how to grow a thick mustache

How To Grow Thicker Mustache | Fix Thin Patchy Mustache

Beard is the only fashion accessory that can change your aesthetics completely without a lot of effort. Over the years we have seen a lot of different beard styles that complement the modern-day sartorial style. Even though there are some opposing views, but a well-groomed beard is irresistible to all.

Growing a nice looking beard takes a lot of experimenting. You might have to play with your beard to find that one beard style that complements your face. This beard vetting process becomes very easy when you can grow a full beard.

But growing a full beard is not a cup of tea, especially if you have sparse facial hair. The sad truth is most of us don’t have a full and luscious beard or a thick mustache.

Your patchy beard or thin mustache should not stop you from growing a beard. You can see a lot of celebrities with their thin mustache and patchy beard looking utterly stylish. Just look at Johnny Depp with his pencil mustache. There are a lot of beard styles that work fine with a thin patchy mustache.

If you are determined to grow a handsome beard, there are ways you can thicken your mustache and get rid of the patchiness. Thicker facial hair will give your beard more volume and styling options.

Before we dive deep let us briefly understand why some men have thin patchy mustaches…

Common Cause Of Thin Patchy Mustache

why do i have patchy mustache fix thin mustache

Most of our physical features including facial hair mostly depends on genetics. There is no denying that genetics plays a huge role in determining the growth of facial hair.

Men have thousands of hair follicles from where facial hair and mustache can potentially grow. When a guy hits puberty his androgenic hormones will likely spike up and the hair follicles will be more sensitive to DHT.

If you have more androgen receptors in your body it decreases the sensitivity of hair follicles for which DHT fails to bond with hair follicles and promotes sparse facial hair growth in your cheeks area.

This is why our facial hair, body hair, and pubic hair start to grow after we’ve hit puberty. Guys who are in their teens have sparse patchy beards and thin mustaches. Once you start to age your facial hair and mustache will grow thicker and you will notice new facial hair.

Beard usually grows faster than a mustache. Facial hair on the upper lips area takes longer to grow. Even if you can’t promote new facial hair growth, you can fast-track the process and make your mustache thicker. A thick mustache adds more volume and

How To Make Mustache Look Thicker

how to make mustache look thicker

If you have a thin fuzzy mustache you probably have sparse facial hair growth on the upper lip region. It is normal to have a thin mustache because facial hair growth in that area is very slow and most people can’t grow a thick mustache. Your patchy mustache is perhaps a physical feature that you probably have inherited from your ancestors.

Growing a thick mustache is not easy and it takes a lot of time and patience. You can’t expect to grow a thick mustache overnight.

While growing a beard you probably have noticed that your beard grows much faster than your mustache. After you shave your beard you can see visible growth within a week. But a mustache takes a long time to grow.

After 2 months of beard growth, you might find your mustache to be fuzzy and patchy. This is when most people decide to trim down their mustache and get rid of the mess.

The secret to growing a thick mustache is to actually let it grow. Don’t be in a rush to trim down your mustache when you see bald spots or patchy facial hair.

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