lauren Bitmoji Collection

  1. Greet Your Followers
    One of the best ways to engage with your current Snapchat followers is by starting your day with an early greeting. An early morning Snapchat bumps your Snapchat story to the top of everybody else’s feed.
  2. Plan Your Snapchat Story Ahead of Time
    Brainstorm your Snapchat story as you are starting your day. Think about what interesting thing you will be doing today that will be in the interest of your Snapchat followers.
  3. Schedule Your Stories
    Find the right time to post your stories to reach out to the maximum number of Snapchat friends. Once you know when your audience is most active, you can start a conversation with them.
  4. Share Behind the Scene
    While Instagram is all about being picture-perfect, Snapchat is more candid. Share your behind the scene content to let your followers know the whole experience.
  5. Host a Snapchat Q&A
    Hosting a Snapchat Q&A is a great way to interact with your audience directly. Your Snapchat friends and followers will feel more connected to you this way.

Make Your Stories Fun, Engaging And Attractive

Pro Tip: 

1. Interact with your audience
2. Use to track your Snapchat campaigns
3. Let anyone contact you

Why Are You Not Getting More Snapchat Views?

Snap just made an update and it makes it a bit tougher for users to get views. Even after posting a lot of content throughout the day, it won’t be enough to reach your friends or followers Snapchat feed.

After the latest update, your stories only show to people who usually interact with you more. The more you interact the higher you will appear on their chat feeds.

What can you do about it?
Make your stories public and turn on geolocate for people to find you easily.

How To Make Money From Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat or Instagram as an influencer, your main motive should be utilizing it in the best way possible. If you are spending hours on Snapchat or Instagram, make sure it is worth your time.

The best way to reap the benefit of Snapchat is by making money on snapchat. Yes, it is possible to make a living out of Snapchat. Being an influencer there are a lot of ways you can monetize on your followers that you have.

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Make Money From Snapchat

  1. Sell Snapchat Shoutouts
  2. Do promotional Snap Story
  3. Promote Brands
  4. Sell Paintings Online
  5. Build Your Own Brand
  6. Sell Merchandise 

What is a Premium Snapchat?

There is a lot of buzz about the Snapchat premium contents. Why is everyone excited about Snapchat premium?

Premium Snapchat is an explicit Snapchat account that posts adult content. People create an account and only allow fans to watch their story if you are a paying member. They charge a fee via PayPal, Snapcash, or Google Wallet. It is quite similar to Onlyfans.

Anyone can create a premium Snapchat. But there are a lot of other ways you can make money online.

Free Premium Snapchat

People often ask if there are any free premium snapchat. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for viewing the premium snapchat account. But if you want to create a premium snapchat account for yourself it is completely free.

How can you know your snapchat follower count?

There isn’t a way to tell for sure but a good estimate starts with the number of views you get on a snap story over 24 hours.

Now, since only about 2/3 Snapchat users log in on a daily basis, you can multiply the number of views you get by 1.5x.

For instance, if you get 1000 views, you can estimate your follower count to be around 1000-1500 people.

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