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Procrastination is killing me: Here is how to deal with it

If you’re a procrastinator, then you’ve probably asked yourself at some point “why the fuck do I procrastinate so much?” Well, chances are if you are reading this post you probably have already seen some alluring video about how to stop procrastinating or maybe read some promising article about a cure for procrastination. Or maybe you are just procrastinating by reading this article instead of what you were supposed to do. Some of you even think the talisman hanging from your neck is gonna solve your problem of procrastinating.

Well, it won’t. You’ve read the books, watched the shows. But what’s the best way no one knows. you’ve meditated, hypnotized anything to take you from your mind but it won’t help you. Every single human being procrastinates at some point. Even the nerdy first bencher in your class. It is human nature to procrastinate on things we don’t like. We tend to do enjoy doing things we like rather than trying something difficult to execute. Our brain by default chooses the easier task for us and when it comes to doing something problematic our brain likes to delay. So can you overcome procrastination?

Of course, you can. But I won’t teach you how to stop procrastinating. And surely I won’t tell you I have some magic formulas that can help you concentrate on your work. Instead, I will tell you my stories so that you can waste your time a little more and enjoy what you are doing. And eventually, if you think this might help you out overcome your own habit of procrastination, then stop looking for any other bullshit online and start what you were supposed to do.

I always used to procrastinate when it comes to studying. It didn’t end up well for me. I used to always wait for the deadline and start at the eleventh hour. Which would create much more mess around and I would bang my head hard on the table thinking why I didn’t start early. Instead of learning organic chemistry, I was much more interested in watching a high school chemistry teacher making meth in his RV.

It didn’t matter much to me at that point in time. But when I started working for a company, it is when I learned this valuable lesson. If I don’t hit the deadline I’m fired. So no matter what, I had to make sure I deliver what I was asked for.

When it comes to business you can’t delay things because you don’t feel like doing it. You will always end up losing your business. Because once you don’t meet your deadline you lose your customer and then you lose money. So you always need to be focused on time because the clock is always ticking

When it comes to working sometimes we overdo things. People always procrastinate when they have way more things that they can handle. Human brains are fragile. They break down very easily. So don’t try to pressurize yourself while working.

Your surrounding is full of distraction. So you don’t need any more additional distractions that will keep you away from your work. I was a social junkie and was always looking at my phone. No matter where I went or who I was talking to, that notification sound always distracted me and I ended up looking at my phone. Nowadays there are so many apps that keep us distracted from our work. These stupid things are built in such a way that keeps you addicted to them. Most social media companies have their own departments where they work on human psychology. Every single status update, photo shared and link posted you have made on your Facebook wall is actually attributed to a theory on psychology. It releases dopamine when you scroll down your social media feed and see all those exciting videos or funny memes. It also creates a craving for more social acceptance. It excites your brain. Sometimes you have to turn these damn things off and try to focus on the work you are doing. Once you see a notification and click it you start thinking about it. You start thinking about stuff that doesn’t concern you. Once you get distracted you have nothing prepared and you forget what you were supposed to do

Sometimes people procrastinate because they are afraid of losing. People often procrastinate because they’re afraid of failing at the tasks that they need to complete. This fear of failure can promote procrastination in various ways, such as by causing people to avoid finishing a task, or by causing them to avoid getting started on a task in the first place. If you don’t start a task you don’t have to worry about finishing it, right? Dead wrong. You lose the moment you have the “I will do it later” attitude.

Sometimes you just delay because you need things to be perfect. But you don’t realize perfection is vague. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be done. Once it’s done you can think of making it close to perfect but if you keep waiting for it to be perfect you won’t end up finishing it. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start and then end up not starting it ever. So before you start you need to keep a clear mind and you need to know how you gonna finish.

I would just end things by saying that you need to be optimistic about the future and think about the consequences of not finishing in time. Set your priorities right and work towards them. It will be tough at first to be consistent but once you start doing it, eventually it will get easier in the end. Don’t wait because others haven’t started yet. Yes, you might make a mistake doing it and there is also a chance you might fail. But you will end up learning something valuable.

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